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The arch-nemesis to Apple, you'll find some of the latest and greatest smartphones in the world from Samsung. Rising out of the ashes of the Galaxy Note 7 battery disaster, Samsung is on the warpath to release knockout devices that are true crowd pleasers.

Sporting beautiful, vivid displays on a well-polished, powerful processor, the Samsung line of the devices feature a premium experience that people of all ages can learn how to use.

With perhaps their critical downside might be the high asking price, Samsung cell phones improve upon all the essential features of a standard phone while packaging enhanced capabilities, an intuitive interface, and seamless operation.

Why should you choose a Samsung phone?

Samsung devices are some of the most fully-featured phones on the market.

Before you go out and buy the latest Samsung smartphone, consider these important factors:

  1. Large Display Size: Nearly all Samsung phones feature bigger, brighter HD screens that stretch all the way to the edge of the bezel.
  2. Battery Alternatives: Running low on juice? Before your phone dies, pop in a new battery and keep going. Or, try out a portable wireless charging base. No sockets needed.
  3. Enhanced Internal Storage: Samsung Galaxy phones have a decent-sized internal storage. If you need more, however, you can slide in a microSD card (up to 2TBs) and store all the photos, videos, games, and apps you want.
  4. Android OS: Enjoy a fast, powerful experience without bumps, hiccups, or glitches.
  5. Customizability: Personalize your phone with colorful themes, widgets, apps, and shortcuts.

Samsung Smartphones

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