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After completing this process myself recently, I'm here to share my personal experience and walk you through purchasing an eSIM online specifically for your iPhone.

Your iPhone cellular plan doesn't have to be an expensive monthly cost. If you're tired of paying more than you should, we've got exciting news. There's a smart way to cut costs without sacrificing your iPhone experience when you combine eSIMs and MVNOs.

Get ready to unlock the power of eSIMs and switch to a more affordable plan while keeping your iPhone by your side.

1. Research and compare eSIM plans for iPhones

Many low-cost carriers offer eSIM-compatible iPhone plans that can significantly lower your monthly phone bill. So, the first step is to research and compare eSIM plans for your iPhone.

Decide what you want from your eSIM plan, including call and text allowance, international features, and your average data usage. Then, you can find plans that align with your cell phone needs.

Not all of us need the unlimited plans we've been convinced that we do (plus unlimited never really means unlimited). So, you can start tracking your actual data usage and paying attention to the features you use before deciding which plan is best for you.

2. Check iPhone eSIM compatibility

Before making any decisions, you'll need to confirm that you have an eSIM-compatible iPhone. Luckily, most recent iPhone models are eSIM compatible. If you've got an iPhone XS or newer, then it's likely to be compatible.

You can also double-check your iPhone's settings:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular or Mobile Networks > Look for Add Cellular Plan > You should see confirmation your phone has an eSIM option.

3. Pick your iPhone eSIM carrier

Choosing the right eSIM provider is crucial. Look for a low-cost carrier that matches your coverage needs and offers features that you need.

It's worth keeping in mind that the major networks' mobile data plan could be precisely what is hiking up your monthly cellular plan. And MVNOs are powered by the same networks for a fraction of the price. Often, lesser-known carriers provide fantastic prepaid plan deals that pack a punch without breaking the bank.

Not all low-cost carriers currently support eSIM, but you can find some great deals with the following MVNOs:

  • Mint Mobile
  • Boost Mobile
  • Boost Infinite (postpaid)
  • US Mobile
  • Tello
  • Ultra Mobile
  • Red Pocket Mobile
  • Reach Mobile

4. Activate Your iPhone eSIM

Now you've got your iPhone eSIM, it's time to activate it. Each carrier is slightly different, and you'll be sent instructions with some step-by-step instructions.

When you have these, firstly, open your iPhone settings and navigate to the eSIM section.

You'll need to provide your iPhone details, select your desired plan, and confirm if you're porting your phone number or choosing a new one.

Input the details provided by your chosen carrier, which might include an activation code or QR code. You can scan a QR code using your camera app or enter eSIM information manually to activate your eSIM on your Apple iPhone.

Once the eSIM information is entered, your iPhone eSIM will be activated and ready to go.

Buying an eSIM on iPhone FAQs


Switching from a prepaid SIM card to an eSIM plan for your iPhone is a brilliant way to save money when you combine it with a low-cost carrier plan. Not only can you cut your cell phone bill costs, but you can easily switch plans in just a few taps.

Make sure to research and compare iPhone eSIM plans before purchasing to find the best eSIM plan for your needs. Once you've chosen your plan, the rest is a cinch, and you'll be up and running within minutes.

iPhone eSIM FAQs

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