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T-Mobile Reviews in 2021

T-Mobile customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating42 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars7
4 Stars6
3 Stars5
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1 Star18
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Read 42 T-Mobile user reviews

They literally bait and switched me

They said I would get a free 5g phone if I switched to them.then charged me $120 for a 4g galaxy a11.

Beware if you should ever cancel service!

Kept me on the phone for 2 hours!

T-Mobile shipped an unboxed iPhone13 Pro Max to me

T-Mobile shipped an unboxed iPhone13 Pro Max to me! When UPS delivered my order from T-Mobile in front of my door, I opened the package immediately. I found the iPhone box has been opened by someone since the seal on the iPhone box had been removed. I stopped the carrier man and rejected receiving the package. I took pics of the shipping package as well as the iPhone box. There is another address on the shipping package. The iPhone must have been opened by someone living in that address. I was frustrated. My order should be a brand new iPhone13 Pro Max, but the phone was used/refurnished/unboxed, at least it is not a brand-new iPhone13 Pro Max. I called T-Mobile many times so they can ship a brand-new device to me. After many calls, they asked me if I want to pick up a device in store. I was excited and thought I could pick up a new phone today. I asked the representative when I could pick up a device, she said she was not sure since all stores do not have devices now. So why did she tell me to pick up a device in store? A week ago, the same representative promised me that I could have my new phone by 10/05/2021 (the last date that T-Mobile promises when I can get a device in my order). Now I need to wait another month! I could have been happy to have a new phone but I am not now. I am exhausted to call T-Mobile again and again. Finally, the lady told me to wait until they have devices in stock and the date is 10/27/2021. Avoid T-Mobile to save your life and time. I have a serious headache due to my new-phone order from T-Mobile. Note: Open your package immediately when you receive an iPhone order from T-Mobile, or it’s hard to explain that you received an unboxed iPhone from T-Mobile. Also make sure you take pictures as evidence

They've been very difficult to deal with.

Lied to about coverage where I live in the mountains. Kept being billed monthly even though I canceled coverage after 2 days of service and can't get reimbursed for my second month's payment even after spending an hour on the phone. They MAY give me partial payment. I've spent hours trying to get reimbursed between billing and reimbursement.

Horrible Service

Have been trying to port my phone to my boyfriends plan for about a week. After multiple calls and visits in store, no one seems capable of doing their jobs in helping us. I will never do business with this company of lazy, incompetent people.


I have been a Sprint customer since 2003. Yes, there were some bugs during all those years. However, Sprint quickly and graciously took care of my husband's and my issues. We happily continued with them, found their coverage to be good, and always felt we were getting an excellent value for the product and service.

With the merger with T-Mobile, ALL has changed. Our phones no longer operate correctly, we are getting poor service, and voice mail on my husband's iPhone is nonexistent. We have spent multiple days and too many hours, across several months, trying to resolve all our issues due to the merger. Tech support cannot correct the issues, customer support is horrendous, promises to call my husband and I on specific dates & times never happen, and they are unwilling to make any concessions to keep a long-time customer happy. After 18 years with Sprint, we are moving on.

Sprint customer service was better

Ever sense the merge I haven’t been able to get any help with anything!! Sprint always explained things to me. T-Mobile doesn’t even help. Tried being specific on my needs and just got ignored! As soon as all the phones under me are paid off we’re switching!!

Mis-represent specials, poor service

Have been with t-mobile for years. Bought 2 new 5-g Samsung for special; 'buy 1 get 1 free'. Except that special was not honored. Were charged full price for both. Plus only 1 of our returned phones given $45 rebate. Flat out lied to us. Areas of phone service access reduces continually. This is a deal breaker, done with T-Mobile, forever.

Avoid this company, they don't answer calls!!

The reps are lazy, unhelpful and have no idea what they are doing.

Bad coverage area, bad business reps

Transferred over from Cricket, bad idea! TMobile mat be good for someone that never travels out side the city but for me, it was a horrible experience. 6 dropped calls out of 10 not to mention all the ones that couldn't go thru and that were never received. My rep, because this was a business account, christal from TX RGV area gave me poor customer support from the very beginning then wouldn't even answer my calls nor return my messages. This is my second time with tmobile, NEVER AGAIN!!

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RankCarrierNetwork(s)Avg. rating
1stReach MobileVerizon4.5
2ndGen MobileT-Mobile4.2
3rdUS MobileVerizon & T-Mobile4.1
5thTingT-Mobile & Verizon4
6thTwigbyVerizon & Sprint3.8
7thWingAT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile3.5
8thh2o WirelessAT&T3.4
9thGood2Go MobileAT&T & T-Mobile3.4
10thMint MobileT-Mobile3.2