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TPO Mobile Review

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The People's Operator is one of the more unique MVNOs in America. Like other smaller cell phone carriers, TPO offers service at a significantly cheaper price. What makes them stand apart from the rest is their devotion to supporting charity and social causes. Portions of your cell phone bill and their profits go to organizations to help those in need.

How do they compare as a cell phone carrier? Often MVNOs can pack huge savings in the deals they offer that the major carriers just can't provide. With TPO, you can expect solid service at fair prices while supporting causes you are passionate about.

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Inside this comprehensive and easy-to-read guide, you'll find information on TPO's cell phone plans, the available mobile phones, hotspot, SIM cards, deals, phone insurance, coverage, and customer service.

Compare TPO Cell Phone Plans

The Sprint-hosted mobile virtual network operator also added a GSM network as a host - that happens to be T-Mobile. These changes can be enticing to the consumer, but what can be considered the cherry on top is the fact that there are often plan deals to take advantage of.

Additionally, 10 percent of your bill goes to a cause of your choosing, similar to Credo Mobile, plus the company donates 25 percent of its profits to social causes. So what are the phone company's available, updated no-contract plans?

There are six prepay plans - labeled with "goodness" descriptors - in total, ranging between 250MB of data, 500 minutes of talk, and 500 text messages and 5GB of high-speed internet data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text messages. With these monthly plans, you'll be able to save $5 per month with the AutoPay feature, you won't have to deal with a credit check, deposit, or activation fee, and you'll be able to keep your existing phone number.

You can select either the Gentle Plan, Kind Plan, People's Plan, Noble Plan, Caring Plan, or Hero Plan. These monthly plans, save for possibly the Hero Plan (which is just as expensive as Boost Mobile's truly unlimited plan), are incredibly affordable.

Unfortunately, there are no true unlimited plans. In fact, after your high-speed data is exceeded on any of the pay-as-you-go phone plans, your data will be disabled until your next billing cycle. This can be a bit of a bummer, especially since there are many mobile networks that offer throttled data after your high-speed internet data is exceeded.

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TPO Mobile's Phone Selection

So what does TPO Mobile offer in terms of cell phones?

TPO Mobile offers a variety of mobile phones, including phones from the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines. However, you won't find the latest phones here. At the time of this writing, both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Apple iPhone 7 are missing from the lineup. However, the Apple iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are available.

If you find the phone you desire a tad too expensive to pay upfront, you can sign up for a monthly installment plan. However, the monthly installment payments are rather high, especially when compared to phone lease payments from the four major carriers. For instance, you can currently lease the Apple iPhone 6S for $139 a month, which may be outside your budget.

If you have the appropriate budget and don't need the latest phone, then you'll find some great devices from TPO Mobile.

SIM Card

Before joining the ranks of TPO Mobile, you'll need to first purchase a SIM card. On TPO Mobile's website, you can obtain either a GSM SIM card or CDMA SIM card. The funny thing is that, while the TPO SIM cards, which are used for unlocked GSM phones or tablets, are free of charge, the CDMA SIM cards are not. Expect to pay a little under $10 for the CDMA SIM cards.

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How to Activate Your Phone

After you receive your SIM cards, you can easily activate your GSM device directly from the TPO Mobile site.

However, with a CDMA device, you can purchase a SIM card kit (and pop it into your phone) and select a plan. You'll then be good to go.

Service Coverage

You'll be utilizing Sprint's and T-Mobile's network when you sign up for service with TPO. While the two mobile networks lack coverage (especially in rural areas) compared to Verizon and AT&T, you'll still be covered extremely well, especially in urban areas.

Unfortunately, you won't find the coverage map on the official website. Instead, you can find TPO Mobile coverage maps provided by us.

How to Change Your APN Settings

If you're bringing a used unlocked phone to TPO Mobile, you'll most likely need to change your APN settings. View the APN Settings for TPO Mobile here.

Deals, Promotions, and Discounts

TPO Mobile offers plenty of deals. For instance, if you order a SIM card, you'll save up to 65 percent on certain plans. Additionally, TPO Mobile features a refer-a-friend program. For every friend you refer to the service (as long as they sign up), you'll earn either $5 in cash or $10 in credit.

Customer Service

TPO offers a few outlets for customer service. For support, you can refer to the help center (which is UK-based), create and raise a ticket, or ask the community-based "Help Group." You can also contact customer care at 407-857-2626. Unfortunately, there are no retail stores available, so you can't just easily walk into a store.

As far as reviews go, Trust Pilot consumers currently rate TPO Mobile a 3.3. Do keep in mind that people tend to submit complaints more often than positive feedback. We encourage you to submit your own experiences with TPO Mobile.

To see how TPO compares to other low-cost carriers, use our tool to compare cheap cell phone plans.

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