Does Xfinity Mobile support eSIM?

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Xfinity Mobile offers cost-effective phone plans on the Verizon network. And the good news is this MVNO also gives you the added convenience of eSIM plans.

Say goodbye to physical SIM cards and embrace the freedom of instant activation with an eSIM.

Keep reading to learn how to save money and streamline your mobile service. I'll also provide informed insights into the pros and cons of eSIMs, along with common questions about this new technology.

Switching to Xfinity Mobile eSIM

Before making the transition to an eSIM, it's essential to consider specific factors and determine the most suitable option for you.

  1. Device compatibility: Verify that your current phone supports eSIM. If not, you'll need to look into alternative devices that offer eSIM compatibility.

  2. Seamless carrier switching: eSIM technology offers more flexibility than traditional SIM cards. With an eSIM, you can switch between carriers without the hassle of swapping a physical SIM card.

  3. Convenience: Activating an eSIM is incredibly easy, as it can be done remotely. No more waiting for a physical SIM card to arrive by mail. Simply activate your eSIM from anywhere.

  4. Improved security: When it comes to safeguarding your mobile experience, eSIMs have an advantage. Being embedded in your device, they cannot be removed like physical SIM cards.

Xfinity Mobile eSIM benefits

The findings of our research indicate that this product offers valuable advantages, including:

  • No physical SIM card: Set up your Xfinity Mobile plan in an instant without waiting for your SIM card in the mail or fussing with a physical SIM tray.

  • Effortless activation: Activate your eSIM remotely, an ideal option for travelers or those switching carriers.

  • Flexibility: Switching between carriers is simple without the need for physical SIM card swapping.

  • International travel: If you frequently travel to different countries, using eSIM-compatible phones can prove highly beneficial. These phones have the capability to accommodate two active lines simultaneously. By opting for a local carrier's phone plan alongside your primary plan, you can effectively reduce the expenses associated with roaming fees.

  • Environmentally friendly: Transitioning to eSIM technology helps reduce the plastic waste associated with physical SIM cards.

Xfinity Mobile eSIM drawbacks

Our findings reveal that there are also a few potential drawbacks of eSIMs:

  • Limited device compatibility: eSIM compatibility is still somewhat restricted. Not all devices, particularly older mobile phones, support eSIM functionality, as this technology's still developing.

  • Carrier availability: Although eSIM technology is gaining popularity, not all carriers currently support it. However, many MVNOs, including Xfinity Mobile, already offer eSIM as an option.

How to activate an Xfinity Mobile eSIM

Xfinity Mobile eSIM activation is pretty simple and straightforward:

  1. If you bring your own phone to Xfinity Mobile, be sure it's unlocked from your previous carrier.

  2. You'll need your number transfer PIN from your previous provider to keep your existing number.

  3. Log into your Xfinity Mobile account and choose the mobile device you wish to activate.

  4. Follow the activation process steps depending on what you want to do (activating a new device, converting from physical SIM to eSIM, etc.).

Xfinity Mobile eSIM FAQs

Is eSIM better?

Whether eSIM is the right choice for you is entirely based on your needs. It's a great option if you don't want to wait for a physical SIM card to be shipped or if you want the flexibility to switch to a new carrier when you find a cheaper phone plan.

Does Xfinity Mobile support eSIM?

Yes, they do. Like many other low-cost carriers, Xfinity Mobile now offers eSIM plans, whether bringing your own phone or buying a new device.

How can I convert my Xfinity Mobile SIM to an eSIM?

If your device is eSIM compatible, you can convert an Xfinity Mobile SIM card to an eSIM plan by following the instructions in your Xfinity Mobile account. On iPhone, this is typically done in the device settings menu.

Does Xfinity Mobile support dual SIM?

Yes, Xfinity Mobile has dual SIM device support on compatible phones. Dual SIM is the ideal solution if you travel frequently and want to have an additional plan for use abroad.


Xfinity Mobile eSIM plans offer flexibility and fast activation. Whether you're using a physical SIM card or eSIM, you'll enjoy coverage on the Verizon network.

Before making the switch, you can check coverage in your area with our Xfinity Mobile coverage map.

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