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Reach Mobile makes it simple to skip the hassle of store visits and get your SIM card with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home.

You can browse various plans stress-free with no physical stores or retail shops selling a Reach Mobile SIM card. Plus, your SIM card kit will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

If you prefer an eSIM, it's easy to pick your plan and be up and running within minutes.

And the best part? Reach Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network. If you're new to T-Mobile, you can check Reach Mobile coverage in your area to make sure your ZIP code's covered.

Can I buy Reach Mobile SIM cards at a store?

No, Reach Mobile SIM cards are not available to buy in stores.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Reach Mobile don't own any bricks and mortar stores, which means they can pass the savings onto their customers. To offer you cheap cell phone plans.

Reach Mobile SIM cards online

Reach Mobile prepaid plans are kept simple. And ordering online is a cinch.

You'll be sent your Reach Mobile SIM card kit in the post, or if you're looking for an eSIM, this is embedded into your phone. So you'll just need to follow the on-screen prompts to activate your new plan.

Their Best Fit plans could save you even more money, as you'll never have to pay for more data than you use.

Activating your Reach Mobile SIM card

To activate your Reach Mobile SIM card, just follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have reliable WiFi.
  2. Download the Reach Mobile app and log in.
  3. Click on "Activate now" and follow the instructions. You'll probably need your phone's IMEI number.
  4. Use your SIM card welcome kit to complete the activation. You'll need to scan the barcode and enter your current carrier's details to transfer your number.

Reach Mobile SIM card compatibility

If you're concerned about whether your phone is compatible with a Reach Mobile SIM card, the good news is they work with most unlocked phones.

Most carriers automatically lock cell phones to keep you locked onto their network. However, there are policies in place that require carriers to allow for phone unlocking. For example, Verizon unlocks phones 60 days after activation, as long as the phone has not been used for fraudulent activity or reported as lost or stolen.

So, as long as your phone's unlocked and your contract payments are up to date, you shouldn't have any issues bringing your phone to Reach Mobile.

Reach Mobile SIM card FAQs


As an online carrier, Reach Mobile offers a variety of prepaid plans that can help you save money on your phone bill.

You can choose a cell phone plan that suits your needs and purchase it online. Plus, you have the option to bring your own device. And either choose a new number or transfer your existing one.

Want to learn more? Check out our detailed Reach Mobile review for all the information you need.

Compare the cheapest cell phone plans to find the best prepaid SIM card.

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