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Ting Mobile Reviews in 2021

Ting Mobile customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating 37 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars 20
4 Stars 5
3 Stars 3
2 Stars 3
1 Star 6
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Read 37 Ting Mobile user reviews

The set up is horrible, took me 2 hour

Set up this, was nightmare 1 hour, and no connection, needed to wait for next day to get a call out, second the price structure is confusing I pay $6.00 first then they will send a new SIM card for the plans, you get $30.00 free, but next day the price is $12.00 so now is double, 1 txt message and 7 calls later, I have no idea, what’s going on no real point of reference, just pay this price, now I was thinking I had a plan $25.00 for 5 GB, NOPE I called service they told me you need to wait for new SIM card, so let me understand, what a hell is the first one, they guy says for Activation, wait a minute an other SIM, well I can go forward........ in short I canceled right away is to complicate, I done other companies, and mostly why in my area with moving, I had no connection, but this complicate it was not, for me is this the way put SIM card, Call Number, Activate, go Online buy Plan, that’s it. No I don’t recommend.

Bogus charges.

Every month Ting charged us $10 for data usage although we never downloaded data, ever. We use our landline almost exclusively, our cell phones are used for very short messages between the two of us, maybe 10 min. a month between the two of us. We were charged for 122 min last billing cycle. Sometimes, once or maybe twice a month I might make a phone call while sitting in the room where my phone is connected to my wifi (according to the phone symbol) Ting claimed data charge was because somehow, with perfect timing, wifi was interrupted and the call was switched to Ting service which cost us $10! Balony! Look further for a cell service provider. Ting stinks.

Price, customer service, value

Great customer service and amazing value. Ting is also less than half the price!


Give Ting a try, you might like it. It's good for those that don't use their phones much. It runs on T-Mobile and is reasonably low-cost so long as you aren't a heavy user.

No service

Ting is pretty crappy. Get no service no matter what SIM I was sent.


Great value for the price. Happy that I can pay for what I use for so much less.

Connecitivity, app, customer service

They're not terrible but they're pretty bad for a service. Connectivity is sporadically good at best and there is some latency with sending and receiving text messages. Overall pricing structure could be a tad more flexible. App is pretty garbage. Getting a hold of any customer representative will take awhile.

Great savings

I'm saving hundreds of dollars by using Ting! So happy we switched!

Inexpensive if you don't use much

Ting is really inexpensive as long as you don't use much. Customer service is also amazing - helpful, polite, and available 24/7.


Account setup could have been easier. But prices are good.

Ting pros and cons


  • Simple plans for light phone users

  • Customer service

  • Nationwide LTE and 5G coverage

  • Good selection of handsets


  • Not for the data hungry user

Ting cell phone plans







Unlimited Talk & Text

T-Mobile & Verizon




$10** $5 extra per GB

1GB Data

T-Mobile & Verizon





5GB Data

T-Mobile & Verizon




$20** $5 Off for 6 Months

Unlimited Data

T-Mobile & Verizon




$25** $20 Off for 3 Months

12GB Data

T-Mobile & Verizon




$30** $5 Off for 6 Months

T-Mobile vs Ting Plan Comparison

Keep your T-Mobile phone, number & coverage: Save $570 per year


Network Coverage

4G LTE Data


Annual Cost


T-Mobile 4G LTE





T-Mobile 4G LTE




*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$45/mo$570/yr

Ting Specs


T-Mobile & Verizon



3G Bands:


4G LTE Bands:


Bring Your Phone:


Keep Your Number:




Credit Check:






Taxes/fees included:




WiFi Calling:


Visual Voicemail:


Multi-line Discounts:


Multi-month Discounts:


International Roaming:


Ting FAQs

What is Ting?

Ting is an MVNO that offers cheap prepaid cell phone plans.

Is any good?

If you're looking for cheap cell phone service without compromising coverage, Ting will help you cut your phone bill significantly.

What cell towers does Ting use?

Ting operates on the nationwide T-Mobile & Verizon 4G LTE & 5G networks.

How much does Ting cost?

Ting offers a range of cheap cell phone plans starting at $10 per month.

Ting Info




800D Louisville Street Starkville, MS 39759



Customer Service:

(855) 846-4389

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