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    Sprint Reviews

    Sprint customer service ratings

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    Reported bogus charge

    Was on phone for 1 hour, 7 min waiting on the supervisor and the rep hung the phone up on me. Called back and on HOLD for over an hour again and the sup never came on the phone. I got a collection letter in the mail after going to a location to close my account and pay off the balance. Was charged for an additional month and never received a courtesy collection call, which I would have paid had I received. Now in the midst of me buying a car because I am having TWINS, this is slapped on my credit report. I simply asked for confirmation to remove from my credit report and I would happily pay before I was on hold then hung up on. Sprint rep acted like this multi million dollar company can’t afford to remove any $$ nor could even comment about any attempts to reach out to me about a balance. Besides their service, know that they do not hesitate messing with your personal life because they are too ignorant to make a courtesy phone call first. This will now affect me for the next 7 years and I have never had a collections on my credit before.

    Tech Support is useless

    I figured something to A keyboard where I wasn't getting the text to speech to pick up but besides the fact that I called 611 and and wasted time just being told that I was talking to T-Mobile not Sprint and I needed to talk to Sprint for a simple question but I dialed 611 David they transferred me and I had to start all over. And it got even better As he couldn't comprehend that's comprehend that simple of a question we had to go in all different directions and he said the settings aren't the same on all the phonesBut I needed to take it into the store and let them look at it and I told him it wasn't that difficult. Apparently hes not sure how to do his job because then I was told that he could give me a number to call Samsung Samsung why would I call Samsung when they're not a provider for my phone that he can't figure that simple thing out he didn't even ask what type of keyboard I use anything within in 5 minutes I figured it out on my own after wasting 30 minutes arguing what's the point haven't checked support They don't know their job or how to operate a phone they shouldn't be working there

    Very difficult to purchase from them.

    Been trying to purchase for a couple months now.

    Every store is “Out if Stock” and don’t know when or if they will ever get any more.

    Verizon and AT&T both have stock and want my business

    Customer service is horrible they lie to customers

    If I could give 0 stars I would . I have had nothing but trouble since day one . I have made hundreds of phone calls to customer service, supervisors , managers and promised every time issue would be resolved to no avail. Promises to follow up and that it wouldn’t happen again. Customer service reps are rude and do not follow up and do what they promise. I have reported the issues to supervisors and nothing has been resolved.

    Horrible customer service. All lies

    They will tell you anything to get your money. Lazy, uneducated customer service reps. They took away my medical discount. Can’t find anyone to help me and spoke to several reps, been to several stores. Always get the runaround and no answers. But they got what they wanted! And I got a much bigger bill than they agreed to and no one will fix it or help me with or knows how to!

    Poor customers service, left Sprint after 18 years

    Walked into a sprint store before deciding to change service, sale representative had no interest in showing me any phone to upgrade to or talk about any promotion you had at the time, walk out to an AT&T got 2 phone and left after Sprint after almost 2 decades

    Terrible customer service

    Charged for a phone unauthorized on my credit card and unable to resolve. Credit card co took it off and they recharged my bill. Many hours on hold. Every time reassured it would be resolved and never is. No one calls back. Disconnected after 2/12 hours talking and no one reached out again. Asked for calls to be recorded. Got ref numbers and sometimes rep didn’t put notes in. Terrible. Stay clear of them. Good unless you have an issue.

    It's trash

    I have had straight talk for 7 years then someone talked me into this trash saying it was cheaper and I would have better service I thought okay. But it's not cheaper the service sucks I would not recommend this plan to anyone. Planning on switching back to straight talk. They tell you it's cheaper and better but that is not the case. Don't waste your time or money. Plus they want to know how human you are lol no joke. Don't get trapped in this stuff

    One of the most deceitful advertised products

    I went to Walmart to purchase a phone and plan. When the csr showed me the Galaxy and plan I thought I had struck gold. I soon realized that I had the wool pulled over my eyes. I couldn't log into my plan for a week. After setting up the plan, I would go online day after day only to be told that I had no internet, contrary to what my plan said. And I also go to sites I only to see a circle going round and round. When I call customer service no one has any idea what I am talking about. I have purchased phones from Family Dollar and Dollar General that were far superior to this tragedy of a phone. I am a military veteran, and rest assured, veterans all over the country will hear about Sprint and its highway robbery.

    Don’t use them for phone service

    They gave me a date that I was to have my phone paid for and lied about that. Wanted more money. I switched my phone to another carrier and all of a sudden I owe a balance when the rep said he unlocked it. They all a bunch of money hungry liers. Never again. I would not advise anyone to use their services

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