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Are you frustrated with the high costs of your cell phone bills? Do you already subscribe to Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity Mobile plans can potentially save you up to $600 a year without sacrificing quality.

In this in-depth guide, we'll walk you through the seamless process of switching to Xfinity Mobile. We've scrutinized the competition, so you don't have to.

Discover how to bring your own phone to Xfinity Mobile and explore their range of budget-friendly plans. Prepare to experience substantial savings while enjoying great service.

How to switch to an Xfinity Mobile plan

There are a few essentials to consider before switching to an Xfinity Mobile plan:

  1. Required: To become an Xfinity Mobile customer, you must have Xfinity Internet.
  2. Coverage: Before switching, check our Xfinity Mobile coverage map to ensure network coverage is available in your ZIP code.
  3. Determine your needs: Decide what you need from your phone plan. Consider your data, talk and text requirements, as well as any additional features you want, like international calling or mobile hotspot access.
  4. Compare plans: Compare Xfinity Mobile's plans to find the one that best suits your needs.
  5. Porting your number: If you want to transfer your existing number to Xfinity Mobile, you can do that during the SIM card activation process. However, do not cancel your current contract until your port request is complete with Xfinity Mobile.
  6. Bring your own phone or upgrade: Don't want to give up your phone? Bring it with you to Xfinity Mobile as long as it's unlocked and compatible with their network. If you'd prefer to upgrade, Xfinity Mobile does offer a selection of new phones at affordable prices.
  7. Buy your SIM card: Once you've picked a plan, an Xfinity Mobile SIM card kit will be mailed to you. Alternatively, if you've chosen an eSIM, the activation process is almost instant. Just use the provided QR code.

Bring your own phone to Xfinity Mobile

One of the biggest advantages of Xfinity Mobile service is their support for bringing your own phone (BYOP). You can easily check compatibility with your current phone:

  1. Unlock your phone: If your phone is still locked to your previous carrier, you can request that they unlock it for you. Once unlocked, it should be compatible with Xfinity Mobile.
  2. Phone compatibility: If you have an unlocked phone that's compatible with the Verizon network, it should work with Xfinity Mobile. You can verify this with our phone compatibility checker. Just enter your device's IMEI number.

Xfinity Mobile plans

Xfinity Mobile plans offer several data options to suit various budgets and usage preferences. There are plans to fit a variety of needs:

  1. Unlimited data plan: Xfinity Mobile has unlimited data plans with high-speed caps at 20GB, 30GB, and 50GB. Our pricing analysis shows that even the top Xfinity Mobile plan saves you money over one of the big guys.
  2. Family plans: Save money the more lines you get! With Xfinity Mobile family plans, you'll get an additional discount for each line you add.
  3. Shared data plans: Share a set data allowance across multiple devices.
  4. Talk & text: All Xfinity Mobile customers get unlimited talk and text.

Activating your Xfinity Mobile SIM card

Whether you bring your own device or buy a new phone, it's easy to activate your new SIM card. Follow these steps:

  1. Create an Xfinity Mobile account and log in.
  2. Choose the phone you want to activate.
  3. You can have your existing number transferred over during the activation process.
  4. The activation process will be much faster if you've signed up for one of Xfinity Mobile's eSIM cards. You'll be sent a QR code and be up and running within minutes.

Why choose Xfinity Mobile?

  1. Low-cost plans: With their budget-friendly plans, Xfinity Mobile saves you hundreds in the long run.
  2. Flexible plans: You're not locked into a long-term contract with Xfinity Mobile, allowing you to change your plan or switch carriers anytime without any early termination fees.
  3. Reliable coverage: With great service on the Verizon network, you'll have access to the same coverage without the same price tag.
  4. Solid customer service: As an Xfinity Mobile customer, you get access to 24/7 chat support.

Switch to Xfinity Mobile FAQs:


Transitioning to a budget-friendly carrier like Xfinity Mobile is a breeze.

We've done extensive market research showing that you'll enjoy substantial savings with Xfinity Mobile without sacrificing quality or coverage.

Their selection of SIM cards, including unlimited and customized plans, ensures the perfect fit for your usage.

With the added perks of bringing your own phone and keeping your existing number, Xfinity Mobile is the ideal choice for those seeking an affordable alternative.

For more information, delve into our detailed Xfinity Mobile review.

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