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Twigby Review
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Twigby came onto the wireless scene in 2015 with the mission of disrupting business as usual in the mobile service industry. The carrier quickly found a niche among light to medium data users who don't want to pay for more than they need.

Twigby is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This simply means that they are one of a growing group of low-cost carriers that buy space on the big four networks and sell it to you at a much cheaper price.

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Twigby offers a number of attractive features, including the ability to change your plan mid-month and free unlimited global texting. Even better, their prices beat out competing MVNOs like Consumer Cellular and Boost Mobile.

Keep reading for our full review, including everything you need to know to decide if Twigby is right for you.

Twigby Cell Phone Plans


You might be surprised to find that you really don't need an unlimited plan. Check out what you're really using with our data usage calculator and see if you could save by switching to a cheaper plan with Twigby.

Twigby plans are a bargain compared to the major wireless networks, especially when you consider you're getting phone service on the very same networks that normally charge you a premium.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Twigby routinely offers discounts, like 25% off your first six months or cash bonuses for referrals.

If you use less than 5 GB data a month then Twigby will save you $500 a year compared to a Verizon unlimited plan.

Twigby Pricing: Is It Competitive?

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
VerizonVerizon 4G LTEUnlimited*$75$900
TwigbyVerizon 4G LTE5GB$33$396
* Avg Verizon unlimited plan customer uses 4GB data

Twigby Coverage

Twigby provides service on the Verizon and Sprint networks.

Let's check out the coverage maps for a look at how this translates to reliable service in your area.

According to RootMetrics, a firm that analyzes mobile network performance, Verizon outstrips every other major network in terms of availability. They boast strong coverage in both metropolitan and rural areas as you can see on the Verizon Wireless coverage map.

Sprint has consistently struggled to keep up with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. OpenSignal finds that you'll get a 4G LTE signal 85.7% of the time. While the Sprint coverage map looks a little spottier than Verizon's.

Oh, and by the way, signup is a snap. Simply check your device's compatibility on the Twigby website, choose a plan, order a SIM card ($2.99). When it arrives just pop it in your phone and follow the carrier's activation instructions.

Twigby Cell Phone Deals

Twigby Phone Options

Twigby operates on the CDMA network meaning it's important you purchase a phone a CDMA phone. How do you know if your phone is CDMA or GSM? Simple, ask yourself which network you're currently on:

  • CDMA - Sprint & Verizon
  • GSM - T-Mobile & AT&T

Why does it matter? If you have a GSM phone on a CDMA network (or vice versa) once you lose 4G coverage your phone basically becomes a paperweight until 4G is restored.

If you decide to switch to Twigby you'll have three options for your device:

  1. Bring your own phone. This is the easiest and most affordable option. (just be sure to unlock your phone and check your APN settings)
  2. Buy a new or used phone. This carrier offers a small selection of devices including basic flip phones, low-end smartphones, and a few of the most popular flagship phones from Apple and Samsung.
  3. Buy a refurbished Twigby-compatible phone at less than half of retail price. This is the ideal option if you're looking to save money but need an upgrade on your device.
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Key Considerations When Choosing Twigby

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wireless carrier. Here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself when deciding whether Twigby is the right choice for you:

  • Are you a low to moderate data user?
  • Do you really need unlimited talk and text?
  • Do you need international service?


Twigby plans are ideal for light to medium users. Its affordability and custom options also make it a fantastic choice for senior citizens. If you're paying too much for features you don't even use you'll save nearly half by making the switch.

Don't forget you can save hundreds more by using our cell phone comparison tool. See your favorite devices like the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models side-by-side with the best prices available.

If you love the Sprint or Verizon networks but don't think Twigby is the right choice for you, don't fret! Check out our guides of Sprint MVNOs and Verizon MVNOs for a complete list of low-cost carriers on those networks!

COMPARE NOW: Twigby Cell Phone Plans

Twigby Network Specs & Info

Twigby Network Specs

  • Network: Verizon & Sprint
  • Technology: CDMA
  • Bring Your Phone: Yes
  • Keep Your Number: Yes
  • Prepaid: Yes
  • Credit Check: No

Twigby Company Info

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