Boost Mobile SIM Card Kit

Boost Mobile SIM card activation kit
Boost Mobile SIM Card - Horizontal
Network: AT&T & T-Mobile
1GB 4G/5G Data
  • Unlimited nationwide talk & text
  • 4G & 5G data speeds
  • 3-in-1 SIM kit
  • Bring your own phone
In stock View Plan * $100 for 1 year service
Network: AT&T & T-Mobile
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Product description

This Boost Mobile SIM kit includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 1GB data for $8.33 for 12 months of wireless service. Boost Mobile plans offers wireless coverage on the AT&T & T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE networks.


Product name Boost Mobile SIM Card Kit
Carrier Boost Mobile
Wireless network AT&T & T-Mobile LTE & 5G
Data included 1GB
Minutes included Unlimited
Texts included Unlimited
SIM card size Micro SIM, Nano SIM, Standard SIM


  • Owned by Dish and runs on T-Mobile's nationwide network
  • Prepaid service - no contract, credit check, or extra fees
  • Bring your own phone (GSM compatible) or choose from a wide selection of new phones
  • Mobile hotspot allowance with all plans
  • International service and roaming available as add-on packs
  • Customer support available by phone - 4am - 8pm PST Monday to Friday, 4am - 7pm weekends


NetworkAT&T & T-Mobile
Data Speed5G & 4G LTE
3G NetworkGSM
Bring Your Phone
Keep Your Number
Credit Check
ContractNo - prepaid
Taxes/fees included
WiFi Calling
Visual Voicemail
Multi-line Discounts
Multi-month Discounts
International Roaming

Boost Mobile SIM card activation

It's easy to bring your own phone to a cheaper carrier:

  1. Order the Boost Mobile SIM starter kit online
  2. Replace the SIM card in your phone and follow the activation process
  3. If you’re looking to transfer your phone number, this can take up to 24 hours

Boost Mobile customer reviews

Customer Reviews 2.7 138 customer reviews
5 47
4 9
3 8
2 7
1 67

The worst customer service .

Network down. had to pay in store cost $4.00 more. why was that.The girl in the store was very nice . but if you call customer service they are not helpful at all. I am thinking about going to another carrier.

Horrible cell phone company

Was lied to and extra charged employee negligence. Very poor customer service and poorly trained.

Terrible Company.Bad service ,hard to communicate

When I get a new phone it's such a Hassle have to call them several times for days.Language barrier's make it extremely difficult to communicate and resolve issues.They switch things up on my phone,lock me out of my voicemail etc.And it takes days of frustration to try to get it fixed/ resolved.Im switching my biz plans and Family plans to another company.Beyond fed up with Boosts BS!

Buyer Beware! No data or MMS, and no refund!

3 weeks ago, my teenage daughter informed me that she had run out of data for the month -- meaning no more mobile data or MMS messages. I went to the Boost Mobile website and purchased the 1GB AddOn so it would continue to work; the purchase went through, but the data wasn't applied to her plan.

We've contacted Customer Support on 5 different occasions and spent more than 4 hours on the phone, but no one has been able to help (ticket #1034472). We've been told the ticket has been escalated, but other than that answers are hard to come by.

Unfortunately, things got worse today. As part of the troubleshooting process, they sent us a new SIM card. We connected with support, had the IMEI and ICCID added to the account, inserted the new SIM, and now her phone can't receive calls or SMS messages either.

I understand that technical glitches happen and can be difficult to resolve -- I write computer code for a living. But it's been THREE weeks. This past weekend, she missed out on an activity with friends because MMS messages won't load. And tonight she started a new job, but left her phone here with me as I try to find someone who can help.

Our family of 4 signed up for the 12-Month Unlimited Talk & Text +1GB plan in July, so we're in it to the tune of $400. I'm not interested in a refund -- I'd rather that the service worked -- but if we can't get the phone to work, a refund might be in order?

Fast shipping. A++++

Bought a prepaid card. Shipped really fast and easy to activate. Took me 10 min.

Rude customer service reps, doesn't even work

It doesn't work. I used Boost before with no problems but when I tried to come back to it with a new sim and everything the sim didn't accept my phone. I tried talking to customer support by the person handling my case was rude and nasty toward me. I don't know if they were having a bad day or not, all I know is that boost sucks.

A good value.

Cheap and reliable. Good service for the money.

Excellent product

It's a great product. I had problems with activation but they've guided me through the process, 1 step at a time. Just make sure your phone is unlocked! If you're able to, get a Boost prepaid card when it's $15 because you'll get 5GB for that amount. And it supports 5G! You're welcome!

My phone can't activate it.

Not worth it. Can't activate. Don't buy it unless you want to waste money.

An excellent carrier now

I used to use Boost but then they became too expensive compared to its competitors. I tried them again after hearing they've revamped their branding. Service is a leap in improvement since I've left. The network is much faster with 5G support. It's still very affordable making it an extremely valuable service.

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