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Fragrances are a universal luxury, men and women alike enjoy wearing scents in the form of cologne, perfume, sprays and more, making it a necessity to find the best place to buy perfume online. Thousands of name brand designers are stocked on the best perfume store websites at significantly marked down prices.

While turning to the Internet may be an obvious choice, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which site offers the quality you expect at the price you want to pay. To simplify your search, I've reviewed the best online perfume stores. These sites excel in not only their selection but factors like shipping, returns, and service as well.

The Best Places to Buy Perfume Review

  • Pros
  • Earn rewards
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Over 7,000 men’s and women's fragrances
  • Free returns
  • Contact by email or phone
  • Cons
  • No live chat

Since 1995, has been a leading online store to purchase discounted perfumes and men's colognes.

When you log onto the site you can browse their selection by typing the name into the search bar or scrolling through the sections organized in the following categories:

  • Women's Perfume
  • Men's Cologne
  • Top Sellers
  • Gift Sets
  • Brands

On each page, there are search filters to help you shop by type, price, and brand. The women's perfume tab, for example, has categories like romantic scents, celebrity perfume, woody, spicy, floral, fruity and citrus. You can also look through the week's top sellers to give you a better idea of what's currently trending. Shipping is free for all orders over $35; otherwise 2-5 day shipping is $5.95. Express and Next Day Air are also an option for higher fees.

Finally, if you sign up for's email alerts, you'll be added to their mailing list in which they send out coupons and additional discounts. The one downside to this site is that they don't have a live chat function and their customer service hours are restricted to Eastern Time.

Whether you're searching for your favorite name brand at a fraction of the price or are interested in trying something new for a change, has the selection and tools to help you do so. This perfume website makes the top of my list of the best places to buy perfume online due to their 100% authenticity promise, large selection, and free return policy. Review

  • Pros
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Thousands of fragrances
  • Rewards program
  • 100% authentic
  • Cons
  • No learning center
  • No live chat

Structured much in the same way as, this provider also excels in delivering quality fragrances right to your doorstep. Whether you're located in Iowa or Italy, can help you find your favorite perfume, cologne, and more.

Some of the top cologne and perfume brands they feature are:

  • Burberry
  • Bvlgari
  • Calving Klein
  • Estee Lauder
  • Gucci
  • Davidoff
  • Hugo Boss

As a company committed to your privacy, takes all the necessary precautions to make sure its website is secure and encrypted for your safety. Last but not least, account members are encouraged to take advantage of their rewards program which helps you save money on future purchases. Each dollar spent earns you a reward which can be applied to future orders. What better way to save!

Overall, the only shortcomings I found with this provider are the fact that it doesn't have a learning center for additional information on perfumes and the absence of a live chat function. Apart from those minor things, I found the site to be easy to navigate and the offerings plentiful.

Perfumania Review

  • Pros
  • 370 retail stores and online website
  • Free shipping on orders $55 and up
  • Authentic merchandise
  • Frequent promotions and discounts
  • Men's and women's fragrances
  • Cons
  • Limited to the U.S. and Canada
  • 30-day return policy is one of America's largest fragrance retailers, specializing in three basic principles - quality products, wide selection, and impeccable service. With a foundation based on those values, it's no wonder they are considered a leader in the industry.

In addition to their easy-to-use website, this company also has 370 retail stores across the United States and Puerto Rico so if you ever want to stop in and test a fragrance you're able to do so easily. staffs a team of professional fragrance consultants to offer the greatest variety to customers in the U.S and Canada. Unfortunately, those are the only two countries it services so international shoppers will have to seek their scents elsewhere.

Perfumania offers free shipping on orders $55 and up, which is on the high side, however they have an attractive website and a comprehensive product selection, making them one of the best perfume sites on the whole.While you're shopping for perfumes and colognes, you can also check out their lineup of bath and body products, hair accessories, and cosmetics.

There are thousands of products to choose from, all organized by price, size, and brand. I found it reassuring that all of their fragrances are authentic and the exact same quality you'd find in high-end department stores.

If you decide to return an order you received from the site, be aware that you will need to first acquire 'return authorization'. This process may delay the time it takes to receive your refund, depending on your situation. is a top choice for men and women to acquire their fragrance favorites. Although shipping is limited to within the U.S. and Canada, they do offer incredible promotions and discounts to help you save.

Key Considerations of Discount Perfume Stores

Keep the following points in mind while browsing different online perfume stores:

Product Selection

Does the store carry a wide range of perfumes and cologne brands? What about other products you may be interested in like scented creams, lotions, and makeup? Choose a retailer that has an extensive selection for you to pick from.

