Brian Webber



About Brian

Brian worked for 30+ years in senior marketing and managing director positions in the food industry before a second career as a consultant to companies engaged in quality control and events management for the London Marathon.

As Rob's father, Brian's initial role with MoneySavingPro came as a result of providing an early stage investment from the Bank of Mom and Dad! Now he acts as an adviser on all matters related to seniors.

Now retired, he loves to travel but, like most seniors, he's on a fixed income and finds inflation is his worst enemy. As such, he has to analyze all his living expenses and look for savings wherever possible.

He knows firsthand that the Big Three love to offer unlimited plans that most seniors don't need and charge prices they can't afford.

Reassured to find that MVNOs use exactly the same networks but charge much less, he's saved hundreds of dollars on his plan and wants to share that knowledge with seniors everywhere.

Coming to smartphones relatively late in life, he also knows that many seniors resist change and struggle with jargon. He will try to "ease the pain" for his fellow seniors!

Brian's Expertise

Writing, editing, proofreading, research, communications, MVNOs, phone plan comparison.