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Is Tracfone phone service any good?

Tracfone has an average rating of 1.8 stars from 70 reviews, indicating most customers are dissatisfied with this carrier. Tracfone ranks 20th out of 28 cell phone carriers reviewed on MoneySavingPro.

I have been with TracFone for years and got great

Now I get poor reception all over the state. My husband tried to get a yearly plan for his mother and they will not let her have one without a email address. What does a 90 yr old need with an email address when she doesn't even own a computer. We tried to use our email address and they would not let us because both of our emails are attached to our TracFones. They told us to get another email. Not doing it. Will seek another provider for us and maybe us when it comes time to renew at Christmas.

The Worst customer !

I never called a place that no one could help me. I called six times because I could not make phone calls. Everyone made me do the same thing over and over again but I still couldn't make calls then I would get disconnected. Horrible still can't make calls.

Would give 0 stars

After being a loyal customer for a couple of years, they switched to the Verizon network. I ordered my new SIM card, installed it, and nothing happened. I spent an hour on the store phone at Best Buy trying to get it to work. They tried so many codes it locked out my SIM card. Bought another one and nearly locked that one out, too, but I managed to get it to work with a 10 year old Tracfone I had laying around. Because suddenly my Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone wasn't compatible. This took another two and a half hours. Then they cancelled my service because I didn't pay, even though I've been on autopay since day one. Got the number reinstated. Will keep it long enough to move it to Mint Mobile. I couldn't understand tech support half the time, the other half they didn't know what they were doing. Tried the website today. It took them five minutes to ask me for my name and number after I stated my problem. After I gave it to them with no response, they said they were still waiting for it. Told them I already gave it to them. No more communication after that. 20 minutes of my day wasted. Worst experience ever.

Not Reliable in Handling Information

TracFone was a reliable company for many years. I dealt with them with no real problems. Unfortunately TracFone is no longer reliable as far as handling information is concerned. I have been in contact with customer service numerous times over the past month. Almost every time that I try to log into my account, my email is not recognized as being attached to any account. I spend time with a customer service representative getting it fixed. It works for a day or two and the problem recurs. Thankfully, other companies are much more competent in handling information – imagine if you couldn’t reliably log into your email account or your bank account or your social media account. It’s really frustrating and terribly annoying not to be able to simply log into my account. Their coding must be terribly unstable.

Customer service sucks..

Only good thing about losing over an hour of my life last night being on the phone with these people is that I have finally after years have talked my mama into ditching them and going elsewhere.

Atrocious customer service

Their customer service is atrocious, so much so that I am considering switching after being with them for over 10 years. I bought minutes, they never went on my phone. None of the customer service representatives are native English speakers. They don't explain things, they are slow (I was on a chat for 50 minutes with no explanation why it was taking so long). They refused to refund me for services they did not provide. Awful company. Do not use them if at all possible.

Worst customer service humanly possible

I have been with Tracfone more than 10 years. Suddenly this year while.I was abroad they discontinued my old sim. No problem just send a new one but in meantime I get told to buy a Verizon sim which I can use till the new one arrives . Did so ...then only to realise it does not work. I get told to go buy a BYOP simcard. Once again I do that. Now we find out it is not compatable to either of my 2 phones less than 2 years old. I also get told that the new sim they sent me will not work in either of my 2 phones either. Then I am told go buy a new Tracfone branded phone and I can use that sim in my current phone. This also did not work. I told them from the first call I need to get my old phone number back as I have invested 100 s of thousands of $ over last 10 years marketing my bussiness and this is my phone number on all my marketing material for 10 years. Finally we get the new Tracfone to work . ... Only problem a new number . I get told about 30 mins and it will change over to my old number and all my credits will be transferred. Well now more than 12 hours later nothing . Spent about 350 mins on the phone plus chats with Zero success. Stay away. These are the most incompetent customer service reps you can get anywhere.

Great as long as you don't have any problems..

