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Republic Wireless Review

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  • Unlimited talk and text on all plans
  • Simple plan choices
  • Switch plans up to twice a month
  • Wi-Fi prioritized over cellular to minimize data use
  • Discount for buying annually


  • Pricey for higher data users
  • 15 GB limit for add-on data

Republic Wireless is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that operates on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks.

They have a unique model for their cell phone service in that they prioritize Wi-Fi first and when that's not available they fall back on partnerships with Sprint and T-Mobile (whichever one has the strongest connection in the area).

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Republic Wireless allows you to control your plan right from your app. You can add/subtract data each month based on your usage the previous month. The app will also notify you when you're running low on data so you can better conserve it.

It is worth mentioning that as of 2018 Republic Wireless does not support iOS devices.

Ready to hear what else this MVNO has in store for you? Check out our full guide to see what Republic Wireless to offer.

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Republic Wireless Cell Phone Plans

Republic WirelessUnltd/Unltd0GB$15
Republic WirelessUnltd/Unltd1GB$20
Republic WirelessUnltd/Unltd2GB$25
Republic WirelessUnltd/Unltd3GB$30
Republic WirelessUnltd/Unltd4GB$35
Republic WirelessUnltd/Unltd6GB$40
Republic WirelessUnltd/Unltd8GB$55

Republic Wireless plans give you the freedom you didn't even know you needed – and all at an affordable price.

With Republic Wireless you just pay the base price for unlimited talk and text plus a set amount per GB of data. Let's take a look at how that compares to one of the carriers they lean on, T-Mobile.

The average T-Mobile user on an unlimited data plan uses less than 6GB of data/month. So compare that unlimited data plan with Republic Wireless' 6GB data plan and you've got yourself a deal you can't ignore.

That's hundreds of dollars you could be saving by making the switch!

To find out how much data you need head on over to our data usage calculator and customize your coverage without the risk.

Republic Wireless Pricing: Is it Competitive?

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
T-MobileT-Mobile 4G LTEUnlimited*$70$840
Republic WirelessT-Mobile 4G LTE6GB$45$540
* Avg T-Mobile user on unlimited plan uses less than 6GB data per month

Republic Wireless Coverage

Republic Wireless' coverage map reveals that the MVNO relies on two networks: the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Though the Sprint and T-Mobile networks aren't the best available, they are incredibly solid, especially in urban areas. That being said, they only serve as backups: all phone usage will primarily go through Wi-Fi.

You can compare these two networks with the Verizon and AT&T networks with our guide, "Who Has the Best Cell Phone Coverage?"

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Republic Wireless Phones

When it comes to phones your options are limited through Republic Wireless. As of 2018, they still don't support Apple devices. So if you're a loyal iOS user unfortunately this MVNO isn't for you. If you're an Android user though, you've still got a few options:

  1. Bring your own phone – Republic Wireless operates on both GSM and CDMA networks, so you'll have not trouble bringing your device from any other carriers. You'll just want to change the APN settings (don't worry, it's easy) and you should make sure your device is unlocked.
  2. Buy a new phone – This carrier offers a limited number of devices online through their store. However, they do offer the latest and greatest Android phones. You can also make monthly payments on your device. But keep in mind, this will bring your bill up possibly to the same rate you're paying now.
  3. Buy a refurbished phone - You'll save the most money - up to 50% off retail - by shopping for refurbished phones compatible with Republic Wireless. Compare prices and features on all your favorite Android devices from reputable sellers.

Key Considerations When Choosing Republic Wireless

If MVNO is a new concept for you, you're not alone, but you may have quite a few questions. In order to decide on an MVNO such as Republic Wireless, here are a few questions you'll want to know the answer to:


Republic Wireless plans give you coverage from Sprint and T-Mobile 4G LTE networks for an amazing discounted price. Compare their deals with cheap cell phone plans for other carriers before making your mind up.

Find out what real customers are saying with our Republic Wireless user reviews.

You can save even more money with your plan by purchasing a refurbished phone instead of a new device with your new plan.

If you choose to upgrade, it's well worth selling your old device for some extra cash in your pockets!

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Republic Wireless Review FAQs

QWhat cellular network does Republic Wireless use?


Republic Wireless uses the Sprint network, with an interesting added trick. The service automatically switches to voice and text via the internet when users are in the range of a Wifi internet connection. As soon as you are out of Wifi range, Republic switches back to use the Sprint towers.

QCan you use your own phone on Republic Wireless?


Republic Wireless customers must get a phone with their service plan. A top choice is the Moto G4 smartphone at $199. Other low cost phones available from Republic are Ascend 5W and the Samsung Galaxy J3, both at $179. More phones from Moto and Samsung are available at prices from $299 and up.

QWhat is the data on a cell phone plan?


Mobile phone service carriers offer data plans allowing customers to access data via the internet. The data flows over 3G, 4G or LTE networks. Data plans sell access to the internet per gigabyte of data, usually starting at 1GB and going up to unlimited plans, with more data flow increasing the price.

QWhat is the difference between data and WIFI?


From a smartphone, you can access the internet via a WiFi connection or a cellular network. Browsing the net via WiFi is free, but you pay your mobile phone service provider to use a mobile data connection. You can only use WiFi if you are within the range of a WiFi network.

Republic Wireless Network Specs & Info

Republic Wireless Network Specs

3G Bands:1900 MHz PCS, 1700/2100 MHz AWS, 1900 MHz
4G LTE Bands:1900 MHz PCS, 1700/2100 MHz AWS, 700 MHz Lower Block A/C
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

Republic Wireless Company Info

Headquarters:900 Main Campus Drive, Fifth Floor, Raleigh, NC 27606

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