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Sparklight Internet Deals

Sparklight Internet service packages & prices

Sparklight Internet Packages


  • Solid internet speeds
  • Extensive bundling options
  • No contract
  • Good customer service reputation
  • Strong rural presence


  • Low data limits on some plans
  • Available in limited locations

If you have multiple internet service providers in your area, it can be a bit of a pain to choose the one with the plans that suit your needs best.

One of the best ways to compare internet providers is to look at what each offers in the way of download speeds, technical support and added features. Sparklight's internet plans include plenty of other benefits you'll enjoy to make it a smart choice.

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It's likely you'll have many questions - are there installation or early termination fees? Is there a money-back guarantee? What are the bundles like? Is the customer support abysmal?

Inside this review, you'll find the details on the available high-speed internet plans, as well as the sign-up process, the perks and features, the bundles, the availability, and more. So hopefully, you'll find out whether or not Sparklight is right for you.

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Sparklight Internet Plans & Prices

Sparklight Internet Plans

Sparklight Starter 100 Plus100 Mbps$45
Sparklight Streamer + Gamer 200 Plus200 Mbps$65
Sparklight Turbo 300 Plus300 Mbps$80

There are a number of Sparklight internet packages available:

  • Starter Plan: The Starter Plan comes with actual speeds as fast as 100 Mbps, though the upload speeds are only up to 3 Mbps.
  • Family Plan: The Family Plan comes with download speeds approaching 150 Mbps, with the upload speeds being up to 5 Mbps.
  • Streamer and Gamer Plan: This plan is the fastest offering from Sparklight, with download speeds approaching 200 Mbps and upload speeds hitting up to 10 Mbps.

Sparklight Internet & TV Bundles

Similar to other providers, Sparklight has bundles where you can package its internet service with cable TV and home phone all from a single outlet - the single outlet being Sparklight.

As a side note, Sparklight is supposedly the number one choice for HD programming, as more residential customers select Cable ONE for HD compared to the satellite TV providers DIRECTV or Dish - and both satellite TV providers are flexible and downright amazing, so that's saying something about Cable ONE's service.

Sparklight Triple Play Bundles

PackageSpeedChannelsPhone PlanPrice
Sparklight Elite Package Internet + Cable + Phone100 Mbps100Unlimited$105

You receive internet service with download speeds up to 100 Mbps with a data cap at 300 GB. You also get more than 100 cable TV channels (you can learn more about Sparklight's channel lineup here), unlimited calling in the United States, and free standard installation of all services.

The best part about this triple play package is you don't have any contracts, meaning you can try its services and cancel whenever you want without fear of incurring fees.

Sparklight Internet Speeds

The real question becomes how much speed do you need?

Download speeds of 100Mbps are great if you have a home with multiple internet devices working at the same time, but if it's just you or you need two devices connected, this speed will be far more than what you will likely require.

For this reason, it's important to shop around to see if you cannot receive a better deal with a provider who offers more variety pertaining to internet speeds.

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Sparklight Internet Coverage

Use our Internet provider zip code checker tool to see if Sparklight is available at your address. You can also check out the Sparklight Coverage Map.

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Sparklight Equipment & Fees

When you elect to have service through Sparklight, you also have the option to use its email services. This feature is free of charge, allowing you to have multiple email addresses for you and everyone else in your household.

After you choose your internet plan you have your choice between a wired and a wireless modem. Each option comes with an $8 rental service charge assessed monthly.

It's important to note you can buy your own modem and still use Sparklight's internet. In many instances, you can find a great modem for $100. Therefore, it's a better deal long term to buy your own instead of renting one.

Also, it should be noted that there is an early termination fee associated Sparklight's service.

Sparklight Customer Service

Sparklight has several points of contact. The most effective is to call its customer service line to have any of your concerns addressed. It also has email support where you can send its reps an email outlining any issues you encountered.

They have a wealth of resources available to assist you such as troubleshooting your internet service, changing WiFi passwords, and account management tools. Its support feature is an excellent way to find the information you need quickly.

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Sparklight offers an impressive array of benefits such as fast internet speeds, 24/7 technical support and free professional installation with qualifying package.

While its offerings are impressive it's important to factor in the common concerns current customer address such as recurring technical issues. Therefore, while Sparklight is certainly a solid choice when purchasing a new internet plan, there may be better internet options available at your address if you have access to them and can afford a higher bill.

To see those options, check out our best internet providers for rankings, comparisons, and analysis.

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Rob Webber

Rob Webber

Sparklight Internet FAQS

How much does Sparklight Internet cost a month?

Sparklight Internet prices start at $45 per month. The pricing varies depending on your area, the download speed, and whether you bundle it with other services.

Is Sparklight Internet available in my area?

To check if Sparklight Internet is available in your area, you can use our Internet provider by zip code tool.

Is Sparklight Internet cheaper if you bundle it with TV or landline?

Yes. Sparklight bundle deals offer better overall value if you buy more than one service.

Does Sparklight Internet service include WiFi?

Yes. Sparklight Internet service includes WiFi.

What Internet speeds does Sparklight offer?

Sparklight offers Internet speeds from 100 Mbps - 300 Mbps. The speed you actually recieve will depend on your area and the plan you choose.

How do I get a Sparklight Internet discount?

Always compare Internet deals from multiple providers to ensure you get the best deal. When you call to order Sparklight Internet, always ask if they have any special deals or promotions running. Also, if you bundle Sparklight Internet with other services you will always get better overall value for money.

Sparklight Specs & Info

Sparklight Specs
States Covered:21 states
Population Covered:3.4M
Connection Type:Cable & Fiber
Internet Speeds:15Mbps - 1,000Mbps (varies by area)
Data Caps:100GB - Unlimited
TV Channels:275+
On Demand Library:100,000+
4K Channels:No

Sparklight Company Info

Company Name:Cable ONE
Headquarters:1314 N 3rd St # 3, Phoenix, AZ, 85004-1749
Employees:1,001 - 5,000
Customer Service:24/7
Website:Go to Website
Wikipedia:Go to Wikipedia
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter

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