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Customer Reviews 4.5
32 Reach Mobile reviews
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Is Reach Mobile phone service any good?

Reach Mobile has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 32 reviews, indicating most customers are satisfied with this carrier. Reach Mobile ranks 1st out of 28 cell phone carriers reviewed on MoneySavingPro.

Very friendly and helpful support

My mom recommended me Reach Mobile since I was looking for a new carrier. Gave it a try and so far I'm very satisifed. Customer support is very friendly. The data service (most important) is great. I just wish plans would be a little cheaper.

Setting the bar for customer service.

I've used Reach's customer service line 2 times: when I had a connection issue and when I had an issue paying my phone bill. Support shows how much they really care by listening to my issue and staying on the line until that issue is fixed. Amazing service!

Accessibility = perfect

Switching to Reach is easy to do. Great customer service, affordable plans, and wide coverage. All around a great carrier that I highly recommend.

Great coverage, great cause.

Perfect alternative to the major providers. Pricing is fair and customer service is staffed with real people who want you to have a good experience. I’m saving at least $10 extra every month with their best fit discount because we don’t use all our data. It’s also nice they give a portion of proceeds to help others. Overall, very happy we switched!!

Best Verizon Network MVNO & Customer Service

Switching to Reach was very much easier, I'm getting the same reception I was getting earlier under Verizon.

Best ever operator in verizon's network

Same data speed as Verizon and very cheap


Helping seems to be the core of Reach Mobile because they go out of their way to make customers happy. Whenever I had issues they would quickly respond and help me out. I love Reach!

Customer support

Reach is the best carrier I've ever had! I'm getting quality service for $100s less then what the big providers are charging. It makes a huge difference to save $100s every year.

Customer service, cost

So happy to have switched to Reach! I'm saving so much money and their customer service is so much better than AT&T's!

Not a good value

Reach has been unreliable for a little while now. It's just not worth keeping the service.


best cell provider around. really help the ppl

Friendly CS

Reach doesn't work well in rural areas. Tech team tried to really help but no success. Going to have to switch to a different provider.

Customer service

Customer service is really good. They are quick to reply and are super friendly. The overall service is not so good. Have been getting poor signal for a couple of weeks now. Performance needs improvement.

Customer service

Have had no issues at all. Good, cheap service.

Customer care

Reach Mobile is one of the best carriers out there. Customer service reps are prompt and helpful. It's also way less expensive compared to Verizon. What I love most about Reach is how they donate to charities!

Lower cost

Reach Mobile fits well with our lifestyle! We are very happy to be paying so much less on our phone bill every month!


So happy to have Reach Mobile as my provider! Never had any issues!

Positive experiences

Saving so much money every month on our cell bill! And we get amazing quality!


We only get one or two bars in the house but when we're outside the signal works just fine.

Respectful and helpful customer representatives

Reach Mobile has been a perfect fit for our family. The customer representatives are quick to respond, helpful, and kind. Better yet the values behind the company are great. I've been recommending Reach to all of our friends!

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Headquarters6 Omni Way Ste 202, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, 01824, United States
Customer service(844) 445-3665
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