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AT&T vs Comcast Xfinity

Compare Comcast and AT&T internet deals & bundles

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Xfinity vs AT&T comparison in 2021

Do you live in - or are you moving to - an area that offers both AT&T U-verse and Comcast XFINITY?

Or perhaps you are considering dropping your current internet provider in favor of either one of these? Then you've come to the right place.

It can be tricky to decide on the right internet company - both offer high speeds, plus the option of some combination of services, giving you discounts for bundling your internet with things like cable TV and home phone service.

What's the best choice in the end?

Only you can choose, but this review will give you the scoop on AT&T U-verse vs Comcast XFINITY to help you make an informed decision about which of these internet service providers is right for you.

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Quick Comparison

AT&T U-verse


Monthly Price$65-190$79.99-164.99
Contract Termsvaries1-2 year no contracts
Max HD Channels265130+
DVR Storage200 HRs300 HRs
Download Speeds5-1000 Mbps15-2000 Mbps
Upload Speeds4 Mbps2-2000 Mbps
Availability50 states40+ states

Plan Comparison

AT&T U-verse offers a few plans that cover your basic internet user, your gamer, and your small business. They've simplified it so you're not overwhelmed with options which makes it easier for you if you're looking to bundle. But, as we said, their packages are a bit pricier than XFINITY's plans.

AT&T U-verse Internet Plans & Prices

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedMonthly Price
AT&T Internet 100100 Mbps$50.00
AT&T Internet 300300 Mbps$70.00
AT&T Internet 10001000 Mbps$90.00

When it comes to internet XFINITY's plans offers a couple more options than AT&T U-verse. There speeds range from 15-1000 Mbps making them perfect for those with minimal internet needs to businesses alike. XFINITY internet plans are also slightly cheaper than AT&T U-verse making them more appealing.

Comcast XFINITY Internet Plans & Prices

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedMonthly Price
XFINITY Performance Starter2 Mbps$29.99
XFINITY Performance Plus5 Mbps$39.99
XFINITY Performance Pro5 Mbps$54.99
XFINITY Blast! Pro10 Mbps$69.99
XFINITY Gigabit35 Mbps$70

Bundles Comparison

AT&T U-verse internet offers quite a few packages that include FastAccess DSL and Fiber Internet. Unfortunately, the options can be very limited depending on the area.

However, you might be lucky enough to live in an area that is covered by up to 940 Mbps download and upload speeds. Fortunately, U-Verse covers 21 states, with its fiber optic service now being implemented in many areas.

Here's the good news: you can avoid data caps entirely if you take advantage of the Unlimited Internet Data Usage option. You are eligible for this option if you bundle together AT&T's internet and TV services, purchase the "Internet 1000" speed tier, or flat-out buy the unlimited data usage option for $30 more a month.

AT&T U-verse offers more HD channels compared to Comcast and has solid internet tiers at reasonable fees. If you need more information regarding AT&T U-verse TV, you can always refer to either our AT&T U-verse TV Packages or Channel Lineup guides.

AT&T U-verse Internet Bundle Deals

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
U-Family TV + Internet 300 + Unlimited Calling300 Mbps180Unlimited$114.99
U-Family TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calling1000 Mbps180Unlimited$134.99
U-200 TV + Internet 300 + Unlimited Calling300 Mbps360Unlimited$134.99
U-200 TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calling1000 Mbps360Unlimited$154.99
U-300 TV + Internet 300 + Unlimited Calling300 Mbps470Unlimited$139.99
U-300 TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calling1000 Mbps470Unlimited159.99

Comcast's XFINITY service is considered to be the largest in the nation, but despite its coverage, Comcast customer service has one of the worst reputations in the industry.

That being said, XFINITY does offer some reasonably speedy packages, with one of the tiers being the fastest available in the United States: 2000 Mbps (2 Gigabit). There's also a 2 Gigabit internet is a tier used primarily by businesses.

Admittedly, XFINITY and U-Verse are at neck-and-neck when it comes to prices and speeds. If you need information regarding Comcast XFINITY's cable services, you can always look into our Comcast XFINITY Channel Lineup or Comcast Cable Packages guides.

Comcast XFINITY Internet Bundle Deals

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
XFINITY Starter XF Triple Play150 Mbps140+ channelsUnlimited$89.99
XFINITY Preferred XF Triple Play150 Mbps220+ channelsUnlimited$119.99

Speed Comparison

The battle of internet speed is one being fought with every major network.

Comcast XFINITY offers a wide variety of speeds that range from 15-1000 Mbps. Their plans have a lot to offer for every type of customer. AT&T U-verse on the other hand only has three speeds available ranging from 100-1000 Mbps.

Either provider would give you adequate service if they cover your area. If given the option though, and if you're a lite internet user, you should go for XFINITY. Other than that, you're good to take on either of these providers.

Admittedly, XFINITY and U-Verse are at neck-and-neck when it comes to prices and speeds. If you need information regarding Comcast XFINITY's cable services, you can always look into our Comcast XFINITY Channel Lineup or Comcast Cable Packages guides.

Let's take a look at how their coverage compares.

Availability Comparison

When it comes to availability Comcast XFINITY coverage exceeds AT&T nationwide coverage. While AT&T U-verse is available in 21 states, XFINITY is offered in 36 states.

However, AT&T coverage is strong amongst all the states it's offered in while XFINITY is offered in as little as 1% of the area in some states they "cover".

They both are lacking in large chunks of the country though. AT&T U-verse is lacking in the NorthEast and NorthWest regions of the country while XFINITY is lacking in the central states.

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Support Comparison

While both providers are pretty neck-and-neck there's quite a difference between AT&T U-verse and Comcast XFINITY when it comes to customer service.

When it comes to U-Verse customer service, the 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index reports a score of 64 points, which is the industry average. So while this provider's customer service is not the best, it's certainly not the worst either.

As far as customer service, many customers rate XFINITY as one of the poorest in the nation, with complaints leaning toward terrible products, price hikes, and abysmal service. Overall, Comcast customer service earned an ACSI score of 59, which is just 5 points lower than U-Verse's customer service index score.

Don't take our word for it though. Check out what real customers are saying with our AT&T U-verse customer reviews and Comcast XFINITY customer reviews to see what their actual customers are saying.


There you have it: the battle between AT&T U-verse vs Comcast XFINITY. Both offer speedy internet tiers at a decent price, similar internet data caps, and solid bundles. That being said, AT&T U-verse edges Comcast out due to the HD offerings and better customer service.

So unless you must have 2000 Mbps download speeds, I would highly recommend turning your attention to U-Verse.

Time Warner Spectrum is one of AT&T's fiercest competitors. To see how the two stack up, check out our comparative guide on AT&T vs Time Warner Spectrum. You can also compare Comcast vs Verizon FiOS TV.

For more useful tips and information, check out our Internet Provider Guides page for everything we have to offer.

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