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AT&T customer reviews & complaints in 2024

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AT&T customer service ratings

Horrid Company

Where do I begin? The company is disrespectful, dishonest, rude, and deceitful. I've read several reviews where the consumer entered the agreement under false pretense; then, when calling to rectify the situation, you are transferred to several different operators to repeat your problem repeatedly. I see now this is an avoidance tactic frequently used in this company to avoid dealing with the customer's complaint, found error, or a dishonest practice. Absolutely absurd and factual statements! I am a first and last time customer of AT&T. Please be advised this is a dishonest company with deceptive practices, poor connection, and poor customer service on a regular basis. The thirteenth month has been just as distasteful as month one. I will take the monetary loss to rid this disease; for prospective clients, don't waste your hard-earn money. I have learned the hard way. Very Dissatisfied Customer

I would give them 0 stars if possible.

Worst customer service experience ever. I would recommend every one to stay away from them and Direct TV.


Agreed to a promotion offered in Thanksgiving 2021, was told 2 new phones would arrive in 3 to 4 days, that was a lie, delivery took over 3 weeks, when I went to AT&T store to set up new phones, was told the promotion expired. The December promotion offered, was twice the price, from the Thanksgiving Promotion, so I canceled the offer all together. Was told to return phones and I would receive the refund charged for both phones totaling $120.00. AT&T confirmed phones where received and refund would be received 3 to 4 days. That was a lie! It took over ten calls to the company and I was lied to by everyone including managers, they were the worse, hours spent on phone calls 15+ hrs, plus 90 days my bank assisting after filling a complaint, to received my refund. The complete hassle took from Nov. 2021, until last week April 2022, to finally received my refund, thanks to my bank. If you want to live a carefree, no stress or hassle life, walk pass all associates trying to get you in a whirlwind of a headache, with a false promotion offered by AT&T. Just thinking about this huge mistake, gives me a migraine😡😩☠️

Sorry excuse for customer support

No mobile data for 2 weeks and they say nothing is wrong. Then when they have to actually try and figure it out they conveniently drop the call

Poor customer service/High rates

I have been with AT&T since they were Singular. Service has gotten worse, customer service has depreciated, store associates are not very knowledgeable about the products anymore and the bill keeps getting higher. I just experienced a very rude customer service call and now I am taking my 6 lines to Verizon, where I know they have better service because my business cell phones are through them and I never experienced rude, distasteful customer services.

They sell your personal info

I’ve been a customer for 22 years and just discovered that at&t doesn’t care about anyone. They sell our info, outsource jobs, let underpaid foreigners hack our accounts, and the service reliability has decreased tremendously over the past two years. I’m very disappointed that I talked my brother into leaving Verizon only to immediately start receiving spam calls and texts because of at&t

False advertising, lie to customers

I got there service because I was told I have best internet and it was fast. I only had two things hook to it and it was only 5 kept buffing ! I was told I not be bill for a month , first month was free !! All lies . Did even have service a two weeks after first week I didn’t use it I call them and said I want it canceled on this date , but I canceled it two days prior still with in two weeks ! I ask for a return box with label so mail man could pick up or fed ex at my home ! I don’t have transportation and due to health issues I can’t leave home . So they send me wrong labels multi times then post cards . Also bills with different amount! Today I got a final bill and found out my bill which is just the equipment is going to collections!!lol they don’t have a service for pick up at ur door now the saying !!!! They always have excuses cause they don’t want to do their job or follow thru what they tell customers they will do !!! It’s been 4 months !!! lazy employees must be nice to company and lie to customers!!! But they fail to realize phone calls are recorded

They do everything the hardest way possible

For a communications company to suck this bad at communication is impressive



Terrible, awful customer service.

Spent many hours with multiple agents. Most customer service agents have no idea what they are doing, and will flat out lie to you.

Just money hungry.

Have used them, since the old Nokia phone days....they weren't bad. Now they suck. Just had to trade my S8+ in...because with no actual customer notice, they phased out 3G...just couldn't make calls or receive calls. No email, no text, no nothing... then customer service isn't available unless you call. Trip to the Att store, to get even remotely the same features on a phone...I have to buy a new s22... But your monthly bill is 3 dollars less sir..., now I'm paying off two new phones...1700.00....(wife and mine)...should have checked Verizon...I've paid att 100.00 a month for 12+ years...not much in the realm of their yearly sales...but a lot to me....if the customer service doesn't improve in the next year, I'll find a way out of this idiotic contract.

Terrible and expensive -

terrible service and very expensive AND very difficult to cancel

Hands down the worst company!

They said you get free phones that's a lie they will charge you and send you to collections!

