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Hello Mobile Reviews & Ratings

Hello Mobile customer ratings in 2021

Hello Mobile
Average Customer Rating263 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars17
4 Stars6
3 Stars6
2 Stars10
1 Star224
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Read 263 Hello Mobile user reviews

terrible customer service and false promises..

Even after reading all these bad reviews, their "deal" was just too good to be true.. so I decided to try just 1 line and if I like it I was going to add more lines.. man..it was bad experience... I wasted so much time and energy dealing with them... I decided to just cancel the service.. definitely not worth your time and trouble...

No communication skills, no support, long wait

If I had a quarter for everytime a tech support person told me they could not help me, I would have 50 cents because I was only able to reach them twice.

The wait times are hell...waited 10 hours once lmao. Left my phone, had a whole day, and they still didn;t answer.

They also do not communicate with their customers and make decisions on their own...No money saved here...Any money spent on that company is money wasted.

Worst service in the USA.

Intenet service became pathetic after inserting new SIM cards, so-called 5G high-speed internet, on 9th April. Since then I have been reporting the problem to customer care agents and they are serving me false information all time. Then happened to talk with supervisors but getting the same false info, e.g my device - iPhone 11 - is not supporting so it needed to be changed, asked me to wait for 24 hrs, tower outrage, etc,.. . The moreover technical person suggesting me to go in a different location and restart the phone so it would get the signal from the good tower. One techie told me that 500 Kbps speed is more than enough. They are not only providing the worst network service but also customer service and making customers fool.

My humble request to all, whoever wants to get 1G or 2G service experience, Please join this network. I guarantee you would really like the old-fashioned - 1G and 2G- network.

Worst/No customer service and coverage and service

Literally Worst and NO customer service and coverage and service. They cause stress in every possible way. Its not worth it. All the good or star reviews should be paid ones or innocent people who will regret soon.

Cut your bill to half and cut your signal to 0

This company is a scam, no data, no internet, no customer services. It seems the company has 1 - 10 employees and all the time are busy with local customers. I've been three days calling them to get my account # and pin code, no body answers.

Customer service is non existent!

When it works it’s ok. However, if you need customer service it is not there. Over 2 hour hold times on phones. Customer reps are barely knowledgeable. I ended up getting help from a T-Mobile rep for HelloMobile service. They didn’t have to help me but they did even when they didn’t have to.

Dont know how to get out

“Unlimited Data” ended at 15GB and now I cant port out my numbers. No CS, No way to contact them

Customer Service Doesn't Exist Anymore!!

I had HM for about 2 years with no problems but lately, I can't get through to customer service or their chat option. Something definitely has changed with customer service. It is the best price but with no customer service anymore I don't think it is worth it anymore. "Hey HM, hire more customer service people" !!!!! I will give it until the end of April and if nothing changes. I will have to look elsewhere for service. Actually, how can I cancel if no answers customer service? I guess just take the sim card out. Very frustrating.

This phone company is a scam

Unlimited plan and no signal.

You can not make calls or use Google, you are actually lost. Customer support is 0/10 and their app does not work.

Service worked fine until we moved

Service was working fine for a cheap plan up until the point where we moved. Hello Mobile could not figure out how to charge credit card for this specific account. I created a new account hoping to transfer my numbers but they could not help me. Customer service usually took 20-30 mins to reach but was no help in resolving the issues even after multiple attempts.

Not working in Bronson FL.

I have had perfect service since I joined Hello Mobile but since 3-25-21 no service for my friend that has the second line in Bronson FL. I called Hello Mobile yesterday and waited 2 hours for them

to answer but never did. Now the chat icon on the website doesn't work so I can't talk online to

anyone for service problems. Something is going on with HM I don't understand. If they are going

out of business they need to post it. I have had NO problems with HM since I joined. They have the

best prices and the monthly fee goes down for every line you add instead of going up. I just pay

$40/month for 2 unlimited lines. She tries to call me and she gets a busy signal. When I try to call

her it goes straight to voice mail. The phone she has was only $49 so that might have something

to do with it.

Data stopped working and nobody is picking up

Bought 2 SIM cards with 2 different accounts. First account sim card, the data stopped working after a week. I haven't been able to reach out to customer service. They don't pickup the line. -- 2nd sim card data stopped working today. Still unable to reach customer service. They don't pickup the phone, and I'm not creating a Facebook account for this matter. I have never used Facebook. Changing to another provider.

