Verizon Wireless Coverage Map Comparison

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Verizon Wireless Coverage Map Comparison
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Verizon Wireless has long enjoyed the first place position in almost every mobile carrier category there is. According to data from RootMetrics, Big Red is the fastest, most extensive, and most reliable network in the United States.

I know what you're thinking - they're also the most expensive. That's true, but I'm going to show you how to get the best prices on cell phone plans without sacrificing the solid service you enjoy on the Verizon network. First, though, let's take a look at the Verizon coverage map.

Verizon Network Coverage

Verizon has long been known as the broadest wireless network in the U.S. Even metrics that put them in second place, like the most recent OpenSignal report, show Verizon just a hair behind T-Mobile in terms of availability. OpenSignal found that Verizon users get a 4G signal 92.7% of the time, compared to top performer T-Mobile at 93.1%.

Verizon Coverage Map

Still, you'll want to see the map up close and personal and make sure the coverage meets your needs before deciding to switch networks. There are some areas with weak or no coverage:

  • Non-metropolitan areas of Alaska
  • Spots throughout the middle South and Northeast
  • Larger areas across the western US and along the west coast

Check out how the other major networks perform in our wireless coverage guide.

Verizon Cellphone Plans

As we mentioned at the start, Verizon isn't exactly known for cheap cell phone plans. That's okay though because you can still get a great rate on your Verizon network service.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators, known as MVNOs - sell service on the big guys' networks but at lower prices. They lease bandwidth from the major carriers so that they don't have the infrastructure expenses and, because they also spend much less on advertising, they can offer you discounted phone plans.

Compare Cell Phone Plans

Time for a cheaper cell phone plan?

Why Choose a MVNO?

Alternative carriers offer several advantages over the big guys:

  • Cheaper rates - save up to 50% or more.
  • The same reliable wireless network - your service will run on Verizon towers.
  • No contracts or commitments - leave whenever you want.
  • Great customer service - reach someone any day of the week and often 24 hours a day.
  • Simple to switch - everything is typically done online.
  • Keep your phone number.

Verizon MVNOs

We've got Verizon MVNOs covered for you. Here are a few examples;

US Mobile

  • Pay $20 to $56 per month depending on how many minutes, texts, and GB of data you need.
  • Choose no data or unlimited data and everything in between.
  • Get in touch with customer service 24 hours a day.


  • Rates vary between $9 and $40 per month.
  • Choose Wi-Fi only or up to 4 GB of 4G LTE data.
  • Free unlimited global texting with all plans.

ROK Mobile

  • Plan rates vary from $35 to $75 per month.
  • Plans include perks like pharmacy and retail/restaurant discounts.
  • International service options are available.

Network Coverage Comparisons:

Undecided on your wireless network? No problem, we've compared them all for you side-by-side:


Now that MVNOs offer service on the same networks you're used to, there's no longer any reason to pay exorbitant rates for cell phone plans.

The savings don't stop there, though. Consider buying a used device to take to your new carrier and save up to 50% on your monthly bill.

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Verizon Wireless Coverage Map Comparison

Compare the Best Cell Phone Coverage

Verizon Coverage
CarrierStarting At
US Mobile Coverage$2
Twigby Coverage$9
Pix Wireless Coverage$15
Red Pocket Mobile Coverage$10
Visible Coverage$40
Spectrum Mobile Coverage$14
Net10 Wireless Coverage$35
Page Plus Cellular Coverage$12
Total Wireless Coverage$24
Xfinity Mobile Coverage$12
CREDO Mobile Coverage$30
Affinity Cellular Coverage$20
GreatCall Coverage$18
AT&T Coverage
CarrierStarting At
Red Pocket Mobile Coverage$10
Cricket Wireless Coverage$25
Straight Talk Coverage$35
Tracfone Coverage$15
PureTalk USA Coverage$10
h20 Wireless Coverage$20
FreeUP Mobile Coverage$15
Good2Go Mobile Coverage$10
Boom! Mobile Coverage$20
Black Wireless Coverage$10
Sprint Coverage
CarrierStarting At
Tello Coverage$5
Red Pocket Mobile Coverage$10
Pix Wireless Coverage$15
Twigby Coverage$9
Wing Coverage$12
Virgin Mobile Coverage$35
TextNow Coverage$10
Boost Mobile Coverage$35
Freedompop Coverage$20
Gen Mobile Coverage$10
Q Link Mobile Coverage$10
Eco Mobile Coverage$20
Expo Mobile Coverage$19

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