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Sprint Family Share Pack

Sprint's prices are highly affordable, even for families, but you're trading price for reliability. According to OpenSignal, Sprint's coverage falls behind its three major competitors.

So should you consider Sprint as your family's carrier? You'll need to read further if you'd like to make an informed conclusion about which family cell phone plans are right for you.

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Sprint Family Plans

Sprint offers two types of family plans: unlimited, otherwise known as Sprint Unlimited Freedom, and family shared data plans, which is part of the Sprint Better Choice Plans. I plan on first focusing on Sprint Unlimited Freedom before delving into the family shared data plans.

Sprint's family plans are incredibly affordable compared to its rivals. Let's take a look at what they offer.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom

If your family consumes data like its water, then you may want to adopt Sprint Unlimited Freedom, which features unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited mobile-optimized streaming for video up to 480p+, gaming up to 2Mbps, and music up to 500Kbps. Up to 10 lines can be added to this plan. This package also includes unlimited high-speed data for most everything else.

However, if you happen to be unsatisfied with the resolution and speeds provided by the standard package, you can always upgrade to premium streaming for a certain fee per month per line, which may or may not include limited offers such as a free month of Amazon Prime. With premium streaming, you and your family will be able to enjoy HD streaming videos at up to 1080p+, HD music streaming at up to 1.5Mbps, and gaming streaming at up to 8Mbps.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom also includes 5GB of combined 4G LTE mobile hotspot, virtual private network (VPN) and peer-to-peer usage each mother, with unlimited data at up to 2G speeds after.

There may be limited-time promotions for your family attached to the Unlimited deal, such as when you purchase two lines, you'll receive three more lines for free. Also keep in mind that after you use more than 23GB of data during a billing cycle, you may be subject to de-prioritization during Sprint's congestion periods, meaning you may face reduced speeds.

Sprint Family Share Pack

With Sprint Better Choice Plans, you and your family will not have to worry about overage charges. If you happen to reach the monthly allotment of high-speed data, you will deal with unlimited data at 2G speeds until the next billing cycle begins. However, if you're not a fan of the 2G speed, you can add more high-speed data for a certain fee per GB of data.

You'll also be able to opt into Sprint's AutoPay service, which saves you a small amount per month per line. Furthermore, if you're traveling at an international level, you'll be able to take advantage of Sprint Better Choice Plans' Sprint Global Roaming and unlimited international texting from the U.S. to more than 180 countries.

Suggested Sprint Share Plans range from 6GB to 40GB (as emphasized on the site). This data amount range is less than what AT&T and Verizon offer.

Sprint also does have a set of shared data-only plans if you plan on using a hotspot or tablet. These plans come with Unlimited 2G data, but the high-speed data ranges between 1GB and 40GB. You can also obtain unlimited data strictly for your tablet for just a small fee per month per line.

Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator is an app offered by the network. New customers will receive a free 15-day trial, but from there, it will be a small monthly fee. However, Sprint AAA Program members will be able to continue usage of the app for free.

Oddly enough, only the Google Play Store icon for the Sprint Family Locator is shown on the website, but the app is also available on the App Store.

How Sprint Family Locator works is that it uses GPS, cell tower data, and/or WiFi to seek out and locate a family member's device. You'll be able to use the service from your mobile phone or any computer.

You'll receive the following benefits with the service:

  • Real-time interactive satellite maps, complete with landmarks and street addresses
  • Safety Checks, which tells you of your child's location on specific days and at specified times
  • The ability to text the family member you're locating, whether from your phone or from the internet
  • Password protection, so only authorized owners can locate family members

How Does Sprint Compare to the Other Family Cell Phone Plans?

As lightly mentioned throughout this article, Sprint's family plans are more affordable compared to T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. You can see for yourself here where we compare cell phone plans to find the best deal.

In fact, what is most appealing is Sprint's unlimited data plan, which is considered the least expensive out of the Big Four carriers. Sprint's Better Choice plans are also usually cheaper compared to its rivals.

That being said, the selection of data amounts is not as vast as what Verizon or AT&T offer. Both Verizon and AT&T offer up to 100GB that can be split among multiple lines, but these plans are incredibly expensive.

Compared to T-Mobile, who is the most competitive with Sprint's plan prices, T-Mobile may be a little better for families, as they offer unlimited video streaming and music alongside its high-speed plans. Not only that, but T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon also feature rollover data, which allows you to keep your unused data throughout the following billing cycle.

As for prepaid cell phone plans, Sprint doesn't exactly offer prepaid family plans, but only single-plans, which can be considered a disadvantage for some users.

is the sprint family plan right for you?

Is a Sprint Family Plan Right for You?

While Sprint may be a cheap cell phone plan compared to the other major providers, Sprint also rates last in terms of speed and coverage.

However, Sprint offers the cheapest unlimited data plan among the Big Four carriers and some valuable Better Choice family plans, despite not including valued features such as data rollover or unlimited streaming of both music and video.

So if you're looking for value and affordability and if Sprint's service is in your area, then you should consider adopting Sprint as your carrier. That being said, if you are worried about the fees that come with canceling your account, don't. Switching to Sprint is simple and affordable, thanks to contract buyouts provided by the Big Four carriers.

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