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URGENT UPDATE: As of April 2024, ACP will run out of funding and is no longer accept applications. This impacts 23 million Americans. However, switching to a low-cost carrier can save you more than $30 per month on your cell phone service. To help, we have compiled a list of the cheapest cell phone plans from the best MVNOs.

The Affordable Connectivity Program, or ACP, is a federal government program designed to provide low-income households with payment assistance for their internet bill.

Once you qualify for the ACP, you can choose a home internet plan or pick an Affordable Connectivity Program plan from a participating cell phone provider.

Whichever option you pick, there are plans available that end up being totally free for ACP participants. Let's take a look at the plans you have to choose from.

How to get your Affordable Connectivity program plan

  • Check if you qualify on the National Verifier website.
  • Apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program at Get Internet.
  • Choose your preferred Affordable Connectivity Program provider.
  • Contact your chosen provider to find out how to sign up with the ACP, then pick your plan.

Affordable Connectivity Program Internet plans

In May 2022, the government announced that it had obtained pledges from 20 internet service providers to offer a high-speed internet service plan with at least 100 MB download speed for a maximum of $30 per month.

Participants who live on qualifying Tribal lands or in a high-cost area may receive a $75 monthly discount.

Furthermore, there are no hidden charges, and some plans have no data limits. For eligible households receiving the ACP benefit, this internet service is available at minimal or no cost.

Affordable Connectivity Program cell phone plans

While 20 million households are enrolled in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program, many people don't know you can apply the monthly service discount to your cell phone plan.

The even better news is that if you opt for a low-cost carrier (called an MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator), you may be able to get a completely free phone plan.

MVNOs run on the major networks, which means you can choose from:

  • AT&T Affordable Connectivity Program plans
  • T-Mobile Affordable Connectivity Program plans
  • Verizon Affordable Connectivity Program plans

Whichever network you choose, you'll get the reliable 4G LTE and 5G wireless coverage you're used to. The only difference is that you'll pay almost nothing or even get a free cell phone plan.

There are several participating wireless carriers, giving you flexibility in choosing the plan that fits your needs.

What to do if you don't qualify for an Affordable Connectivity Program plan

Even if you don't qualify for the ACP, you can still save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to an MVNO. These budget carriers offer wireless coverage on all three major networks at about half the cost.

A cheap phone plan is an effective way to lower your wireless bill without having to sacrifice the quality of your service.

Affordable Connectivity Program plans FAQs


Get help paying your internet bill - or even free internet - with the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Choose a qualifying service from a range of participating providers, including low-cost carriers, and get your phone plan or Wi-Fi at a reduced cost or even totally free.

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