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Verizon Reviews in 2021

Verizon customer service ratings

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Terrible company

Customer service is horrible have been a customer since the 80's and they just get progressively worse. They are so big and not regulated they don't care at this point.

Rip off company

Ordered phone on line showed to be free with my plan then they charged me for it when I got it

Verizon is nothing but rip-off

I was with Verizon for 25 years.I had 5 lines with unlisted Tex talk and data.I suppose to pay 136.00$ per month but I was charged 136 to 187 $ every month.I called Verizon many times ang nothing was resolved so I switched to ATT

Customer service S****

Over one week in May 2021, I spent 40 plus hours trying to go from post-paid to pre-paid plan with an upgrade from flip phone to smartphone. It was a holy mess. After getting many different answers from many different customer service agents, I finally had to give up because I could not buy the phone and get it sent to me. Their website seems to be wrong. I put in my phone number, the website said it was not my phone number. I put in the account number, the website said it was not my account number. I did everything I could, then called customer service. I clicked 1 for English, etc., and then over 5 call-ins, the customer service line hung up on me. I was unable to reach anyone to help me. I've had it with this company.


I can't get a family plan to save money, because I am a single mom with only one child. This means I have to pay full price for two phone plans, because I am not married. Also, they don't seem to care about their customers.


spent many hours, trying to connect with a live person, never happened, and so I took my service elsewhere, after 15 years, anyway they have obviously, like so many other companies that we have come to depend on way to much, just don't give a rip, knowing that are options are limited, and that they have us between rock and hard spot, and they think nothing about using that power, and saying tuff sxxx.

National phone coverage

Here's a copy of correspondence I sent to Verizon today after being a customer for the past 10 years:

"I am very surprised that a company with the size and advertised capabilities of Verizon cannot prorate a final bill. On May 7, I closed my Verizon account (phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx). At the time I was told service would end on May 28, 2020. I thought it was because I had already paid through that date.

Today I was billed $66.33, which was a shock to me as I had closed the account 13 days ago. When I called the Verizon customer number today I was told that the Verizon billing cycle runs from April 28 to May 28. So, I was being billed for that period. As I had closed my account on May 7, I was appalled that I had to pay for 3/4 month just because “that is the way Verizon does it….” Every major corporation has the ability to prorate a final bill. It seems Verizon just wants to squeeze out the last few dollars from departing customers.

My address is above if Verizon can see the way to refund a prorated share of the bill. "


After many yrs with verizon i decided to go with Cricket. The customer service here is horrible. They wanted me to pay $50 to unlock my phone so i couldnt switch carriers. I will never be back and intend on telling others to switch to another carrier to save money and no longer be held hostage to verizons plans.

They refused to give me my money back!

Made the mistake of making a promise to pay and then paid the bill on pay day. Which meant a duplicate payment. I have requested my money back for the duplicate payment and they have denied it. How are they allowed to keep your money? I am looking for a new service provider today.

Lying and mistrustful

I am leaving Verizon ASAP. I am writing this review to warn people that Verizon has horrible customer service and billing practices. I purchased 4 phones and 2 tablets from Verizon. That's 6 lines. We moved in October 2015 and I purchased 2 additional phone lines and phones. For many reasons I forgot to call Verizon to terminate service for 2 of my lines when the contract ended in March 2016 and September 2016. It's January 2017 and Verizon refuses to refund me the money I paid between the contract end dates, to today totaling $220.00. They terminated the 2 lines today and offered me $40.00 of the $220.00 that they owe me. They also told me to sell the 2 extra phones. Does this make sense to anyone? I feel sorely used.

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