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    Verizon Reviews

    Verizon customer service ratings

    Average Customer Rating102 User Reviews
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    Read 102 user reviews

    For a communcations company they don't communicate

    Problems going on for several months since Dad signed up. He wanted an itemized paper bill mailed to him each month This seemed to be difficult for them to execute despite hours on the phone and assurances from their agents. They blamed the postal service., but one of their own agents blamed the previous agent for not completing the request transaction. They also tired to overcharge my Dad twice. They could care less that he is 96 and can't use a computer. They also seem to have a hard time communicating within their own departments. The left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

    worst customer service

    hold times over hr. being told supervisor will call back and don't. put hold when you finally get someone a supervisor and they put you on hold than new person picks up.

    probably switching service. been with them for over 20 years. so sad.

    Very poor service,

    It’s not as it was before! Two years we have such a poor service and for some areas no internet at All! Airport in Houston is an example... have an iPhone 11 and those two years I switched to Verizon is only a struggle with the connection. Verizon always known for good service but not anymore!

    Find yourself another plan they will rip you off!

    My son was recently taken off our plan for years and years and years of service. Only for them to continue charging for a family plan even though his phone was off. When I tried to change the plan they retired airplane from years ago and now make me pay almost as much as I would pay for the both of us. So there was no discount or loyalty for all of those years that we paid to them. When you call customer service you are treated very rudely as if you never gave years of money to them. Beware and find yourself a different company that cares!!!!!

    They have the WORST service!

    I have been with Verizon for years. When I moved, I could only get reception in a few spots and would still cut out horribly. I told them about my problem and they we're going to do all these test to see if the problem was on their end. Nope, definitely not them. I had to get a new phone and in less than a year, phone would no longer charge. They sent a replacement, within a few month's it started acting up as well.

    I had no outgoing calling for 5 days, was suppose to have the store manager contact me on 3 different occasions. Never happened.

    I noticed my bill jumped up way higher than I was willing to pay.

    Verizon puts a lot of hidden fees in their bills so if you have them, go get a print out of your actual bill because they stopped printing it all out for you. It's research-based so check it out if you think I am not being truthful.

    I had my parents bring their phones over with a different provider so I could test it. Needless to say, I left Verizon and went somewhere else. I have all my bars with great service and my bill is $50 cheaper a month!

    Best decision I made!!!

    Very difficult to get ahold of customer service.

    It takes 20+ minutes to speak to a rep. Wasn't like this years ago. Customer service reps are incompetent and are usually from overseas. Language barrier makes it difficult to communicate. I had a plan that I was grandfathered. The rep made changes to my plan without my authorization. All I was doing was calling to inquire about a possible upgrade. I had to go into a Verizon store to get it changed back to how it was, but then was told that they had to call the same number I called to take care of that because they were not able to handle it. When they changed it back, I was told my bill would increase by $10 per month to $225 instead of the $215 I had been paying each month. It didn't make sense. Still waiting for my plan to change back to how it was. Waste of my valuable time! Awful customer service!!!

    Sales people lie to make a sale

    In store courteous, but they lied about the release date of Jan 2021 on the A42. The actual date was in 2020. I'm buying a 2 year old phone for $400. Iwill be charged a restock fee if I return the phone. Shame on her. Good product, poor sales (female) helper. We are seniors on a fixed budget. I am so disappointed. I did my home work but they did not have the ones I researched. They showed me a different one, what I believed to be comparable to the others. SO DISAPPOINTED! This location is 7th St & Bell

    Not all customer service is bad

    I had a rocky start to trying to find out if my iPhone had come in. It actually arrived at store on Wed but I had to go to store in person on Friday and show them on my phone that my phone HAD been delivered on Wednesday even tho when I called on wed and Thursday I was told it had not come in. But Allegra with the Whiteville store was very sweet and helpful in setting up my phone and helping me with my questions. She saved Verizon with me because I was seriously thinking of changing my service. Thank you Allegra with the Whiteville NC store

    Absolutely had it with the service!

    Try to talk to a rep??!! FORGET IT!!! YOU GO IN CIRCLES!!! NO HELP!!

    Worse of the lot.

    Signed up with them in one of their local offices, rep. wrote down that my monthly payment would be $55. my first bill was $120.

    Returned to local office, rep. could not answer why my first payment was so high. He was on the phone 35 minutes waiting for the Verizon office to answer, never did.

    Next month, another charge for$110. Again, back to the local office, and again no answer for over 25 minutes on the phone.

    Third month, another charge for $90. This is when I cancelled my (subscription). They are still attempting to charge me for $25.

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