Bait and Switch

The first problem started when the plan I was told about was not the plan I was billed for. I also purchased a very basic phone (Galaxy A5) and it was worse than I ever anticipated. I immediately began looking for a new provider but kept the phone too long (1 month) to be able to return it. I signed up for AT&T in December and by the end of January, I had canceled my service and was then sent a bill to pay for the phone ($173.75). I paid the bill and then THEY STILL HAD MY BANK ACCOUNT INFO AND BILLED ME AGAIN directly out of my account. I took more than two hours to get this resolved. I had them credit my account the additional payment and thought everything was ended with them. As of todays date, 3/7/22, I got ANOTHER BILL saying I have not paid and indicating my payment was late. I had to put a stop on any payments coming out of my account because they don't seem to use technology to bill their customers.

They don't care about their customers

Had no service whatsoever for 2 days now and they say another 72 hours before I hope to regain service switched providers.they wont return my money for service not provided

ATT is too expensive and LIARS

They’re liars and customer service is Poor..I have a disabled child and fell into hard times and they don’t want to unlock my paid phone because I’m past due and they informed me if I pay off my device it can be unlocked now I go to unlock device now they’re saying that they cannot unlock phone due to past due but their store and customer service ensured and insisted that if I pay off device I can unlock phone yeah right been passed around like a football on the field by their customer service reps and no hep this is the reason why I’m leaving AT&T….. They do not even deserve one star had no option…HORRIBLE service especially when someone has a disabled child and no other means of communication…


I've purchased a brand new iPhone from AT&T and when I paid the form of an advance they told me that they could not unlock the phone so they let me pay for phone that they did not even have the ability to unlock. Liars and crooks, Go elsewhere for your phone service.

Thorougly unprofessional

Prices too high. For me, I had both landline and internet service with them. They gave me a "good"price on internet of $35 but as it turns out, only because they could overcharge me for my landline -- about $70 month at the time I terminated (I kept it so long only because my wife wanted me to). Then the kicker is that once they knew I had ended landline, they boosted my internet monthly prem. to $75 -- right away, not at the usual yearly time! For a company that should know how to communicate -- forget it. When you call the laughable "Customer Service", they insist you provide a passcode which I could not remember. Then they won't talk to you. What? I'm the one paying them, right? The passcode is totally pointless just another chance for them to not communicate. Never use AT&T.

They’ve purposely made their website shady.

I was with cricket for over 5 years. I didn’t have good credit so prepaid was it. I had mostly good service but when 5G happened it got worse more and more and perks only went to new customers. So I switched to T-Mobile. It was also prepaid but with much better service and plans that included lots of perks. Then I was at Sams and an AT&T rep told me I could get regular post-paid service and since I was a Sam’s member I wouldn’t have a deposit or at the least a small deposit. This would allow me to get myself and one of my kids newer iPhones with 5G without being out of pocket thousands at one time during Christmas. I just got my bill in about two weeks ago and it’s pretty high. They said I should expect that so I did. What I didn’t expect was that they would give me my bill only a week or so before it was due and and that I would get another bill right after. I also did not expect a postpaid company to disconnect my phone when I was late on my payment. It happened to fall in between my paychecks. So I tried to set up a payment arrangement so I could pay it on my payday which would be March 1st. This bill is almost $500. The system let me choose Feb 28 and March 1sr as my pay dates. I could get my check a day early if need be. After I hit submit their system changed the due dates to Feb 20&24. How does that even make sense? So my phone was disconnected on the 20th. I contacted customer service. With cricket and T-Mobile there are workarounds to getting your due date extended and turning your phone back on. But apparently not with AT&T. One of the top three phone companies, that has probably been around the longest, can’t do an override. When I say something similar to the “supervisor” they say “have a great day and thanks for choosing AT&T” and then disconnect the chat. I was literally speechless. Ending the chat like that is equivalent to hanging up on someone. So I left feedback that I am more than likely going to pay off my phones with taxes and go back to T-Mobile. This situation is ridiculous. I’ve never gone this long without phone service. I use my phone for everything. I also use it for work. I am hoping my boss allows me to get paid a few days early so I can get it back on before I make a 3 hour trip (one way) this weekend. And in case anyone is wondering why I didn’t have the money ready, I expected to pay on my paycheck but I got the bill in between checks and I had just paid a significant amount of money to my doctor and pharmacy. I’m also an only parent to four kids. But it will be fine. I’m just going to go back to T-Mobile, they have great service with perks. I only switched because it made it possible to get new phones with a payment plan. AT&T has been around forever, it blows my mind that they just turn peoples phones off the day it’s due like a prepaid company and that they don’t have begged payment plan options like other companies. Even Cricket’s payment plan is better.

You will never be able to get service via tele

I gave my 11 Pro phone to my daughter-in-law, paid off the phone at the local AT&T store and have tried multiple times to unlock the phone so that she can use her favorite company, Verizon. AT&T refuses to except that the phone is paid off and will not unlock the phone. I called him to AT&T and it took me 15 minutes to get to an agent and then it was another 15 minute wait. Stay away from AT&T.

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