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About Misha

Misha has over 15 years of writing experience, with a strong focus on research and fact-finding. Her interest in saving money and informed consumerism has made MSP a great fit, both personally and career-wise.

With a childhood nickname of The Walking Dictionary, writing was a natural path for Misha. She has 15+ years of experience writing and editing in a wide variety of spaces, including contributions to sites like eHow and Livestrong.

As a mom and a mature student, saving money has always been a high priority for her. So, writing about ways to cut bills and help families keep money in their wallets was a natural fit.

Having worked for MoneySavingPro.com for seven years, it became evident that the myths surrounding the big wireless companies needed busting to help consumers free themselves from unnecessarily high phone bills.

Misha's Expertise

Writing, editing, proofreading, research, communications, MVNOs, smartphone comparison, data plan comparison