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    Airvoice Wireless Reviews

    Airvoice Wireless customer reviews & complaints

    Airvoice Wireless
    Average Customer Rating28 User Reviews
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    Reviews of Airvoice Wireless in 2022

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    Read 28 user reviews

    Does Not Work

    Stopped working in May 2022. Impossible to reach tech support, can't get to my account, can't reset password, no email communication back. Attempted to port out number - almost a week delay, no one is responding, the people that I could reach over the phone are not the "porting department" and cannot do anything. Just horrible.

    So far not impressive

    For a while I had assurance wireless and I decided to change it up and it seemed that the idea of getting a free iPhone or a decent phone while being low income was pretty cool. I signed up, and it took a few days to get approved (despite saying in most cases it takes 30 minutes to get approved- but who knows maybe I was just one of those few cases so I'm not holding that over them) BUT on June 2nd I got a text saying that it was approved so I thought I was in the clear and it would arrive soon-ish as on their website they say two different things one says 3-10 business days and the other says 7-10 business days but it's been well over 10 business days (CLEARLY) so I think they need to update that part of their website so people don't get them with false advertisement. And I understand this is a free phone but like you're a business and this is highly unprofessional of you. I even sent an email and no response, only thing I'm getting is spam emails telling me to apply when I already did.

    So I'll take back my 1* once the phone ships and I get what I was approved for or you can keep it, if I have to switch to another. ;)

    From the start lies lies lies

    I was promise to S9 plus when I made the order and it confirmed shipped I never received an a S9 I received the A20 it did a software update 15 times in a row as far as customer service they never answer the emails or the phone number they provided stay away at all costs


    Been using them for years with no major problem. The Att 3G shutdown was the only major problem. My blu xl4 lost voice calls, so i purchased moto g power 2021. All is working now. 5/5/22. There should be a better list of the phones that will work since att 3G sunset. Customer service was ok for me, but knowing they were swamped by problems with loss of att 3G.

    Don't waste your time and effort

    So I signed up for Airtalk Wireless . They sent me a Galaxy A 12. With this being a government program my expectations were not too high but I was quite happy with the phone. That unfortunately is where my happiness ended. For starters the sim card was faulty so the few calls that I did manage to make the calls were dropped. I recieved no mobile data and I couldn't call customer service.

    I tried on several occasions to email customer service and my emails were ignored. I tried to use the online chat to customer service and I only managed to get through on one occasion. I was blatantly lied to by the customer service representative who told me that they were having system issues and it would be 3 to 4 days before their technicians could solve the problem. Considering that Airtalk uses AT&T towers and systems in this area I knew this to be untrue. When challenged the representative then told me she was going to create a ticket and forward it on to a supervisor. I recieved an email a few hours later informing me that my Sim card was faulty and that they would send a new one out. This they did and the new sim card arrived just over a week later. So now thinking that the issue was now resolved I eagerly transferred the sim cards and still no mobile data. So I tried to call customer service and after being kept on hold for almost 2 hours listening to the message stating that my call was very important to us please stay on the line and your call will be answered shortly. I gave up.

    So I gave it until May 1st 2022 to see if I would get Mobile Data thinking that perhaps as I didn't receive the device and original Sim card until the middle of April then perhaps I would have to wait for the monthly billing cycle to begin. Well May 1st came and went and still no mobile data. So I have decided that I am going to go with another provider who will hopefully provide better service than this crowd. Its interesting to note that when I signed up to another provider how quickly Airtalk Wireless contacted me to tell me that they want their phone back. They can have it back, not a problem, however I have emailed customer service requesting a shipping label. It will be interesting to see if they bother to respond to that.

    Their service SUCKS! so disappointed

    They drop data at end of billing cycle even when you have plenty left, customer service suck, they don’t respond to contact request online, they won’t release my phone number. They said it takes 24-48hrs it’s been three days and still won’t have it released for another 72 hours because it’s the weekend. Pure assholes for holding my number. They DON’T care about loyalty either. I’ve been with this company since 2007 and I get hung up on, phone calls goes unanswered after long periods of waiting, data service is weak, they waste your time. I hate I spent this much time with them, I hope they go out of business because they suck!

    Only works for texting -no cell service anymore

    HTH acquired AirVoice in Feb 2022. They continue to charge for service for dropped ability to make calls, check voicemail or speak to customer service. They still accept your money, and you can text. If you email them, they say they are working on it, and will fix things soon. That's been going on for a month now.

    Quite pleased

    3 or more years of great service, only two call in's for minor things, got friendly and fast fix.

    Airvoice is no longer great...

    I have had airvoce for close to 10 years with zero problems. Customer service is now a bad joke with having to wait 40 minutes to an hour just to speak with someone in customer tech support! They told me that the 2018 Samsung Galaxy A-6 that I ironically bought through airvoice would work with their new SIM card and did for less than 8 hours. I can still text and get online but can't make or receive voice calls, not even 911! This company is now a bad joke.

    🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬The WORST phone providers

    🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬My phone Battery will DRAIN from 100 to 25% in a half hour! I spend MOST of my MORNING trying to get my phone to connect to my LOCAL CELL TOWERS in order to get a SIGNAL to make a call!!!! When I finally get a SIGNAL to make a call to Air Talk Wireless 99% of the time AUTOMATICALLY HANGS UP when transferred to a CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE using the the phone # for them! There are SEVERAL PHONE NUMBERS ASSOCIATED TO THE AIRVOICE WIRELESS COMPANY!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬 When you finally get to speak with someone, AFTER AN HOUR TO 2hrs WAITING ON HOLD, They tell you to call a different number and HANG UP!!!!! The EBB (Emergency Broad Ban) GOVERNS ALL THE FREE GOVERNMENT PHONE PROGRAMS 833-511-9311 EVERYONE that is USING this company needs to call EBB AND THE BETTER BUISNESS BUREAU FOR COMPLAINTS!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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