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Customer service doesn’t help you.

On phone for hour and not even manager could help. Will call back tomorrow.

Last December we traded our phones in. They were paid for. Told we would get 400.00 off each phone. We received 75. And they are creding it each month for 30. We through it was two. Being charged for ear buds I never received. They were supposed to be free with a rebate. They are telling me there wasn’t any promotion like that then. We were lied to by two different association at the store. I called before and was told they are still on backoder. Funny my husband's came right away. We paid for

them in full that night. I think it’s time to change company

Company has taken a huge dive

What happened to T-Mobile in the last 6mos...they used to be one of my favorite companies I was referring people to and now they have declined enormously in all areas...my bills are wrong...I tried their internet supposedly for a 15 day trial and was told it would work where I live which was not truthful and then the whole thing has been a total time drain trying to get rid of it and being charged and every phone call a total waste as they don't do what they tell you they're going to do....if this continues I'll be going back to Verizon soon as something has changed and made it just an awful company to deal with...very sad!!


After buying a phone in Best Buy T mobile. T- MOBILE waited 3 months to recharge me a monthly fee for a phone that I have a receipt for. Here I am 4 months later with no resolution or call back or workable link to send receipt.

Corporate office did not make a diffrence. They decide you have not paid for your phone open your schedule. Here 6m going to 7m ordeal of 1 hr holds with a promise to resolve without results.

Terrible Reception!

I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T for my iPhone 6 months ago. AT&T's service coverage was terrible in many of the areas I travel. And I was tired of the "rip-off" of their post-paid plans. T-Mobile offers great Pre-paid plans at great prices with lots of data for streaming.

However, T-Mobile's coverage is even worse than AT&T's coverage! So, after 6 months of weak signals and dropped calls, I decided to move to Verizon. Well, just as AT&T, T-Mobile makes it almost impossible to port your number to your new provider - requiring a special "port your number PIN," which they make it almost impossible to obtain! And... their corporate stores - refuse to help you obtain the "special port PIN!" Just another attempt to try to prevent you from leaving.

Well - I'm now with Verizon - and the service is way, way superior to either AT&T or T-Mobile. Don't waste your time and frustration with the others - just make sure you get the Verizon coverage, whether that's with Verizon, or Straight Talk, or Mint, or whatever - make sure you have the Verizon towers / network - and you will be a happy camper!

WORST company EVER.

After being a customer for over 15 years, I am now leaving TMobile. Their customer service is SO BAD. All calls are out sourced to Philippines..(I have relatives that live there, so nothing against the country) They are friendly and offer to help and make promises to fix the problem, but then never follow through with their promises. You then have to call back MULTIPLE times for the same issue. Still more promises, and no results. TMOBILE.. if you are reading this... your customer service reps are KILLING your business!!! I went into a local TMobile store. I said I wanted the best and biggest Android phone they had... and was sold a piece of junk. Lied to again. Worse than the old phone I had. SO FRUSTRATED in their customer service!!! Numerous calls, no help. Local store, no help. Nothing left to do, but leave. They literally drove me away with poor customer service, bad experience with the local store, and the run around x 1000.

Unknowledgeable Customer Service Agents

Customer care is extremely unhelpful and do not understand how to read the information provided on phone accounts. They will make up information (LIE) so they can get you off the phone. We had iPhones phones and apple watches paid off in 2021in order to upgrade still was unable to upgrade because they said there was a wait period coming out of their jump program of a round 60 days. We waited then did the upgrade in December 2021 and the phone was stolen and an empty box delivered by UPS. That was the last straw I then moved my service to a new carrier! Since then I’ve had to pay over six hundred dollars in final bills and they are trying to charge for equipment (Apple Watch one rep said and another rep said Samsung watch) that was already paid off prior to doing upgrades in 2021 because we were told EVERYTHING G HAS TO BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE YOU CAN UPGRADE. so there should be no way we still owe for something if we were allowed to make the upgrade in December. Do not use T-Mobile because they will scam you out of all your money!


I had and issue with my phone and the CSR Blanca on Shadeland Ave store was awesome I told her the situation and she was excellent

Terrible Customer Service

After being very happy with T-Mobile's service for 7.5 years, I can not believe that I have spent 1.5 months in customer service hell. I went into the store on 2/13/22 and was signed up for a plan (without my knowledge) that I specifically requested not to be placed into. Then, I received a follow up call from customer service to get feedback on my experience in the store. I told them what happened and proceeded for another 2 months to attempt to get my planned reverted back to the original plan (which I was then told no longer existed). I spoke to a customer service rep who took all of my credit card information and then hung up on me. I immediately called back and found out that they should have never requested my credit card info...It's probably now on the dark web. A supervisor then told me to go into the store to change my account. The first store told me that I had to go to a corporate store. I drove to the corporate store immediately after and they said that I had to call. Then, after spending $4.75/gallon driving around to no avail, I have three customer service reps treat me like I am unable to read a bill and one offer me a $20 credit like it was a miracle for God. This is after they overcharged me $100. I've noticed that customer service has been suffering, but I never expected that after speaking to thirteen T-Mobile reps, that my loyalty is not at all valued (only three of them were nice and really attempted to help).

If I could give a zero I would.

Their customer service is an absolute joke. When I first signed up for service I called to have my phone #s ported. After a grueling 20 minutes I was advised they couldn’t help me and I needed to go to a store. I gave it a few days and called back and got hung up on 5 times! Now the agent did call me back each time but seriously? I finally asked for a supervisor and requested my account be closed we couldn’t even get through the first phone and I was hung up 5 times how were we going to take care of the other 3 phones?! The supervisor advised me she would take care of it including my bill. Guess what came today a bill for a phone service I never even used!! Called to get it taken care of and once again I am directed to go to the store as they can’t help me on the phone. T-Mobile needs to set to their customer service

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