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Sprint is the fourth largest mobile network operating in the nation, serving 60.2 million customers as of October 2016. The service offers wireless services through not only its main service but also through various subsidiaries including Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. They are known to offer the latest and most popular phones.

Alongside considerable strides to improve their service and to attract more customers, Sprint has tried new and creative promotions, such as special discounts, the Sprint Flex Pay program, leasing deals, and online deals.

Read on for more information about special Sprint cell phone deals.

Quantity is King

Opposed to Verizon, Sprint doesn't offer a rewards club which offers exclusive access to events, entertainment, and cool stuff. Despite that, Sprint doesn't come up short. Instead, they offer a plethora of services at a discounted rate when you apply for a data plan through them.

Get Tidal for Free

With a Sprint plan, you have the opportunity to get six months of the Tidal music streaming service for free. Tidal's high-fidelity music streaming service has a library of over 48.5 million and 175,000 videos from the world's top artists. You'll have a backstage pass to exclusive live streams, album premiers, events, and behind the scenes content you won't find anywhere else.

Because Tidal is a Hi-Fi streaming service, the quality one of each track is considerably better than other streaming services--if you have the headphones to hear the difference.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is practically a life necessity at this point, and Sprint provides an easy way to get access to all the amazing things Amazon provides for about $11 a month. Get free two-day shipping and stream thousands of movies, TV shows, and songs. In addition, you'll get unlimited free photo storage through the cloud, exclusive promotions (Prime Day!) and a Kindle lending library card.

Security & Protection

Through Sprint, you can also be eligible for protection plans for your phones and tablets, online backup storage support, and general repair. Some of the services in this category are free, but you'll have to pursue them for alternative means such as filing a claim or downloading an app. Be sure to read the fine text so you are aware of what sort of deal you're getting yourself into.

You'll also have access to identity theft protection software and safeguards against malware, phishing, and other online threats through a monthly program. The Secure WiFi pass also keeps your passwords, credit card information, and personal details safe while browsing on an unprotected, public network.

Sprint Deals, Promotions & Discounts

Sprint promotes its services with some great deals. For instance, you can buy a phone and get one free. Or you can receive a phone for 50 percent off.

If you're a new customer who has switched to Sprint, they'll also cover your switching fees via Visa Reward Card up to $650 per line. What's also interesting is that the service flaunts a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with Sprint, the carrier will refund all device costs, qualifying service costs, and other related fees.


Sprint is known for quality, but unfortunately, their service has seen some pitfalls in the past few years. However, Sprint has been hard work to make their network stronger, faster, and more pleasing to the customer. The promotions and deals they offer are inviting, with one of the promotions allowing you to switch to the carrier with ease.

Finally, in the case that you are unsure of whether or not you should adopt the service, you can always take advantage of the 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. So if you're unhappy with the service, you can always cancel it within the 30-day limit.