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AT&T U-verse TV Review

Rob Webber

By Rob Webber


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AT&T U-Verse TV packages offer numerous channels at affordable prices.

They also provide the option to bundle your cable service with AT&T's high-speed internet and telephone service to create the perfect pairings for your home.

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If you're interested in what AT&T U-Verse has to offer in the way of cable packages, you're not alone. Lucky for you, I want to help you determine if U-Verse TV is the right service for your home or business.

In this review, I'll take a closer look at AT&T U-Verse cable TV packages and break down how they compare to channel packages from immediate competitors. Hopefully, we can help you make the right decision.

Key Considerations Before Choosing AT&T U-Verse

Before you commit to any provider be sure to think about what you want:

  • Does AT&T U-Verse TV cover the area you live in? Trick question satellite TV covers the entire country, unlike cable.
  • Are there any specific channels you can't live without?
  • Do you want to bundle your services or do you just want TV?

Once you answer these questions choosing a provider and a package should be a breeze.

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Compare AT&T U-Verse TV Packages

AT&T U-Verse TV Plans

Provider/PackageTV ChannelsMonthly Price
AT&T U-Family TV180$49.99
AT&T U200 TV370$69.99
AT&T U300 TV485$74.99

AT&T's cable company understands that customers' needs vary. This is why it created multiple TV packages you can take advantage of based on your viewing habits and budgetary requirements.

AT&T U-Verse TV & Internet Bundles

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsMonthly Price
AT&T U-Family TV + Internet 300300 Mbps180$79.99
AT&T U200 TV + Internet 300300 Mbps370$99.99
AT&T U-Family TV + Internet 10001000 Mbps180$99.99
AT&T U300 TV + Internet 300300 Mbps485$104.99
AT&T U200 TV + Internet 10001000 Mbps370$119.99

Looking to bundle your home phone and internet with AT&T? You're not alone.

A smart option is to bundle your TV service with high-speed internet access and/or home phone service--if applicable. Double and triple-play bundles allow you to bundle two or three of your services, including phone and internet access, for a lower price.

AT&T U-Verse Triple Play Bundles

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
AT&T U-Family TV + Internet 300 + Unlimited Calls300 Mbps180Unlimited$99.98
AT&T U-Family TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calls1000 Mbps180Unlimited$119.98
AT&T U200 TV + Internet 300 + Unlimited Calling300 Mbps370Unlimited$119.98
AT&T U300 TV + Internet 300 + Unlimited Calling300 Mbps485Unlimited$124.98
AT&T U200 TV + Internet 1000 + Unlimited Calling1000 Mbps370Unlimited$139.98

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AT&T U-Verse TV Channels

To see an entire list of the channels available, check out our AT&T U-Verse Channel Guide and make sure that your favorite channels are included in the package you want before you commit.

If you feel the need to have the most options ever with channel variety you've come to the right place. AT&T U-Verse has you covered with all the main channels.

If you're looking for a certain type of package we can help guide you:

AT&T Premium Channels

Looking for more than your typical package has to offer? AT&T U-Verse has plenty of premiums up for grabs such as:

  • HBO
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime

AT&T Sports Channels

U-verse TV also offers channels under the following some crazy good sports packages such as

  • Golf Channel
  • NFL Redzone
  • World Fishing Network
  • Outdoor
  • The Tennis Channels

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AT&T U-Verse DVR and Equipment

U-Verse provides a couple of different equipment options when you choose them as your provider:

  • Total Home HD-DVR - Record four shows simultaneously, making it easy for you and others in your home to enjoy your favorite programs without conflicts. The HD DVR also lives up to its name by allowing you to watch your favorite shows in up to four rooms in your home.
  • On-Demand - AT&T gives you command of your entertainment options through its on-demand services. With these, you can watch your favorite shows, provided you have the channel in your package; you have access to free movies through the Hallmark Channel and TCM, and you can rent movies with the press of a button.

AT&T U-Verse Coverage

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AT&T U-Verse Customer Service

AT&T has multiple points of contact you can use to receive help. The most popular form being live chat through their website.

You can also contact its support team via phone. This is an effective option if you are a current customer who wants to negotiate a better deal on your U-Verse TV service. Of course, you can also visit them in-store with your concerns if need be.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index thinks highly of AT&T U-Verse TV support, awarding it with a 69 rating. This is the second highest among subscription television service providers, as AT&T only trails Verizon Fios. Verizon Fios has a score of 73.


AT&T U-Verse delivers flexible TV packages with high definition that account for many households' individual needs.

Along with a vast array of choices, you can receive an excellent HD DVR service, attentive customer service, and access to a wide variety of on-demand programming with AT&T U-Verse cable TV packages.

Overall, when searching for the best TV providers, AT&T U-Verse should be a high consideration for you.

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AT&T Cable TV Deals FAQs

QHow does AT&T U-verse Internet work?


AT&T U-verse Internet is delivered over either a fiber to node or fiber to premises network, depending on location. The cables used are either made of copper or fiber. When fiber to the premises is used, the signal runs all the way from from the provider to the customer's home.

QWhat is AT&T U-verse?


AT&T U-verse is AT&T's brand of telecommunications services, launched in the summer of 2006. The services were available in 21 states and included phone, TV and Internet, delivered to homes using FTTP, VDSL and ADSL protocols. In some areas, U-verse services also include DirecTV and wireless phones.

QWhat is AT&T U-verse Internet?


AT&T U-verse Internet is the internet package available from AT&T. U-verse Internet is delivered over either copper or fiber cables, depending on location and the Internet package you purchase. Faster connection speeds from U-verse are typically delivered over fiber while slower DSL connections are delivered over copper cables.

QHow do I turn off ATT live?


If you do not want to receive notifications from the AT&T Live app on an Android phone, go to "Settings," then "Device." Tap on "Applications," and scroll down until you see the button for AT&T Live. Tap on it, then tap "clear data" and "clear cache." To turn off the app, tap "Disable."

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