Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S20+
Samsung Galaxy S20+
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Battery drain is real

This is ideally the best phone you can get. The 120hz screen is nice, display is solid, and the phone is fast. Wouldn't use 120hz all the time since it drains the battery faster. My only complaint is that it's a bigger phone which doesn't fit all that well in my hand.

Great phone but too pricey

My Galaxy S9 finally kicked the bucket so I opted for the S20+. The 20+ is almost too big to handle but other than that it's a really good phone. Wait for sales if you can.

Not worth it

Is the S20+ a bit overpriced? Yea since you can get a gaming laptop for the same price. Is it worth it then? No not at all.

120hz refresh rate, snappy response

I needed a phone quickly for working from home during the lockdown and I managed to pick this up. Needless to say, I've been impressed. The 120hz refresh rate is amazing to look at, the actions are snappy, and the photos it takes are eye popping. While it's a pain on the wallet, it's definitely a phone to have!

Fast and fantastic display

The phone is excellent - fast with a great screen - but the USB port doesn't seem to work all that well. Sometimes my phone doesn't charge and sometimes it just cuts off in the middle of charging. Please fix this Samsung!

Easy to use; fantastic hardware quality

Easy to operate. Colors are gorgeous. Design is sleek and attractive. The phone fits perfectly in my hand. Overall an excellent phone.

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