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So you've decided to switch to this MVNO to save money by taking advantage of the T-Mobile or Verizon network at half the price.

Once you've checked our US Mobile coverage map to make sure it's available in your area, the next step is to order and activate your US Mobile SIM starter kit.

Here's what you need to know to activate your new prepaid plan successfully.

How do I activate my US Mobile SIM?

If you have a phone that supports eSIM and choose a US Mobile eSIM plan, you'll receive a QR code to scan to activate your SIM card.

If you have a physical SIM card, you'll activate it via the activation page on the carrier website or in the US Mobile app:

  • Sign up for a new account or log into your existing US Mobile account.

  • Tap on Add a new line in the side menu.

  • Choose the network you prefer to use.

  • Input your SIM card number.

  • Decide if you want to port your phone number in or get a new one.

  • Pick your US Mobile plan.

  • Provide your billing information and preferences, then submit your choices.

US Mobile APN settings

If you're keeping your phone, your next step depends on your chosen network. For Warp 5G customers (Verizon network), you should be ready to go out of the box.

If you bring your phone and have a US Mobile GSM LTE SIM card (T-Mobile network), you must adjust a few settings to optimize your service.

No need to panic - this is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Below, I'll walk you through step-by-step for both Android and iPhone.

Activating US Mobile on an Android phone

For Android 4.0 and above, follow these steps to set up your US Mobile services for optimal performance:

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (on some devices, it may be Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names).

  • Tap the menu button (typically 3 dots)

  • Choose Reset to default.

  • Tap the menu button again.

  • Select New APN.

Now, head over to our US Mobile APN settings table to get everything you need to plug in.

Once you've input the data:

  • Tap Menu.

  • Tap Save.

  • Return to the APN list and confirm that the new US Mobile APN is activated (you'll see the colored circle next to it).

  • Restart your device.

If your Android version is older than 4, the carrier has all the settings you need on its website.

Activating US Mobile on an Apple iPhone

For iPhones, here's how to set up your device for US Mobile services:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Cellular/Mobile Data Options.

  • Set Enable LTE to ON (on iPhone 6 or above, choose Data only under the sub-menu)

  • Turn Data Roaming OFF

  • Go to Cellular Data Network and set up exactly as below (leave blank fields empty).

APN: pwg



  • Enter the following under LTE Setup (Optional):

APN: pwg



  • Enter the following in the MMS section:

APN: pwg




MMS Proxy:

MMS Max Message Size: 1048576


  • Tap the Home button to save the APN and exit the main screen.

  • Restart your device to complete the process.

Activating your US Mobile SIM card FAQs

Can I keep my number when activating a US Mobile SIM card?

Absolutely! During activation, you'll see prompts asking if you want to port your number to your new plan.

Can I activate my US Mobile SIM card on a different phone?

Yes, you can. As long as you have an unlocked phone compatible with US Mobile, you can simply move the card over to your new phone.

How long does it take to activate my US Mobile SIM card?

While activation is typically complete in just a few minutes, it could take up to 24 hours.

When should I insert the US Mobile SIM card into my phone?

If you're keeping your current number, you'll want to wait until the port is complete before removing your old provider's SIM card. This will allow you to continue using the service with your previous carrier until the port is complete.


Log onto the US Mobile website or the app to activate your US Mobile SIM card. They make the process self-explanatory once you get into your account, and you can port your current number at the same time. Easy peasy!

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