For 12 years this company was great. I purchased an Android phone 3 years ago to use at work. Great. A month ago, the phone died. After waiting a month for my phone "upgrade" and multiple phone calls, I cancelled my service. I received the phone today - my upgrade is a refurbished phone with a 90-day warranty. Definitely not the upgrade I was promised. Now I have to figure out how to get this phone back to them when no one at tracfone has been able to get into my account for 3 weeks. The CS reps are pleasant. The whole CS setup they have to work with stinks.

absolutely the worst of any company!!!

No service 90% of the time, no customer service any 100% of the time. Terrible company.

Worst customer service ever.

I was trying to port my land line number to Tracfone. It took almost 2 months before someone there had a brain and knew how to get it added. They kept telling me Spectrum never ported it but it was ported before I finally cancelled the request. I tried to get the number back to Spectrum but it needed to be activate first with Tracfone. The executive resolution dept is a joke. They don't return your call and after speaking to a rude person I asked to speak with Freda. After holding 10 minutes or more i was disconnected. All they had to say is check with Spectrum. I checked with Spectrum many times but got the same answers that Tracfone had it and need to activate it first. I even told Tracfone to look in their New Star system. From my understanding Tracfone ported the number to Verizon and had to get it back from them. Why was it not returned to Spectrum. Finally on 08/09/22 Ray got it working. I wish I had the names of the other people that was working to port it from Verizon. I was a customer with Tracfone for many years and purchased a few different phones and never had issued. The company would be fine if you never have to deal with their Customer Service. They don't speak english. And plan on being transferred sever times and hold for minimum of 1 hour each time. I spent over 100 hours trying to get my number back. They need to have a new Executive Resolution person. Maybe Ray. At least he didn't just tell me to check with Spectrum. He checked it out.

Worst customer service ever! Go elsewhere!

Had an issue with a new sim card they sent to move to Verizon and it messed up the phone. 6 hrs later and not even a supervisor knew how to fix. They transfer you all around and with each new rep you have to spend 10 minutes validating your account.

Network Upgrade Excludes BYOP

I have been a Tracfone user for decades. I recently bought a Samsung S22+ and transferred my Tracfone service to it and it worked fine. A few weeks ago my service was cut off. Tracfone customer service informed my phone's IMEI was no longer included in their eligible phone list as part of their network upgrade. Some upgrade, eh. BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone works one day and not the next. I'll find another carrier. I'm done with Tracfone. I could not be more disappointed in this company. Do yourself a favor, and avoid becoming a Tracfone customer.

Just... Don't do it.

It's cheap for a reason. I've never experienced worse customer service in my life. It is nearly impossible to get anything resolved. Been using Tracfone for a few years now. It was fine when no issues came up. But when I need a problem solved or something refunded, forget about it. Not worth the hours and hours on the phone, stressing over getting your phone working, and endless repetitive customer service agents transferring you to a "higher department" to help you. I ran out of data a few months ago, and purchased 1gb of data just to tide me over until my plan refilled in a couple weeks. After purchasing, my phone still didn't have data. So I foolishly bought another 1gb, nope, that didn't go through either. When I went into my account, I saw my "current plan" with no data, but then I clicked a tab to "show more", and I see another plan pop up. What the hell, why do I have two plans? This one was labelled "other plan", and specified the benefits from the other plan would rollover once the service ended for my current plan. Well, it's been a few months, and that hasn't happened. Fast forward to now, I had to reload my data, and thought, "maybe that was just a one time issue", so I bought 1gb of data. Nope. Here I am, yet again, with no data, and it's all just slowly collecting in this other plan which now has 3gbs, that I have absolutely no access to. I've talked with customer service I don't know how long, but I swear to god none of them know what colour the sky is. It is like playing a game of red rover with a brick wall. You just cannot get through to them. At least I haven't. I have such a simple request. I need data, I have the data, just move it or refund me. It should not be this difficult. The amount of energy I've given to this sesame street company is depressing. I'm changing my service. I hope for everyone's sake that this company gets run into the ground. If you are a current customer and haven't had any issues like this yet, you will.

