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Best GreatCall Plans in 2021

GreatCall cell phone service

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GreatCall review in October


  • Medical alert features for senior citizens

  • Flexible custom plan options

  • Good prices for light data users

  • Simple, affordable phone choices

  • Available in stores


  • Not good for heavy data users

  • No BYOP option

  • Overage charges possible

GreatCall was founded in 2006 and is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that operates on the Verizon 4G LTE network. It's based out of San Diego, California.

GreatCall is an MVNO unlike any other as it's targeted towards seniors. GreatCall itself is considered a connected health technology company. They offer health and safety products and services for older individuals. Those products include cell phones, cellular service, apps, and even wearable devices.

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Maybe you've heard of their well-known product, the Jitterbug cell phone. This company went on to create many digital health safety products such as "Live Nurse" that provides customers with 24/7 access to registered nurses.

As you can tell, this phone company is perfect for the senior citizen in your life.

Curious to find out more about this MVNO? Read on for our full GreatCall review.

Check Carrier Coverage

GreatCall Prepaid Plans

Unlimited Talk & TextVerizonUnltdUnltd0GB$20
3GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd3GB$30
5GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd5GB$35
Unlimited DataVerizonUnltdUnltdUnltd$40

It's important to note that GreatCall isn't known for high tech devices so if you're a heavy data user this is not the MVNO for you. If you're looking for a basic smartphone with health benefits for half the price of your Verizon plan, GreatCall has you covered.

You can even customize your GreatCall no-contract plan. That's right you pick the number of texts, minutes, and data that you need each month for an even lower bill.

By making the switch you're paying less than half of what you would with Verizon! Now that's some major savings.

GreatCall Savings

Verizon vs GreatCall Plan Comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $480 per year

CarrierNetwork Coverage4G LTE DataPriceAnnual Cost
VerizonVerizon 4G LTEUnltd*$80/mo$960/yr
GreatCallVerizon 4G LTEUnltd$40/mo$480/yr
*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$40/mo$480/yr

GreatCall Coverage

GreatCall is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), providing 4G nationwide coverage via Verizon Wireless' network. So when it comes to coverage, expect only the best coverage. Furthermore, you can experience high speeds with your Jitterbug Smartphone.

And high speed makes it perfect for browsing emails and other content on your phone. You can compare Verizon's network coverage with the coverage of the other big three carriers with our article, "Who Has the Best Cell Phone Coverage?"

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GreatCall Cell Phone Plans

GreatCall 3GB data plan



3 GB

4G/5G data


$10.00 per GB

Powered by: Verizon

GreatCall 5GB data plan



5 GB

4G/5G data


$7.00 per GB

Powered by: Verizon

GreatCall unlimited data plan




4G/5G data


Powered by: Verizon

GreatCall Phone Deals

GreatCall isn't exactly known for its wide selection of phones. In fact, they only have 2 available: the Jitterbug Flip phone and the Jitterbug Smart2 (basic smartphone).

GreatCall offers other life-saving devices such as their Lively Mobile and Lively Wearable. These are just fun names for these seriously life-saving devices:

  • Lively Mobile – A medical alert device that can clip to your pocket or be worn around your neck. In a state of emergency push the button and their 5-star agents will respond with emergency procedures.
  • Lively Wearable – An urgent response device that comes in the form of a watch. This device turns your smartphone int an urgent response device. Just push the button and your smartphone will be connected to a 5-star agent who will send help and notify your family members.

GreatCall Perks

Each GreatCall device has a different set of apps and services available.

  • Both phone options - 5-star urgent response, urgent care, GreatCall link, personal operator, wellness call, daily health tips, check-in call, brain games, product replacement, and my world.
  • Lively Mobile – 5-star urgent response, urgent care, GreatCall link, fall detection, and product replacement.
  • Lively Wearable – 5-star urgent response, GreatCall link, fall detection, and a fitness tracker.

Key Considerations

You probably have more than a few questions about this MVNO, and that's OK.

Here are some key questions you should go over before switching to GreatCall:

  • Does GreatCall service cover your area?
  • Are you looking for phone service with multiple health benefits for you or a loved one?
  • How much data do you need each month?
  • Are you OK with one of the two phone options they offer?


GreatCall plans give you coverage from the Verizon 4G LTE network but at a much, much cheaper price and with many more benefits! Remember to compare their deals with other cheap cell phone plans before making a decision.

Find out what real customers are saying with our GreatCall user reviews.

If you choose to purchase one of GreatCall's device, it's well worth selling your old device for some extra cash in your pocket!

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GreatCall User Reviews

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5 Stars2
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customer service takes forever

Trying to get in touch with customer service is impossible. You'll be put into a que citing the reason is because their products are so good that they're busy handling new customers.

Customer service was quick to respond

Never had any problems with Great Call. Customer service response was quick

no problems at all

I love Great Call! I've had mine for 3 years and have had no problems. I can use my phone for 3 days without charging it. Maybe longer, I just do it every 3 days.