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Verizon Reviews in 2021

Verizon customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating44 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars3
4 Stars6
3 Stars3
2 Stars5
1 Star27
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Read 44 Verizon user reviews

Absolutely had it with the service!

Try to talk to a rep??!! FORGET IT!!! YOU GO IN CIRCLES!!! NO HELP!!

Worse of the lot.

Signed up with them in one of their local offices, rep. wrote down that my monthly payment would be $55. my first bill was $120.

Returned to local office, rep. could not answer why my first payment was so high. He was on the phone 35 minutes waiting for the Verizon office to answer, never did.

Next month, another charge for$110. Again, back to the local office, and again no answer for over 25 minutes on the phone.

Third month, another charge for $90. This is when I cancelled my (subscription). They are still attempting to charge me for $25.

Absolute worst cell service ever even with 5G

My phone shows I have service 5G and 4G but I am never able to make a call without it cutting out or losing service, awful internet can't even load FB even though the phone shows there is 4 bars of service plus being on wi-fi. Their service is absolutely trash!!! I hate the Galaxy S21+. My old phone was better than this one.

Everytime i had a problem they came right away

My phone was not working almost every other day I had 2-3 people come fix it for a day than i had Jen who came and knew the problem right away my phone is working now Thank You Jen. She was pleasant, smart and knew her job and got it done right!

Worst customer service.

I called to transfer my phone to the new phone and they deactivated my number and after more than 5 hours still nothing and now they are closed for the day. Literally in tears if I loose my number

Horrible customer service/no live reps

Live reps only available for emergencies. Chat wait time was over 30 minutes once and 3 times over 15 minutes and still never communicated with anyone!!!

Bait and switch plus worst customer service

Replaced my iPhone 7 with an iPhone 12. Ads said that I was eligible to get free phone, but in fact it would have required upgrading to different plan that would end up costing more than the new phone. Instead they offered me a refund of whopping $36.00 for turning in old phone. First had to "request" the kit to send the phone back, and then spent literally hours online and on the phone trying to get the credit applied to my account. Every call or chat was with someone who gave me a different story. No one took notes or put them in their system. Finally spent more than an hour with representative who could find no record of why I was entitled to the $36.00 refund. [This was after wasting time chatting with a robot.] The last representative did say he was giving me the credit and it should show up on next month's statement and he did appear to take a lot of time researching the account. BUT the company makes false representations and clearly makes it as difficult as possible to contact a live person. NEVER buy a phone through the Verizon store.

Customer "service" is a misnomer.

I tried to contact Verizon about a non-working landline from a different landline without access to a cell phone or a computer. It took hours. It was one of the most painful experiences I hope I never have to repeat. I hate Verizon.

Best at ripping off customers

Verizon says they are the best network but the only thing they are the best at is ripping off their customers. Raising prices for no apparent reason, poor service, phone issues they refuse to fix or give you credit for etc, etc,etc. They also own visible and that company is even worse really bad service and tons and tons of phone problems they say they are fixing that never gets fixed. Then when you ask for a credit for months and months of problems they give you a few dollars credit. Avoid this company like the plague unless you like giving companies money for no good reason because a good service you will not get.

Customer service is non-existent!

Took 8 phone calls to establish new account upon husband's death. Now, having difficulty getting upgraded equipment due to "an order issue." Verizon called me re upgrade of ancient equipment, I did not call them. I am seriously considering another service!

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