Don't waste your time with Tracfone!

Bought a flip phone and pre-paid plan. No account was setup. They sent me a phone. Activated it. Their incompetent service reps couldn't set up an account for me. I'm out $50. and say good riddance to Tracfone.

Customer service sucks

Understanding the customer service representatives accents at times can be very very frustrating. They have been helpful but understanding them is hard for me.

Have had great service since 2010!

The folks at TracFone has done a great job since 2010, when I'd buy a new device, they'd transfer all of my minutes & texts over w/out issue. Now that I have a smartphone, this includes data. Due to different phones, have had AT&T on some, Verizon on others, both has great reception in this area.

Customer service is severely lacking

Let me start off by saying my husband and I have had two cell phones and their accompanying service plans for over 15 years, We had no complaints; in fact, we recommended TracFones to our friends and they are now customers. The problems started when we wanted to discontinue their service and go with another cell phone provider. (We wanted something with unlimited minutes because we were getting rid of our landline.) We had an annual AutoPay service plan on one of the phones. It was up for renewal in a few days and we didn't want the yearly plan. We wanted a monthly service plan to use until we had time to set up arrangements with another company. My husband was on the phone for 70 minutes (I'm not kidding) talking to several customer service reps and supervisors. They said they would take care of it, We should not have been charged for the yearly plan since we cancelled the AutoPay before the new start date. I looked at our credit card statement and there were two transactions--one for the cost of a year service plan and another for a month plan. Then there were at least two more calls trying to get our money back. The end result--we are out $135 even though we were told a ticket was submitted and we would receive a refund. We had submitted a dispute with the credit card company. They have now said the settlement is final and the customer is responsible for the charge. To add insult to injury, I turned my cell phone on one day and it said my phone was not in service and I had to buy a new phone. No advance email, phone call or text! To end this story, there were numerous hours fighting this dispute and we are still out $135 for services we didn't receive. Due to the lack of customer service, I believe TracFone will lose a lot of customers in the future. Terrible way tp treat two customers of over 15 years each. We will never recommend them to anyone and will warn friends that already do business with them.

Very good...

I been a using tracfone for years they always been fair with me when I transferred to another phone and if there was a issue with the phone they help me fix it

Used to be ok

We have these cellphones for many years now. They discontinued my husband’s 3g flip phone and we never knew it. I had a horrible time getting through to someone in customer service who I could understand the English. They sent a replacement 4G flip phone and it’s a piece of junk. Doesn’t work at all. I have spent many hours and days on my landline with them trying to first set up his phone and then they said the email is already in use. YES IT IS MY email!!! Smh I have my phone set up and it’s ok , smartphone and app so I can see my 11,000 minutes I have rolled over through the years. This flip phone is a disaster but it’s the easiest for my electronically challenged husband. Customer service is horrible now compared to ten years ago. I was able to buy him two years on his phone and triple his minutes through my ipad but now they say the account doesn’t match the phone number. These used to be throw away phones way back so why does my phone have another person ps name on caller ID!! They say they can’t change it. Ridiculous! I have too many minutes invested and unused to get rid of it right now. Was good to keep in case of emergency but now it looks like they are going to be out of business soon or something. Maybe selling the company??? I don’t know but something is definitely wrong with this now! SiriusXM radio is right up there as #2 worst company now but Tracphone is #1 as the worst company now. We are Dissatisfied customers!!

Worst company ever.!

I had to upgrade my phone after have Tracfone for many years. I had accumulated 4000+ minutes. I was sent a Verizon wireless phone. I do not have Verizon service in my area and was told by customer service that I didn’t. After 23 calls to TracFone’s horrible customer support I was told the authorization code I have always used no longer matches. Now I have 4000+ prepaid minutes, a phone with no service, and no way to resolve the problem because my four digit authorization code does not match.

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