so i had great service for 10 months then i decide

then i decided to do what no human has ever done in their life and that is move to a new location

updated my address on all my credit cards and debit cards and continued on. My wifes line was rarley ever used as she communicates via messenger app. So one day im looking over my bank statements and see that Hello mobile hadent charged me in over a month so i call my wifes phone and it goes to voicemail thinking it was just off i try logging into her hello mobile account no luck try a password reset they said no such email was registered thats wierd i thought i go to her email and all the reciepts are there except the last month so it was defintley connected to that email i log in to my account and boom a service interuption notice was displayed. I try making a payment manually no luck address doesnt match i update the address hello mobile keeps rejecting my address tells me format is wrong on zip code but only allows 5 digits so i call wait 1hr 40 mins finally get someone she updates my address tells me to retry to pay no luck tells me its my bank they dont have my new adress they absolutley do i updated it and i get the statements in the mail i logged in to my bank and it was 100% correct i even copied it and pasted exactly as it was still nothing she then said it was the card so i tried 4 more cards! bank card, credit cards debit cards NOTHING! she says its never happened before BS! i now see several posts about this issue! so i ask about my wifes phone she tells me since it was over 30 days they reassigned her phone number to someone ELSE!!!!! i said when was hello mobile going to notify us of a rejected payment ? we never got a text and email nothing! and now they reassigned her phone number she has had for YEARS! thank GOD i logged in to look over statements becuase my phone number is attached to my CRYPTO WALLETS! and if i would have lost that i would of been out thousands of dollars! do yourself a favor stay the HELL AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU PROMISE TO NEVER MOVE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!

Worst service ever...

I had Hello Mobile using mobile hotspot with the unlimited plan....

NOT unlimited because after a few days of service they shut my service off....

I have to wait till next month...wtf

Don't bother to call customer service because no one picks up...never again

Save your money

Appalling. Truly awful in every way.

Their payment system is completely dysfunctional, preventing me from making a payment. Blocked my cards, won't allow me to change billing address to use a different card. Their chat support can't do anything, it may as well be a robot, and their phone support is unbelievably incompetent. They outsource to a call centre likely in India, and they have not been trained at all. Truly disgraceful experience from start to finish, bordering on the fraudulent. Changing carrier immediately.

I promise that after I got a replacement phone and

Phone service I would leave a skating review of this pensional front lies on a bashedly right through its teeth teeth there's nothing unlimited about their unlimited plan it should actually be called the intentionally limited plan. There's nothing servicing about its customer service the humans you get come from an impossibly obscure and possibly hard to understand hamlet in India. even if you buy extra data on top of your unlimited plan which is guaranteed to freeze at 18 GB and no more completely borrowing service or use of any kind he locked out of coverage and data usage. You will not be able to use or data no matter how much you buy it you will not be able to use your phone and tell the next month no matter what.

No data due to 5G Rollout

Lost data connectivity due to 5G rollout. Have to wait days for a new sim. No credit for the days of no data, or warning beforehand.

Unable to fix major issues.

I had a good experience with Hello Mobile for around 8 months. But when I changed address their website was unable to process any payments from multiple credit, debit, and visa gift cards. All my banks confirmed every detail was correct and the issues were on the merchant's side. Unfortunately, after a month of trying to get Hello Mobile to fix their payment platform problems, they were unable to get the problem resolved and I had to change providers.

No Support

You're on your own here. It may work or may not. Their support channel is through Facebook Messenger, which is really questionable. If you complain, they will block you on Facebook. Sleazy company. Try to cancel and it takes at least 7 requests and a final threat to report them to the credit card company. Then they leave the account open anyway and bill you. Do not ever give them a real credit card number.


My wife and I switched to Hello mobile as a cost savings because we longer use our phones on a daily basis. I received only one sim card which worked fine but we never received the second sim card. I've spent hours trying to get the second sim and I've been charged for two lines for two months. Now after all that effort I was told they can't refund or credit my account. Customer service has always pleasant but couldn't do anything about their error. I prefer to support small companies but it's time find another company.

Wrong name for this company

This company should drop the o from their name to accurately reflect what you are getting into. There is no hello, my line hasn't worked in days and tech support is useless and the wait is hours to get someone who can't help and upper level does not call.

Don’t waste your time or money with this company

Terrible costumer service , when I told them that the data wasn’t working or that I couldn’t send messages , they told me there was nothing they could do, bc the towers were under maintenance and hung up without fixing the problem. I called later and another representative told me that that wasn’t even true.

stolen 15 dollars

I cancelled their service Dec2020 I tried to renew their service online paid the 15 put the old sim card in it wouldn't work the operator said she would have to take it to higher powers to get it started well I chatted and called won't give me back my 15 won't send me a new sim card because it has been more then 7 days they are liars


Never ever let it cross your mind to even try this service. You get no data that you pay for. When you call them customer service is incompetent. Technical support is even more incompetent. I actually think they are one and the same. I have called straight for 10 days to get data to work. They tell me everyday. ...Oh it will take 24 hours. Still no data. Go to Visible instead.

Good Service, CSR's have seemed to improve.

Every CSR I've spoken to seems like they really want to help, and so far most of the time they are able to. I get they have some limitations being an MVNO using an MVNE. I've had 1 line for over a year with no problems and just added a second line a few weeks ago. Their cheaper devices are off-branded (ZTE, NUU, etc.) but the service has worked really well so far for me. My husbands line has been on it a year, he lives on FB and has never had any issues after getting moved to T-Mobile's network.

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Hello Mobile Network Specs

3G Bands:WiFi
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:Yes
WiFi Calling:Yes
Visual Voicemail:No
Multi-line Discounts:Yes
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:Yes

Hello Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:499 E Sheridan St #400, Dania Beach, FL 33004
Employees:201 - 500
Customer Service:(888) 95-HELLO
Support:Email Support
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
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