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Best AT&T Data Only SIM Card in 2021

Compare the cheapest AT&T prepaid data only plans

99% coverage4G & 5G speedBring your phoneNo contracts
Big wireless coverage at small prices: switch & save up to $600 a year
Red Pocket Sim Card - Vertical
$10per month
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Red Pocket Sim Card - Vertical
$25per month
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Red Pocket Sim Card - Vertical
20GBLTE Data
$40per month
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Big savings, no compromises
Nationwide CoveragePowered by the major networks
Bring your own phoneKeep your existing phone and number
4G LTE data speedsSame fast speeds as the big guys
No contractsFlexible and commitment-free
Customize your planOnly pay for what you use
Buy onlineNo need to visit a store
AT&T Data Only SIM Card Hero
Same coverage, massive savings!
Stop the Unlimited Data Plan Rip Off!
AT&TAT&T 4G & 5GUnlimited*$75/mo$900/yr
Red PocketAT&T 4G & 5G10GB$30/mo$345/yr
*Avg. data usage only 3-5GBSavings$45/moSavings$555/yr
Switching & saving is simple
Customize your planDon't pay for data you don't use
Bring your own phoneKeep your device & number
Order SIM card onlineInsert your new SIM card & activate

The best cheap AT&T data only SIM card in October

Data only SIM cards are perfect for WiFi devices when you're on the go, and AT&T MVNOs offer a low cost way to access the nationwide network.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) operate on the main US networks, so you'll receive the same quality coverage at half the cost.

We've broken down the data only SIM card available with AT&T MVNOs to help you find your best deal.

Compare cheap AT&T plans in your area

Best cheap AT&T data only SIM card



1 GB

4G/5G data


$10.00 per GB

Powered by: AT&T

Best AT&T prepaid data only SIM card



5 GB

4G/5G data


$5.00 per GB

Powered by: AT&T

Best AT&T BYOD SIM card



20 GB

4G/5G data


$2.00 per GB

Powered by: AT&T

Compare cheap AT&T data only plans

Red PocketAT&T001GB$10
Red PocketAT&T005GB$25
Red PocketAT&T0020GB$40


Saving money on a data only SIM card is easy with AT&T MVNOs, their low cost plans and the same quality coverage means there's no sacrifices.

You could even opt for a cheaper plan by choosing a set data limit. On average we only use around 3 to 5GB of data per month, so do you really need all that unlimited data? You can estimate your data usage with our free tool to find out.

If you've not found a deal with AT&T, you can compare more data only SIM cards from T-Mobile and Verizon.

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