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Taylor Numbers

MoneySavingPro Editor

Taylor Numbers is an editor with over five years of experience in the journalism field. Over those year she has built up a portfolio that covers multiple print and digital platforms. She's spent countless hours producing videos, writing, researching, editing, and designing for many different platforms.

Getting Started

Taylor graduated from Otterbein University in 2016 with a degree in journalism and media communications and minors in both creative writing and psychology. At the university, she honed her writing, researching, and editing skills as she worked her way up from staff writer to editor-in-chief of the college magazine, the T&C Magazine.

During her time at the magazine, Taylor specialized in in-depth profiles where she spent weeks shadowing individuals she that were either assigned to her or she choose to cover. These profiles required hours and hours of in-depth researching and reporting as accuracy is a key component of any form of journalism.

Through this role, she was able to gain credibility and was offered the position of editor-in-chief of the very first Online Odyssey Group at Otterbein University. This online platform taught her the fundamentals of writing and editing for the web.

For her internship, she earned the role of the lifestyle editor for Role Model Magazine. There she spearheaded, designed, and contributed to the lifestyle section of the magazine, worked informational booths at educational functions, and managed the social media for the magazine.

The Full Picture

After graduating in 2016 Taylor set off for Austin, TX where she landed a role as a page designer for Gatehouse Media. She felt that her education had provided her a lot of insight into writing and editing and not-so-much designing. So she took this role to sharpen her eye for design. She spent two years contributing to the design of around 100+ newspapers and became a valuable member of the New England team.


Taylor currently holds the managing editor position at MoneySavingPro.com, a site that offers consumers money saving tips in the realm of cell phone carriers, TV, internet, and cable. MoneySavingPro.com is a site revered by many. The site's money gurus are known for lending advice to Time, The Huffington Post, and Forbes.

Connect With Taylor

Email: taylor@moneysavingpro.com

Linkedin: Taylor Numbers

Twitter: @numberstaylor93