Joanne Gorton



About Jo

Jo has 10+ years of experience with comparison websites and helping people cut their costs with their household bills. Added to her international traveling, she's become an expert in data roaming and what to look for in a carrier to avoid unexpected charges and costly bills.

As Rob Webber's sister, Jo was encouraged by her brother's passion for saving people money, and before she knew it, she was fully immersed in helping people find the best deals.

Before she could walk her world was shaped by her love of reading. This passion for storytelling and expression led her to study Performing Arts at college.

From her creativity, writing became a natural progression. While helping some friends with their social media accounts Jo also found a love of design and a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing images with impactful messaging to help bring content to life.

Residing in the UK but frequently traveling to Europe and the USA to spend time with her family, her expertise lies in international plans. Helping to keep costs down, especially when it comes to data roaming.

Jo's Expertise

eSIMs, data roaming, international cell phone plans, MVNOs, writing, editing, design, management, social media marketing