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Best Cable TV Companies

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Best cable providers in 2021

When it comes to finding a TV provider in your area, information can be few and far between. What with the limited-time deals you never know what is exactly included in the cost and what isn't.

Most people opt to bundle with cable TV so at least your internet, TV, and home phone can all be billed to the same place.

But which company really offers the best price? And which one gives you the most bang for your buck?

Our review of the best cable TV providers will help you decide which one is best for you.

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Best Cable Provider: XFINITY

XFINITY has a lot to offer in terms of cable TV. From bundles to service to their highly sought after X1 DVR. Here's what else they have to offer:

  • Price - XFINITY is cheaper than most other providers.

  • Packages - Even their smallest channel package has some of the most popular channels.

  • No Contract - XFINITY doesn't make you sign up for a large amount of time to become one of their customers.

  • Equipment - As stated, XFINITY X1 DVR holds an amazing amount of programs and can record up to six shows at one time.

Here's the downside though - and it's quite a doozy:

  • Fees - XFINITY will charge you for every additional service you receive. Yep, including that DVR. You'll be charged for almost every additional service your receive through XFINITY meaning you'll pay for the X1 DVR, sports, and some broadcasting.





Xfinity Basic TV



Xfinity Extra TV



Xfinity Preferred TV



Best Bundles: Spectrum

When it comes to bundles Spectrum has you covered. Here are the other perks:

  • Bundle Packages - Bundle internet and phone with your TV service for more savings.

  • Customer Service - Spectrum's customer service has improved immensely since they acquired Time Warner Spectrum.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing Spectrum:

  • Plan Options - Spectrum has very limited plan options available.

  • Offers - Be aware the Spectrum offers many sign-up discounts. Those often end before your contract is up though so be aware that your price will almost certainly go up.

Spectrum TV Packages




Spectrum TV Select



Spectrum TV Silver



Spectrum TV Gold



Best Customer Service: Cox

When it comes to your cable provider good customer service is a major perk. After all, if anything were to happen with your connection or equipment you'll want it dealt with swiftly. Cox has the best customer service rating amongst cable TV providers. And that's not all they have to offer. They also:

  • Customizable Plan - With Cox's Contour TV you can customize your TV package with "paks." So add on a kids plan or a sports package and get TV the way you want it.

Cox also has its downfalls. Including:

  • Price - Cox prices are much higher than other cable TV providers.

  • Equipment - Cox's DVR is more expensive than most it's competitors.

  • Hidden Fees - Keep in mind that with Cox you'll have to pay installation fees, regional sports and broadcast fees, and a few other fees that can hike up your monthly bill.

Cox TV Packages




Cox Contour TV Starter



Cox Contour TV Preferred



Cox Contour TV Preferred Plus



Cox Contour TV Ultimate



Best Cheap Provider: Optimum

If you're looking for a plan with no commitment you're not alone. A lot of cable users would prefer to be without a contract that could lock them into prices they didn't sign up for. That's where Optimum comes in.

What else do they have to offer?:

  • Packages - Optimum TV packages offer a large channel selection.

  • No Contract - As we stated earlier you won't have to worry about being tied to this provider.

And now for the downside:

  • Availability - Optimum is only available in a small portion of the US.

Optimum TV Packages




Optimum Core TV



Optimum Select TV



Optimum Premier TV



Availability by ZIP

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Key Considerations

Before we jump right in we want to make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. Try to answer these questions which will help you decide:

  • What providers are in your area? Check our comparison tool to find TV providers by ZIP code.

  • Are you looking for satellite, cable, or DSL?

  • Are there specific channels you HAVE to have? Always be sure to check that provider's channel line up before you commit.

Cable companies FAQs

What is the best cable TV company?

Spectrum often comes up top. It covers the most amount of states and offers flexible plans.

Who has the best cable and internet service?

Xfinity has a great selection of bundles and their prices suit all budgets.

Can you get basic cable TV for free?

You can't get basic cable TV for free, but if you're eligible there are schemes that could mean you would pay between $10-$15 for a basic tv plan.


What cable TV provider you choose is going to be limited to the area you live in. You'll always get the best deal by bundling your TV service with Internet, and home phone.

Be sure to check out what promos each provider is running when it's time to choose a provider. But keep in mind that the promo price often ends before your contract is up so you may actually save money by committing to a "higher-priced" provider.

Need help choosing a plan? Call now: (888) 338-8924Find deals in my area
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