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Time Warner Cable is one of the largest internet providers available. Due to this, it offers a wide range of internet service plans as well as bundled features that benefit new customers well.

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In our review, you'll be able to take a closer look at the internet service you can expect to receive through Time Warner Cable.

Time Warner Cable Internet Plans & Prices

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedMonthly Price
Spectrum Internet200 Mbps$45.00

One of the best aspects of Time Warner Cable's internet plans is they don't require a contract. There are plans through other providers such as XFINITY, where you have to make a commitment to receive the promotional price.

Luckily, Time Warner Cable isn't like that. Instead, you can take advantage of a low promotional rate for one year and cancel anytime without fear of incurring fees.

Time Warner Cable Internet & TV Bundles

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
Spectrum TV Select + Internet200 Mbps125N/A$89.98
Spectrum TV Silver + Internet200 Mbps175N/A$109.98
Spectrum TV Gold + Internet200 Mbps200N/A$129.98

One of the most popular deals is their internet and TV bundle. With this package, you receive internet service with speeds of 200Mbps and over 125 cable TV channels.

A nice aspect about this bundle is that you can lock in your price for a year and cancel at any time.

Time Warner Cable Triple Play Bundles

PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
Spectrum Triple Play Select200 Mbps125Unlimited$99.97
Spectrum Triple Play Silver200 Mbps175Unlimited$119.97
Spectrum Triple Play Gold200 Mbps200Unlimited$139.97

This provider's version of the triple play comes in several different package bundles, depending on the internet speeds you want--this package features speeds of 200 Mbps and between 125-200 cable channels.

Similar to other plans through Time Warner Cable, there are no data caps for internet service.

COMPARE NOW: Time Warner Cable Internet Plans & Prices

Time Warner Cable Internet Speeds

Time Warner Cable offers varied internet speeds, depending on your household's need. The best way to account for what you need is to take inventory of what everyone in your home does in the way of internet activities. Here are some questions you should consider:

  • How many people use streaming services such as Netflix?
  • Do you have any online gamers? Gaming requires more speed normally.
  • Do you only use the internet for surfing or checking email? These behaviors require less speed so you can get away with having a slower option.
  • Most important, how many devices do you need to connect? The more devices you have the more speed you need to ensure there are no service interruptions

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Time Warner Cable Internet Coverage

You can also use our internet service provider zip code checker to determine if Time Warner Cable offers internet service in your area. Or check out the Time Warner Cable coverage map.

Time Warner Cable Equipment & Fees

Charter Spectrum offers you a few pieces of equipment with your internet package:

  • Charter's internet security suite - Keep your information safe with Charter's free internet security suite.
  • Internet modem - a free internet modem is great, considering some companies charge a rental fee for theirs--and no data caps.

However, understand that there are other fees, such as tax fees, to take into consideration. Alongside internet service, you may come across a county sales tax, a federal excise tax fee, gross receipts tax, local gross receipts tax, local sales tax, and state sales tax.

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Time Warner Cable Customer Service

Time Warner Cable offers many different points of contact should you need assistance with your internet service. You can contact Time Warner representatives via phone, visit a store or use its online chat feature. On its website, you can find answers to common questions by clicking on the contact us section.

Like many cable companies, Time Warner Cable struggles to deliver consistent customer service. J.D. Power gave TWC a 2.33 out of 5 based on its customer satisfaction survey. This rating places it above providers like Comcast but also shows it has room for improvement.

With that said, it is making strides. On The American Customer Satisfaction Index, Time Warner Cable is fourth best among internet providers, with a 13.8 percent increase in customer experience from last year. Furthermore, its 66 rating is better than the industry benchmark. On the Better Business Bureau, Time Warner Cable is not an Accredited Business with an A+ score.

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Time Warner Cable has made many improvements to make it a great choice. You can sign up for its internet service with no contracts required, which is a perk you won't find with other providers.

While its internet speeds are not among the fastest available, you do have access to a wide variety of choices that align with most household needs.

On the customer service end, things are improving so Time Warner Cable offers enough perks to make it among the best internet providers available.

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Time Warner Internet Deals FAQs

QIs Time Warner Cable Internet Unlimited?


Most broadband customers do not want usage-based billing or usage-capped Internet, but some providers force such usage plans on customers anyway. Time Warner Cable goes out of its way to advertise "No Data Caps," for a true unlimited experienced.

QHow much does it cost for Internet per month?


Time Warner Cable's Standard Internet package is an 12 month contract with unlimited broadband at up to 17mb speeds. It's $34.99 per month. Upgrade to Turbo Internet for only $10 per month for the first year.

QIs AT&T DSL or cable?


AT&T DSL is a broadband internet service that provides internet access with speeds up to 6 Mbps. The new U-Verse "DSL" can provide HD video and phone service too, and as far as internet, it has higher speeds at up to 54 Mbps.

QHow much does it cost to get cable and Internet?


The cost of cable and Internet have steadily increased for several years. In 2011, the average subscription for basic cable service and premium-TV channels in the U.S. reached $86 a month, according to NPD Group. That value has only gone up since.

Time Warner Cable Specs & Info

Time Warner Cable Specs

States Covered:46 states
Population Covered:102.5M
Connection Type:Cable & fiber
Internet Speeds:100Mbps - 1,000Mbps (varies by area)
Data Caps:None
TV Channels:300+
On Demand Library:20,000+
4K Channels:No

Time Warner Cable Company Info

Company Name:Charter Communications
Headquarters:12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131
Customer Service:24/7
Call Time Warner Cable Now: (888) 495-3456