In the perfume industry, notes refer to the distinct scents that can be identified when applied to the skin.

Free Shipping

Are you entitled to free shipping if your order surpasses a certain amount? Many sites reward shoppers by offering free shipping on select purchases. A 'track your order' function is also a great way to monitor the status of your shipment and better determine its arrival date.

Rewards Club

Loyalty programs are great for frequent shoppers who want to earn additional discounts and freebies. Usually, all you need to provide is an email address to get started.


Check for a product guarantee which confirms that all the fragrances are 100% authentic and in their original packaging from the manufacturer.

Detailed Descriptions

If you're purchasing a fragrance for the first time or debating between a couple different types it helps to have a description of the scent including its notes. In the perfume industry, notes refer to the distinct scents that can be identified when applied to the skin. They're divided into three categories-top, middle, and base notes, which are detected over a period of time after the fragrance is applied.

How Cheap Perfume Websites Work

One of the main questions in your mind when you first start shopping for cheap perfume online is probably "How can they afford to sell perfume at such low prices?" It's smart to be sure that something you're getting online isn't too good to be true. When it comes to reputable cheap perfume websites, such as those I've included in my list below, there's a reason they can offer such discounted prices to the consumer.

The best online fragrance stores can save you so much money on your favorite scents because they:

  • Don't have to pay rent on a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Are free of expenses like display units and store decor.
  • Are sometimes part of a larger distribution company which allows lower pricing.
  • Are able to buy their products at wholesale.

In short, selling cheap perfume online is feasible because of the drastically lower overhead required to fulfill orders as opposed to maintaining a storefront location. Their business model is your gain, as often you can buy your favorite fragrances for less than half of what they sell for in the mall and other major retailers. And because the most reputable cheap perfume sites offer a guarantee of authenticity, you can buy with peace of mind as well.

How to Buy Perfume Online

Buying your favorite standby fragrance on the Internet is simple - you already know what you want, so you shop around for the best price among reputable perfume websites. But what if you want to try something new? It's a lot like trying to buy clothes online in a brand you've never tried - you just aren't sure if it's going to fit. There are a few things you can do to make the experience of buying perfume online a successful one.

A great way to get an idea of your preferences is to visit one of the fragrance counters in a retail establishment and do plenty of hands-on testing.

1. Take a Fragrance Quiz

They're available all over the net these days, on fashion sites and of course some perfume websites. These handy little questionnaires take into account your personality, your favorite types of smells, even your lifestyle, guiding you to a scent that fits your individuality.

2. Pay Attention to Color

That might seem strange advice for buying perfume online, however, you've probably noticed that certain bottle colors represent a specific type of fragrance. Golds speak to a rich, formal scent, while blues are typically used for fresh, clean perfumes and colognes. Greens, of course, tend toward nature-like notes, and black packaging is indicative of a deep, mysterious, masculine smell.

3. Take Note

Not written notes, rather, know which category you prefer - woodsy, floral, oriental, citrus, aquatic, etc. Different companies may use anywhere from three to seven different note classifications, but any of these can give you a solid idea of whether that fragrance will appeal to your personal tastes. A great way to get an idea of your preferences is to visit one of the fragrance counters in a retail establishment and do plenty of hands-on testing.

It can definitely be a bit more challenging to buy perfume online than in person, however the cost savings are significant so it's worth the effort to learn how to choose without smelling if you're looking to save on your scents.

The Best Perfumes for Women

While men's fragrances have been seeing a major upsurge in 2016, according to research firm NPD group, women are no slouches in the industry either - just 17% of women say they don't wear perfume. If you're in the 83% majority, you may have a keen interest in keeping track of the top perfumes for women. There are several sure bet scents, including some long-standing classics along with fresh newcomers.

  • White Diamonds: Elizabeth Taylor's signature scent has endured through 25 years of steady popularity. While some women find the gentle fragrance a bit too similar to bath and body products, it's tough to argue that this enduring bestseller maintains its appeal as one of the top perfumes for women.
  • Eternity by Calvin Klein: This heady, floral favorite is said to have a scent that is instantly recognizable. Released in 1988, Eternity is still going strong and is a great choice for those with a nostalgic bent. It also comes in a men's version.
  • Chanel No. 5: This iconic perfume for women will take you way back, to the roaring '20s when it first came onto the market. It was the first perfume to be advertised during the Super Bowl and has remained a coveted classic for its combination of sandalwood, amber, and jasmine notes.
  • Walk on Air by Kate Spade: This recent entry into the fragrance fray gets an Elle Magazine editor endorsement for its delicate floral scent. I must admit, the bottle itself is stunning enough to warrant a try.
  • Light Blue: Dolce & Gabbana bring you this energetic fragrance, consisting of notes of apple, lemon, cedar, rose, jasmine, and more. This gripping scent is available in eau de toilette, as well as creams and gels. It's not the cheapest top women's perfume but buying online can bring it well within your budget.

