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Interested in US Mobile, but not sure if their plan will work for you? The great news is that they're currently offering a 100-day free trial.

US Mobile operates on both the T-Mobile and Verizon networks, so you get the choice of two of the major networks.

Keep reading to find out more about the free trial to see which one would be best for you.

US Mobile promotions & offers

If you want to try before you buy, US Mobile has a couple of options for you.

US Mobile 45-day free trial

As of right now, new US Mobile customers can get 45 days to try out their service. The only caveat is that you have to transfer your number, which ultimately cancels your current cell phone plan.

The US Mobile free trial includes 45 days of:

  • 45GB high-speed data
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited talk
  • Access to Warp 5G network
  • Free starter kit or instant eSIM activation

Before you sign up for the trial period, you'll need to ensure your phone is unlocked from your existing carrier. Once it's unlocked, it should be compatible with US Mobile.

If you qualify to try US Mobile, you will receive instructions to transfer your existing number and activate your new service.

You can choose from a physical SIM card, which will be sent to you in the post, or an eSIM, if your phone supports eSIMs.

Be sure to read the specific details, terms, and conditions carefully before you decide, including what happens once the free trial period ends.

For example, if you run out of 45GB of data allowance during the trial period, you cannot buy more to add on. Instead, you will be directed to purchase a paid plan.

The best US Mobile deals

Carrier Network Data Price
US Mobile unlimited data plan Verizon & T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage Unltd $0/mo $25/mo
US Mobile 500MB plan Verizon & T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 500MB $5/mo
US Mobile unlimited talk & text plan Verizon & T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 0GB $7.50/mo
US Mobile 2GB plan Verizon & T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 2GB $10/mo
US Mobile 6GB plan Verizon & T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 6GB $18/mo
*50 Day FREE Trial

Although the US Mobile free trial seems like a no-brainer, knowing what happens after the promotional end date is essential before switching.

Once you've signed up for the US Mobile trial, the cell phone plan with your current carrier will be canceled due to having to transfer your number over. So it's important to check if you think US Mobile is a good fit for you.

After the free trial period, you will automatically be renewed on the US Mobile Unlimited Basic Plan. So it's worth checking if you feel you really need an unlimited data plan.

As an MVNO, US Mobile plans are affordable without having to sacrifice quality. You'll find the same features as with the big three, including hotspot data, WiFi calling, and unlimited plans. Plus getting coverage on either the Verizon or T-Mobile network.

Once you've chosen your plan, your US Mobile SIM kit will be sent in the post, or if you choose an eSIM, you can activate it within minutes.

You can also bring your own phone to US Mobile to help save even more money.

US Mobile free trial FAQs


US Mobile has a 45-day free trial for those who are willing to transfer their existing phone number. However, they also offer a trial where you get a new number, which is $10 for unlimited talk and text and 15GB of data.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, US Mobile can help you save money on your cell phone bill. So even without a promotional offer, you could be saving money with a US Mobile plan.

Compare the cheapest cell phone plans to find the best free SIM card or free eSIM service.

US Mobile FAQs

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