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Ting aims to bring simplicity to cell phone service by offering affordable no-contract plans with no hidden fees and network compatibility for GSM and CDMA, resulting in over 80 percent of available phones being able to use Ting's services.

However, Ting is still battling to be noticed in a nation where dozens upon dozens of mobile virtual network operators, like Republic Wireless, Cricket Wireless, and Straight Talk.

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Furthermore, Ting's website, like most other cell phone service provider websites, are absolutely chock full of information scattered across pages. Unfortunately, it can be confusing for the consumer and hard to digest. On the bright side, we've compiled the data and put together a guide to help you digest the information easily.

Inside this guide to the Ting mobile cell phone plans, you'll find information on the available no-contract plans, as well as the smartphone selection, accounts and services, coverage, and customer service. Finally, we'll direct you to our cell phone plan comparison tool, so you can decide whether or not Ting's cell phone service is right for you.

Compare Ting Phone Plans

Ting is one of the few prepaid carriers who offer customized options for individuals and businesses. When it comes to Ting mobile cell phone plans, Ting breaks down usage into categories such as talk, texting, and data. What's so beneficial about this approach is if you don't use wireless services such as talking on the phone, you don't have to pay for them.

At the same time, if you are an avid texter, you will find the fact Ting doesn't offer unlimited offerings - such as unlimited talk, unlimited data, and unlimited text - troubling, as you will have to watch your usage.

Depending on your data usage habits, Ting can be polarizing. You have complete control over what cell services you want with Ting--which is great. You don't have to pay for services you don't want or use.

However, Ting is not the preferred choice for data hungry individuals. If that's you, consider an unlimited data plan, such as a T-Mobile unlimited plan or a Verizon Unlimited plan. That way, you won't be restricted in the high-speed data department until you reach a hefty amount.

Ting offsets the lack of unlimited talk, data, and text with its freebies. With each plan, you receive voicemail, picture, and video messaging, caller ID, tethering, three-way calling, and mobile hotspot for free. The video and picture messaging are appealing if you do much of your communication through this method.

If you want to group lines together, you can do so through Ting. Ting allows you to connect as many devices as you want into an account group, making it a perfect option for families or businesses. To see how Ting's family plan options compare to other carriers, you use our family plan comparison tool.

Speaking of the business end, you can use the account dashboard to manage each line's usage and you only pay for the services you and your employees use. Ting does charge $6 for each device on the account in addition to any usage. However, considering the average monthly bill is $23, compared to $71 monthly users pay for service with major carriers, you could save your company a significant amount of money through Ting.

Accounts & Services

It's important to note each of its plans are contract free. This means you can cancel whenever you want without fear of incurring early termination fees. Furthermore, Ting will pay out early termination fees of up to $75 per line. That's a pretty enticing deal when you think about it. Account management is simple thanks to Ting's dashboard feature.

With the dashboard tool, you receive access to your account from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The tool includes useful information such as your usage stats for each item. You can also set up usage alerts to warn you when you are close to reaching your limit. The dashboard also allows you to view your billing history, monitor account activity, change your account settings or more.

Furthermore, if you're part of the RingPlus family, you have probably migrated to Ting. If so, then Ting honored the RingPlus auto top-up balance that you had as of February 5, 2017. If you had less than $35 on your RingPlus auto top-up account then you probably received $35 in credit from Ting. However, if you had $35.01 or more in top-up credit, you probably received $35 to start and then $5 in credit for every month after until your credit has been honored.

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Coverage Area

According to Ting's coverage map, Ting features network capabilities for GSM - i.e. T-Mobile service - and CDMA - Sprint service -devices (if you're unsure of what a GSM or CDMA network is, refer to this guide), meaning its coverage area is vast.

As for host networks, Ting uses both the T-Mobile network and the Sprint networks. While both T-Mobile service and the Sprint network are fantastic in urban areas, they are not as great in rural areas.

Nevertheless, because of the network capabilities for GSM and CDMA phones, if you possess an unlocked device there's a good likelihood you can connect your device to Ting's services.

Ting even has a "check your phone's compatibility" section where you can see which network your device prefers by entering in its MEID or IMEI number. Take a look at our cell phone coverage maps for a visual overview. With these coverage maps, you'll have a good idea as to who has the best coverage.

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What Phones Can You Get With Ting?

Compare Cell Phone Plans

Time for a cheaper cell phone plan?

Ting carries a diverse selection of new phones, including the Samsung Galaxy series, Android phones, and the iPhone. You can find basic models (as in the flip phone) like the Alcatel OneTouch Retro or the Alcatel A392 flip phone, as well as somewhat newer smartphones like the Apple iPhone SE and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Furthermore, if you select one of the latest and more expensive Android phones or iPhone models, you have the choice of buying the new phone outright or financing it through Affirm for 24 months with interest rates ranging from 0-30%. You can apply through Affirm within minutes and check to see if you are eligible without a hard inquiry placed on your credit report.

Since Ting has dual-network capabilities, you might be able to bring your own device if it's unlocked. To see if your device is eligible you can contact the customer service department or check the compatibility section on Ting's website. If it is and you need a SIM card, you can buy said SIM card on Ting's website.

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Phone Insurance

Most prepaid providers don't offer cell phone insurance with their devices. Ting is no different in this regard, so you will have to find another provider to secure this coverage. However, deciding whether to purchase cell phone insurance can be tricky. Is it worth it? Our guide should help you make a decision.

How to Activate Your Phone

On its website, Ting says the activation process takes approximately five minutes. To make the process a smooth transition be sure to have the following information on hand when contacting its customer service department:

  • You will need your phone's identifier code. Ting's customer service department can help you find this code on your phone.
  • If you want to transfer a number from another provider you can do so through Ting. All you need is the phone number you want to transfer.
  • To set up wireless service, you need to provide Ting with a credit or debit card for billing.

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Ting does give you access to hotspot through its mobile service. This means if your wireless phone has a hotspot capability you can set it up to connect other devices, like your computer or Smart TV.

You can also purchase the Novatel Mifi-500 wireless router. This router allows you to connect up to 10 devices and it has 10 hours of battery life, making it a great option if you want to work remotely.

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Ting Customer Service

Ting has a no-hold policy so when you call customer support, you will speak with them.

It's this dedication to attentive service that has made them arguably the best-prepaid carrier concerning customer service. Customer support options, include phone, live chat and email.

Ting APN Settings

If you're bringing a used phone to Ting, you'll most likely need to change your APN settings. View the APN Settings for Ting here.


Because Ting customizes its pricing around your usage, you could find this to be the perfect cell service to save money with. With excellent customer service and a wide selection of relatively new devices, Ting is a great option to pursue further, especially when compared to other MVNOs. However, if you use data like it's water, you may want to consider Simple Mobile, Cricket Wireless, or Boost Mobile over Ting.

Remember, when choosing a cheap cell phone plan, it's always best to compare deals from multiple low-cost carriers.

Compare Cell Phone Plans

Time for a cheaper cell phone plan?

Ting Review FAQs

QHow does Ting billing work?


Ting has benchmarks for how it will charge you for each service used. To demonstrate, if you text over 1,000 messages in a month you pay $18 for the texting service. Additionally, if you don't use services such as talk-time, you don't pay for them. Once the billing cycle ends, Ting charges you for usage.

QCan I limit usage?


Yes, Ting gives you the ability to set usage caps through its dashboard.

QHow many devices can I have on my account?


You can have as many as you want. If you manage a business, this makes Ting is a smart option to consider because you receive low prices and you pay for the services you use and nothing more.

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