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As an MVNO, Twigby Mobile's cell phone plans are powered by one of the major networks, Verizon.

If you're considering switching to Twigby Mobile, check Twigby Mobile coverage in your area to ensure you have good coverage where you live.

Keep reading to discover more about Twigby Mobile's coverage.

Twigby Mobile 5G & 4G LTE network coverage

Twigby Mobile's a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Which means they don't own their own network. Instead, they operate on one of the major carriers. For Twigby Mobile, that's Verizon.

Customers can expect the same wireless service and nationwide 4G LTE coverage with 5G high-speed data where it's available. And if you're new to Verizon's network, you can pop your ZIP code into the Twigby Mobile coverage map to check coverage in your area.

Twigby Mobile coverage pros & cons

There are many things to love about Twigby Mobile's plans, but everything has pros and cons. So we've listed below what we love and don't love about Twigby Mobile to help you make the best decision for your cell phone plan.

Benefits of Twigby Mobile coverage

  • 5G coverage: Twigby Mobile's coverage offers access to fast 5G speeds via Verizon's 5G network.
  • Bring your own phone: You can bring your current cell phone to Twigby Mobile if it's unlocked and compatible with the Verizon network. You can check your phone's compatibility with our IMEI checker.

Disadvantages of Twigby Mobile coverage

  • Deprioritization: During peak times, data speeds can be slowed.
  • No international roaming: Twigby Mobile's coverage doesn't allow you to use your phone when you're abroad.

Does Twigby Mobile have fast data speeds?

You may experience slower data speeds during busy periods due to network congestion.

That's when most people are online and using up bandwidth.

During these times, to help prevent frustration, try downloading maps, videos, or music to access these offline.

Twigby Mobile network coverage FAQs

Recap: What towers does Twigby Mobile use?

Twigby Mobile customers get access to the Verizon network at a fraction of the cost. Get the same reliable 4G LTE coverage and 5G data speeds (where available).

Not owning their own tower means, Twigby Mobile can extend savings to their customers by offering cheap cell phone plans to suit all budgets.

If you want to know more about this MVNO, you can read our Twigby Mobile review.

Twigby FAQs

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