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  • Pros
  • Uses Sprint's coverage network
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited text, talk, and data plans available
  • Cons
  • Poor selection of phones
  • No phone insurance
  • Poor call quality

TextNow Cell Phone Plans

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TextNow uses a combination of WiFi + cellular to deliver affordable texting and calling plans.

Due to this, you can use your computer or laptop as the command hub, where can send calls and texts then access them on your cell phone. Along with ease of use, the affordable plans make TextNow an enticing option to consider.

TextNow Cell Phone Plans

To take advantage of TextNow services, you'll want to download its free mobile app. Next, you'll want to connect your device to WiFi. After this, you can make calls using the dial-pad icon, located on the top right corner. If you want to send a text, you can do so by pressing on the red icon with a pencil at the bottom right of the screen.

TextNow offers no-contract plans. Each of these plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee, which differentiates it from other prepaid providers who don't offer this feature. In addition, you can find the plan most suitable for use based on usage. TextNow does offer unlimited talk, and text, and data plans available to accommodate most needs.

If you exceed your data usage limits in your plan you don't have to worry about receiving other fees. Before going over your limit, you'll receive a notification from TextNow, giving you the option to renew your plan early. Should you decline to renew it early, your data connection speeds will go from 3G/4G to 2G speed until your next billing cycle.

TextNow also offers international calling as part of its features--be sure to visit its website to see the international rates. To use it, your device must have a WiFi connection. Furthermore, while you can make calls internationally, your data access won't work when you travel out of the country.

In the event you need to make changes to your plan you can do so whenever you want. You also have the option to cancel your service without worrying about receiving an early termination charge.

Renewing your plan is simple. When you sign up for service, TextNow requests a credit or debit card for your account. This is the card it bills automatically when service renews. At any time you can add gift cards in varying denominations to your account. You can use these cards to pay for future plans or buy a phone.

TextNow Coverage

TextNow uses Sprint's nationwide network. This means if you have an unlocked phone through Sprint you might be able to use it when you switch to TextNow. Take a look at our coverage maps to see if Sprint covers where you live.

TextNow Phones

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TextNow doesn't have the greatest selection of phones. However, there are many affordable options available such as the Motorola Moto G. It also carries refurbished models. These phones come with a limited one-year warranty which is the same coverage for a new device. Therefore, for a lower price, you can enjoy a good quality phone with a great guarantee.

You also have the option to bring your phone with you. Since TextNow operates on both the CDMA and GSM networks, it increases the devices compatible with its services. You can visit its website or contact its customer service team to see if your phone is eligible.

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Phone Insurance

TextNow doesn't offer phone insurance. This doesn't come as a surprise given its limited inventory.

Phone Activation

To activate service on an eligible Sprint or TextNow phone you can visit its website. You also have the option of contacting customer service. If you want to transfer your number to TextNow, you are free to do so. How this works is once you sign up for service TextNow assigns you a temporary number. To see if your old number is eligible, email support to see if it's eligible.

SIM Card

If you choose to bring your own phone you can buy a SIM card for TextNow service. To do this, visit its website and click on the phones and plans tab. You'll be directed to the page where you can buy the SIM card.

Deals, Promotions & Discounts

TextNow offers a good diversity of promotions. Currently, if you bring your device and purchase a SIM card with TextNow, you receive one month of service for free. Additionally, TextNow discounts some of its refurbished phones, so a smart way to learn more about all of its promotions is to visit its website.

TextNow Customer Service

Customers' main complaints were the poor call quality. Even PC Magazine noted the carrier delivered poor quality on VoIP calls. Therefore, if you plan to do much in the way of calling, it's ideal to avoid this carrier.

However, if your main aim is to text and access data occasionally, many customers think the plans are well worth the price. If you need to contact customer service you can do so via live chat, phone or email options.


TextNow is on to an interesting idea by pairing cell service with a WiFi connection. By using the WiFi, it reduces the amount of texting and minutes used on your plan. At the same time, since the call quality is so poor, the tradeoff is uneven, making TextNow a good prepaid option only if you plan to text.

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TextNow Plans FAQs

Q How does WiFi service work with cell phones?


You use the WiFi connection to make calls and texts. It's akin to instant messaging online using Google Hangouts. The benefits of this are you don't use up your calling minutes or texting allotment.

Q How much data usage does TextNow give me?


TextNow's plans allow you to choose data access from 1GB to 4GB. You can use your account management tool to change your plan, increase or decrease data and more whenever you need to.

Q Can I use a mobile hotspot to make calls?


You can but be careful. One of the main complaints leveled against TextNow is when you're in a call and the service switches from WiFi to cellular the call drops. Therefore, if the hotspot in unstable or you are in an area where the connection isn't the best, the call quality might suffer.

Q Does TextNow offer shared plans?


At this time it does not.

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