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Our phones don't work. They are now locked

My wife and I own our phones, they are unlocked. We went to Patriot Mobile and the service is so bad we can't use our phones. Now our phones show a different service on splash screens, and our phones are locked and we can't talk. Patriot Mobile did something so we can't leave them. HELP HELP. Is there a Govt agency to help us?

Will work with you. A conservative experience.

I have had their service for several years. We had noticed our cell service was getting worse as time went on. We contacted customer service and they switched us to a different carrier. The new carrier was even worse. I contacted them and they offered us additional carriers to try. We chose a carrier that seemed to have excellent cell service in our area. They switched us again and the new carrier worked great. Patriot mobile worked with me to find the carrier that worked to our satisfaction in our area, switching the carriers each time for no charge. The experience we gathered from this, the coverage areas provided by the carriers are not always accurate, no fault of Patriot Mobile.

No Tech Support, Poor Customer Service

I have had no service since I switched 5 days ago. Tried customer support over and over no response.


HOT MESS! HOT MESS! The salesperson was knowledgeable and efficient but that is as far as it goes. I enjoy a certain radio program and bought into the hype. HUGE MISTAKE, VERY TIME CONSUMING, EXPENSIVE, STRESSFUL MISTAKE! The CSR reps are tech illiterate, only script reading, some script memorization, yet they all claim they ARE the tech department. Only “Want A Be’s techs.”

I intended to transfer from ATT until ATT took my payment days earlier which delayed my switching for a month. Numerous phone calls immediately to Patriot Mobil staring from the instant ATT pulled my payment early. The rep promised to suspend it until I could transfer in 28 days. She never followed through. So consequently, I spend the entire month recalling several of times a week to get my account straight even though I did not yet have service but paid . Every CSR was indifferent and derelict in doing their job and doing what they do me they would do. They were all pretty tech illiterate yet ALL claimed that they were the tech department. These reps did not know how to do their jobs, lack the motivation and were delusional about their tech knowledge off of their script card. When I could port I found out at the last moment I needed another new sim card since they cancelled the first one I paid for, without my knowledge. Waited for another sim card, I called to port with new sim card, talked to Nicki, the “self described tech expert” to port the number. It failed miserably. The internet would not port and Nicki was totally lost. Off of her script card after a lengthy time of failing solutions she said she would have to give it to tech. Now she is not tech as boasted. She said she would have to give it to advance tech, she could not transfer me and would send them a note. I inquired about time line and she did not know, now the real tech was support to pick it up within 24 hours, no time line, no urgency about my phone, which is now out of commission. My experience so far has been that they don’t do what they tell you will do and sitting without a phone and computer indefinitely did not sit well. I hot spot my computer from my phone to run stocks all day and now I am literally out of business and it is about 9:30am. I told I wanted back on ATT, cancel my service at Patroit Mobile since she does not know how to port it. What does Nicki the self-described tech do? She cancels my phone number I have had for 12 years with all my contacts and networking on it, I find out hours later. I had a meeting immediately. Then called ATT and they could not find my number and sent me to TMobile. Since I live in the country I drop work and drive all the way in town, stand in line and TMobile store cannot find me and sends me over to the ATT store who send me back to another TMobile store. Hours later now I have to recall Patroit Mobie and find out from Nicki that she cancelled my phone number, it was gone and tech Nicki again does not know how to get it back and claims it cannot be reclaimed. Mia comes on the line reviews notes, tells me most of the reps whom I had spoken with who claimed to me were techs that lied. Mia restored my number, back so I could transfer after I have spent the entire day off of work and back home when ATT tells me I need another sim card since it was cancelled. Back into the city day 2 to buy a sim card in the store, back on hold with phone and after a full day and a half I am glad fully back with ATT. I lost and indeterminable amount of money yesterday and this morning from this reckless CSR rep. I also lost money every time I had to take time out to recall them all month to suspend my account until I could port. IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME, MONEY, AND STRESS DEALING WITH PATROIT MOBILE. IT IS A SCAM!

The Grift Is Strong With This One

From the business name to their professed "Christian-Conservative" roots, operations at this company come no where close to their business image. You will feel like you found a home during the sales pitch when you first call Patriot. The sales person will be warm, friendly and seemingly knowledgeable on everything you ask. The "god bless" you receive from your sales person gives you a warm and fuzzy that you made the right choice at the end of that sales call. That's where your comfortable feeling will end.

My SIM cards arrived on a Saturday afternoon. The instructions state it may take "up to 15 mins" to port your phone number from your old service. Hours later I was still unable to activate my service with Patriot. It was then I discovered THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER HOURS OR ON SUNDAYS.

I called Monday to seek customer service and was repeatedly bounced from tech support to sales with each identifying the other as where the problem was. After a couple hours of this run around I was then told it could take up to 24hrs to port a number. So what, to complete change over of three phones I could look forward to several days of this?

Reaching my frustration limit I requested to cancel and was forwarded to yet another department, where Mr. Smooth made a last ditch effort to settle my irreparably ruffled feathers. End of that call was - oh by the way, the money you paid for the SIM cards is not refundable. Wonderful. It cost me a month in advance for service I never got. I'll be pleasantly surprised if they refund, that. I also lost $30 for SIM cards I couldn't use.

I was naïve enough to buy into the commercials I repeatedly heard on my favorite conservative podcasts and radio shows. I failed to do my homework and missed the multiple reviews from others with similar experiences to me. In a nutshell, if you're looking to reduce your cell phone bill by changing to a smaller carrier....Patriot Mobile ain't where you want to be.

Best plan and costumer service. Really for patriot

Been with them for years, until I moved to an area where a different phone company has a better signal


Use 22GB on the "Unlimited plan" and the data is slowed down to about 2kB and absolutely UNUSABLE.

You won't be able to read news, check email, even phone calls SUCK. WORST CELLPHONE CARRIER I EVER HAD.

VERY POOR customer service

Poor coverage, customer support did not seem to know how to answer questions, long waiting times

Patriot mobile plans are $45-50 higher

Check out the prices at Spectrum Mobile and Verizon. These providers are at least 30% lower than patriot mobile. Patriot mobile is unwilling to match or reduce service at all. The lady I talked to said “ that’s our price” patriot mobile is not loyal to existing customers.

Lousy service, leaves out vital information when s

Agents are not truthful,

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