There are so many choices available today, from light and fruity to deep and seductive, that you'll probably have a hard time choosing your favorite among the best perfumes for women. Fortunately, buying online means you'll probably be able to get several, giving you a choice of scents depending upon the occasion. Your biggest problem will be picking which ones to get!


Shopping online for your signature fragrance doesn't have to be complicated or costly. Many highly-rated online perfume stores offer a ton of great perks to reward you for shopping and many even offset the cost of shipping if you're not satisfied. Evaluate each website based on the pros and cons as well as your specific needs.

Online Perfume Store FAQs

QWhat are fragrance notes?


Fragrance notes are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume, cologne, or other scented product. There are three types of notes-top or head notes, middle or heart notes, and base notes. These different types can be sensed with respect to the time after the product has been applied.

The first note detected is the top note. This scent is not around for long and is quickly replaced with the middle note. The middle not or the heart note is the smell that is most associated with the actual smell of the fragrance, once the strong smell of the head note has dissipated. It has a more relaxed and calm scent to it and combines with the base note to establish the perfume or cologne's resonating odor. Base notes can linger long after application. In fact, they can remain on the individual's body for up to 24 hours.

QWill my taste in perfume or cologne change over time?


Most likely. When you get older, there will be a lot of things that change about you including taste in fragrance. or both males and females this change will likely happen in stages such as early teens, late teens and then into adulthood.

For girls, it is typical to wear lighter scents in your younger years and begin to move away from that once you begin to mature more. The same could be said for boys, but scents will be lighter, something closer to body spray as opposed to cologne. Your taste in scents will most likely reflect your attitude at the time and will be a contributing factor to showing your true self. Other contributing factors that will influence your taste in perfume or cologne is the way you dress and the people you spend time with who may introduce you to new scents.

QHow can I make my fragrance last longer?


People who wear perfume or cologne typically want the scent to last from morning to evening, but all too often the aroma dissipates by mid-day. So how can you make the most out of your fragrance by extending its life? The location in which you spray the perfume has a great deal to do with how long it lasts. Because body heat is what activates the molecular compounds in perfume, it is best to apply it on your pulse points. These spots are found behind your ear, on the insides of your wrist, at the base of your throat, in your elbows and knee.

Of course applying perfume in all of these areas might be an overload so try to spritz with caution. After hitting these key pulse points, avoid the temptation to rub it in. Many of us rub in the scent because we know that it's activated by heat, but this actually has the opposite effect and disrupts the molecular structure of the fragrance causing it to disperse into the air. Keep these tips in mind the next time you put on your favorite cologne or perfume and its sure to last through the day.

QWhy does perfume smell different on different individuals?


If you've ever had a friend or relative try on your signature scent, you may have noticed that the smell is slightly different. Why do fragrances vary from one person to the next? A perfume is activated by an individual's body heat and interacts with their individual chemistry (body pH) to produce a unique scent.

What may smell lovely on one person may not be quite as appealing on another and this has everything to do with their lifestyle, diet, and a number of other factors. For example, some fragrance notes may be more apparent on someone's skin and others may be nearly untraceable. For this reason, it's so important to test a fragrance on your own skin when you are shopping for perfume rather than how it smells on someone else or in the air. Other factors that may contribute to the scent are when and where you apply it. If you've just performed rigorous exercise and spray on perfume it's likely to smell different then if you've just showered and removed your body's natural oils.



@Brenda Franklin Brenda,Its fragranceX not both are different sites.FragranceX is reputable online store


How do these online retailers obtain their authentic fragrance products? Do they come straight from the manufacturer? I noticed that packaging on my Cartier purchase from was different this time from previous purchases which leads me to question where the product was obtained and if they re-package the items they sell


Almost 90% of the reviews for are negative, claiming poor quality and awful customer service, so listing them as reputable doesn't make much sense to me.


Love this article :)


Your article was excellent and very helpful. I appreciate how you stated perfumes have 3 parts to it . I truly love fragrances! Thank you.


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