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CREDO Mobile Plans

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CREDO Mobile, which has been in business for over 31 years, is constantly competing against the no-contract plans of other mobile virtual network operators like Straight Talk, Consumer Cellular, and Boost Mobile.

Unfortunately, because there are dozens upon dozens of MVNOs in the United States, us consumers can become a little confused and unsure with who to side with. Furthermore, understanding every term and feature that goes into what you're paying for can make your head spin. But don't worry, we're here to help.

Inside our guide to the CREDO Mobile cell phone plans, you'll find information not only on the no-contract plans available but also on the wireless service phone selection, deals, promotions, discounts, customer support, and more!

Finally, we'll guide you to our very own cell phone plan comparison tool, to help you decide whether or not this cell phone provider is right for you.

Compare CREDO Plans

CREDO Mobile cell phone plans operate similarly to the phone plans of the major carriers. When you sign up for one of its shared data plans, you receive unlimited talk, text, and mobile hotspot. The unlimited talk and text are great features, but the mobile hotspot is a big bonus, as it allows you to connect your internet devices remotely.

CREDO offers cell phone service plans to fit every data need. For its single-line unlimited plans, you have access ranging from 1GB to 10 GB. If you exceed the data allowance in your plan CREDO charges you $15 for another 1GB of access. Because of this, it's important to monitor your usage monthly and make plan adjustments accordingly.

If you are someone who uses a lot of data frequently, you may want to opt for an unlimited plan (as in "unlimited" high-speed data) from a major carrier, regional carrier, or mobile virtual network operator instead. If you're looking for quality from a major carrier, you can always opt for the T-Mobile unlimited or the Verizon unlimited plans. With either T-Mobile unlimited or Verizon unlimited plans, you're receiving quality, blazing speeds, and fantastic customer service, not to mention Verizon or T-Mobile cell phones.

Family Plans

CREDO allows you combine five lines on each account. If you decide to group together its cell phone service with friends and family you split the data allotment between all the lines on the account. In addition, when you elect to do this option, each line pays an access fee, which ranges depending on the type of device you use and whether you are doing a two-year contract or an installment plan. You can compare CREDO's family options against the competition here.

The CREDO phone company is one of the few carriers, such as U.S. Cellular, still offering a two-year contract option. This is beneficial if you need a new device, as you can receive a great price on certain models. If you decide to do the installment plan to pay for your devices, you are not under contract and don't have to worry about early termination fees.

Should you decide to cancel your phone service before paying off your device, you'll need to pay the remaining balance you owe for the phone, which acts like an early termination fee.


CREDO operates under the Verizon Wireless network, resulting in you having access to the most extensive nationwide 4G LTE coverage, even when compared to the AT&T or T-Mobile networks. Along with blazing fast connection speeds that compete with the T-Mobile network, you can expect to receive stability as it pertains to call quality and sending or receiving texts.

You can go to our coverage maps here to compare the Verizon Wireless network to the networks of other major carriers, including the AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile services.

CREDO Mobile Cell Phone Plans

What Phones Can You Get With CREDO?

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The CREDO phone company gives you many options when it comes to buying your new device. When you visit its website you'll find the latest models from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. What's unique about CREDO relative to other providers is they give you different choices when it comes to paying for your device.

With the two-year contract option, you can receive an affordable price on some of the latest models, like the Samsung Galaxy S8. To demonstrate, you can receive the Apple iPhone SE--in both the 16GB and 64GB--free when you do a two-year contract. It's important to note if you cancel the contract before the term expires you have to pay an early termination charge. The fee depends on when you cancel service relative to the contact's start date.

Along with two-year plans, you can make installment payments. While you won't receive a discount on the surface with this option, you also break down the device's payments into manageable segments. In the event you want to transfer your wireless service, you can do so after paying off your device.

Read More: If you're looking to compare smartphones before purchasing one, you can always take a peek at our smartphone comparison tool.

Phone Insurance

CREDO does offer mobile protection plans for your devices. This plan protects you in a phone emergency - a phone emergency being that your device becomes damaged, stolen or lost. Similar to other cell phone insurance coverages, you'll have to pay a deductible to replace your device. CREDO states the amount of your deductible corresponds with the current retail price of the phone.

However, before you consider any type of phone insurance, you should read our article on, "Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It?"

How to Activate Your Device

To activate service through CREDO, you can call its customer support phone number at 1-800-411-0848. You also have the ability to transfer your cell phone number. If you order a phone through CREDO's website, it gives you an option to enter the information concerning your services such as the cell phone number, provider account number, PIN, address, and the primary account holder's name when you checkout.

Do note that when you activate your phone, you will need a SIM card. You can learn more about the SIM card in our guide, "What is a SIM card?"

Deals, Promotions & Discounts

When you review CREDO's website you'll find an ample amount of discounts and promotions available. On the phone end, you can receive a free device such as the Apple iPhone SE when you sign up for a two-year contract--based upon credit approval.

Along with this, CREDO is offering two free phones where you only pay $50 per line for its 10GB data plan. You can also receive the Samsung Galaxy S7 for a low price when you sign up for service. The best way to view all the discounts CREDO has is to visit its website, as it displays these deals prominently on its homepage.

CREDO Customer Service

CREDO earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in part because of how it solves customer complaints. When examining customer reviews the most common complaint was misapplied payments. That aside, most consumers remarked how much they enjoyed the affordable plans and reliable service CREDO offers. If you need to contact the customer service department you can do so via phone or email. Additionally, you can use its online tools to find answers to your questions.

How to Change Your APN Settings

If you're switching to CREDO Mobile, you may need to change your APN settings. You'll find the information you need below. Don't know how to change your APN settings? Go here.

APN Settings Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3
APN Name Credo Credo Credo
APN Sprint Sprint n.w1.ispsn
Username Sprint Sprint
Password * *
Server * *
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80 80 80
MCC 310 310 310
MNC 120 120 OOO
Authentication Type PAP CHAP PAP
APN Type default, mms, fota default, mms, fota default, mms, fota
APN Protocol IPv4 IPv4
APN Roaming Protocal


CREDO delivers affordable plans and excellent promotions on the latest phones. In addition, with great remarks from the Better Business Bureau and customers alike, it's an indication CREDO understand consumer's needs and does a good job delivering what they want. For these reasons, CREDO is a great prepaid cell phone carrier to pursue further. It definitely ranks up there with the MVNOs like Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk, Consumer Cellular, and Boost Mobile.

You can see how CREDO compares to the major carriers, like the T-Mobile cellular service, with our cell phone plan comparison tool.

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CREDO Mobile Plans FAQs

Q Can I bring my phone to CREDO?


If you possess an unlocked CDMA device you might be able to. You should contact the customer service department who will help determine eligibility.

Q Does CREDO offer pay as you go plans?


CREDO doesn't offer these plans currently. At the same time, it offers affordable monthly plans if you want to text and talk only.

Q Which network does CREDO use?


CREDO is on the Verizon network, resulting in you having access to one of the nation's largest coverage zones for 4G LTE.

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