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Consumer Cellular Review

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Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 53.5 Stars
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Consumer Cellular has been in the wireless business since 1995. Based in Tigard, Oregon, the carrier gears its affordable cell phone plans toward people like senior citizens and other light data users.

This MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) - uses the AT&T and T-Mobile networks to provide service to its nearly three million customers.

Consumer Cellular isn't the cheapest, rather it's the best at what it strives to do - provide simplicity and value to the people who don't need the shiniest new unlimited plan out there (and don't want to pay a fortune for it!).

COMPARE NOW: Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans

With Consumer Cellular you can choose one or more lines, one of two talk packages, and one of five data plans. You can also call internationally and use your phone while roaming in other countries (international rates will vary). You also get a discount off your monthly plan if you're an AARP member.

If you want to check out what this carrier is all about, keep reading for our full Consumer Cellular review.

Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular250/Unltd250MB$20
Consumer CellularUnltd/Unltd1GB$30
Consumer CellularUnltd/Unltd3GB$40
Consumer CellularUnltd/Unltd5GB$50
Consumer CellularUnltd/Unltd10GB$60

What you really want to know is "How much will Consumer Cellular cost me?" The answer depends on what you need in terms of talk minutes and data (unlimited texting is included in all plans).

If you're a heavy user, the pricing will not be as low as some of the other MVNOs out there. Consumer Cellular prepaid phone plans are more competitively priced for lower data users.

However, if you're looking for a cheap cell phone plan with little to no data we think you'll be shocked by that amount you could be paying. You can get an unlimited talk and text plan with 250 MB data (their lowest amount) all for just $25/month. And that's not even counting an AARP discount!

Consumer Cellular Pricing: Is It Competitive?

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
T-MobileT-Mobile 4G LTEUnlimited*$70$840
Consumer CellularT-Mobile 4G LTE5GB$50$600
* Avg T-Mobile unlimited plan customer uses 6GB data

Consumer Cellular Coverage

Consumer Wireless runs on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, giving you widespread, dependable coverage across the country.

In order to take advantage of this coverage, you'll choose your plan and then order a free Consumer Cellular SIM card kit.

Are you covered in the Consumer Cellular wireless service area? Let's take a look, starting with the AT&T coverage map. AT&T has improved a bit in 4G LTE availability, with customers receiving a high-speed signal just over 87% of the time (OpenSignal). While there are a few weak areas - mostly rural - the network provides coverage to most of the United States.

Next, let's check out the T-Mobile coverage map. The T-Mobile network has also undergone consistent improvement, earning the title of the fastest wireless network available. The network has a reputation for its super strong service in large metropolitan areas, while extremely remote locations still struggle.

Compare Cell Phone Plans

Time for a cheaper cell phone plan?

Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Deals

Consumer Cellular Phone Options

Consumer Cellular sells a variety of the latest smartphones, including iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy series. They also have a couple of flip phones for those who prefer to keep it simple.

Of course, as with most MVNOs, you can also bring your own phone. It has to be a compatible GSM device and you need to unlock it from your previous carrier.

If you could use a device upgrade, save 50% off retail by comparing prices on refurbished Consumer Cellular phones. You'll find a large selection of the latest smartphones at incredible prices.

If you do decide to bring your own phone make sure you know how to adjust it to Consumer Cellular APN settings (it's easy!).

Key Considerations When Choosing Consumer Cellular

This carrier isn't for everyone, so here are some questions to ask yourself in order to make your decision:

  • Does Consumer Cellular have good coverage in my area?
  • How much data do I need? (Get the answer with our data usage calculator.)
  • How many lines do I need?
  • Could I benefit from the AARP discount?
  • Am I going to bring my own phone or will I need a new one?


Consumer Cellular may not save you much over the major carriers, rather their value lies in the simplicity of their no-contract plans and the other benefits they offer (like their senior discount). With a free SIM card and easy signup, you may find that this carrier is just right for your needs.

Need more data for less? Check out some other AT&T MVNOs and T-Mobile MVNOs. Save even more on your device with our cell phone price comparison tool.

Learn even more by reading our Consumer Cellular customer reviews and see what real people have to say about this cellular service provider.

Looking for a phone that's easy for older people to use? Find the best cell phones for seniors.

COMPARE NOW: Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular Review FAQs

QWhat network is Consumer Cellular?


Consumer Cellular is a wireless phone service carrier working over the AT&T network. They are highly rated among non-contract cell phone providers. For those using more than 4GB of data monthly, data speed slows after 4GB and stops at 6GB per month.

QWhere is Consumer Cellular located?


Consumer Cellular is headquartered in Tigard, Oregon, just a few miles from Portland. The company pioneered the no-contract phone plan model. They targeted retirees as the market for their service. John Marick and Greg Pryor founded the company in October 1995.

QWhat is my cell phone account number?


Your cell phone account number is typically available online from your wireless service provider. Alternatively, most providers have toll-free numbers you can call. Consumer Cellular's number is 1-888-750-5519. You may have to provide a passcode or username to access your number.

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