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Consumer Cellular Reviews & Ratings

Consumer Cellular customer ratings in 2021

Consumer Cellular
Average Customer Rating17 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
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Read 17 Consumer Cellular user reviews

Worst Customer Service Ever! And you’ll need it!

The cell signal I received over 5 plus years got worse until it barely function 2019-2020.

Calls not reaching me became financial losses.

Took over a year to reach a human, to cancel. Even with my statement that I had nearly no service because all stayed. (COVID).

No offer of credit plus charged for current month that they knew I had zero cell service as they sent me email stating my phone would not connect to their network.

I’m near 70, they love scamming us minority elderly.

best ever.

we are in the Chicago area, retired and have been with Consumer Cellular for years. after years of being with the "mainstream" carriers CC has been a breath of fresh air. customer service is the best ever, no dropped calls, they have never raised our very reasonable price, I bought a new apple phone through them and paid it off over a year on my service invoice. they also have a user friendly website. the worst phone service I ever had was ATT. I am told it is better now but my experience was so bad I will never use them again for anything.

Inconsistant service. Dropped phone calls & more

Service was never good. After speaking to customer service, they got the phone to use adifferent cell tower which did help somewhat. But I still experienced dropped phone calls, often unable to text, certainly would not text large photos or video. The monthly charge seemed reasonable but now I use Xfinity which charges even less per month, also no contract, and has excellent phone service.

Customer service


No phone Target violated guaranteed money back did

Horrible for 5 weeks living inside Target for 5th SIM 3rd device !

customer support

wait on phone to talk to customer support

Refusal to provide complete refund

Phone was glitchy, customer service rep had me remove the battery. Turned out it WAS NOT a removable battery and removing it killed my phone. I had to buy a new phone for $60.00 through no fault of my own. Did they offer to pay for the phone? NO! Did I have to fight tooth and nail to get them to agree to pay for the phone, YES. Then they refused to send me confirmation of the refund. They decided to take it upon themselves to deduct my refund from my bill without consulting me so I never received the entire refund. They said I'd receive a check, that they couldn't refund my credit card, BUT then they hid the fact they weren't paying the entire refund by crediting my card, knowing I wouldn't check it since I thought they were sending a check! When they refused to send me confirmation of the pending refund, I cancelled my service with them and transferred everything to Xfinity. Consumer Cellular had the temerity (gall) to bill me again! FYI, I discovered that Xfinity's mobile plan cost exactly the same per month as Consumer Cellular! I have always had good luck with Xfinity, though some don't feel the same. I hope this made sense.

The price plans and the nationwide network 4gle

Good customer service.

Low priced plans.

If you want them to call back, they will do it at 4AM

service and price

i have had about 4 yrs. i am 73 and just want to text and talk. i have a computer so i dont need to use all the extras.




Poor customer service

Worst cell phone provider ever!! If I could give them no stars, I certainly would. I left them to sign up with another, much better and much less expensive cell phone provider. They put an erroneous blot on my credit (which has always been outstanding) because they insisted that I pay the difference for the one day over my due date. I did give them the difference for that one day, which was later agreed upon by one of their employees, but they then billed me and insisted that I pay the entire next month, which was ridiculous. My advice to anyone thinking of signing up with them....don't!!!!!

Lower cell bills

I was told my Samsung S8+ was compatible with Consumer Cellular. After a week my phone quit having the ability to answer group text and being able to resend pictures. I had no way to forward or share any family pictures. Consumer Cellular does have good customer service and said some switches got tripped and the phone worked fine after the switches were reset. Then after a few days the phone quit working again. Then I was told it was Samsung or android software. It kept switching the switches. Since my phone was now incompatible with Consumer Cellular I need to buy one of their $900 Samsung S8# phones that are compatible. I wonder why my S8+ was not compatable while their S8+ was. Did I fall for a sales scam where they say your phone was compatible and after you join all of a sudden it is incompatible and I now need to buy one of their $900.00 Samsung S8+.

very little data

I read some good reviews so I decided to try Consumer Cellular. I had a tough time trying to set up a 'bring your own phone' plan. The only solution: just buy another phone. Nearly the same one, just compatible.

generally satisfied

Although I am generally satisfied with Consumer Cellular as a provider, there is a little bit of trickery involving data usage that I think people should be aware of. This is a concern to customers who are on low data usage plans.

courteous and knowledgeable service

I just purchased a Moto G4 from Consumer Cellular. The phone was activated without issue and they walked me through the steps to get it going. I had have a PC issue but that was resolved by them in record time. Customer support and tech support have always been professional and polite and knowledgeable with me.

pay for what you need

Plenty of good stuff to talk about Consumer Cellular. They're inexpensive and have good coverage. I like that they alert me when I'm getting near my plan limit.

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Consumer Cellular Network Specs

Network:AT&T, T-Mobile
3G Bands:850 MHz Cellular, Band 5 (GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE), 1900 MHz PCS, Band 2 (GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE)
4G LTE Bands:1700/2100 MHz AWS
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
WiFi Calling:Yes
Visual Voicemail:No
Multi-line Discounts:Yes
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:Yes

Consumer Cellular Company Info

Headquarters:12447 SW 69th Avenue, Portland, OR 97223
Customer Service:(888) 345-5509
Website:Go to Website
Wikipedia:Go to Wikipedia
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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