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Find the Cell Phone Plan to Fit Your Needs

Finding a cell phone plan that's right for you doesn't have to give you a headache. Let's walk you through the steps you need to take to find the best cell phone plan.

Budget: Determining how much you're willing to pay each month is the most important step. The cheapest cell phone plans might not have all the features you want, though.

Data: Are you a Low, Medium, or Heavy data user? Whether you're streaming music on Spotify, taking a Snapchat, playing a game, or just browsing the web, everything uses data. Find out how much data you need here.

Coverage: Is this for business or pleasure? Either way, it's important to go with a carrier that covers where you live and work.

Pick A Carrier

You're probably already familiar with Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. These major networks tend to offer the widest assortment of plans and phones while offering solid coverage across the country. They're not the only ones out there providing phone service, however.

Local carriers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are small providers that can pack big savings. These carriers, like MetroPCS or Cricket Wireless, buy network space from the big guys while offering often hidden deals. Some, like FreedomPop, even offer free cell phone plans!

You can see our top picks of who we believe offers the best cell phone plans here.

Choose from a Wide Selection of the Latest Phones

Are you an Apple or an Android?

Picking a phone can be polarizing, but don't stick with one device just to follow the crowd. Pick a phone that represents your style and satisfies what you need.

Know Before You Go

Ask yourself the following questions before you buy a new device:

Armed with this knowledge you can head over to our Smartphone Comparison Tool to look at all the most popular Apple, Google, and Android phones on the market. We'll help you find the perfect device.

Compare the Best Cell Phone Plans

Compare Unlimited Data, Family, and BYOP Plans

Plans of All Sizes

The days of contract plans are a thing of the past. Every major carrier has unloaded a bevy of new plans to suit any customer. Which one is right for you?

Data Denial

Is unlimited data truly unlimited? Well, sort of.

Not many plans offer truly unlimited data. After you reach a certain threshold (Usually after you exceed 20GBs of data consumed) your service will be deprioritized and your data throttled to slower speeds.

Throttled data means you've been restricted to severely slower speeds. The kicker? Cell phone providers are legally allowed to do this after you've exceeded your monthly threshold as long as they duly notify customers.

Do you even need unlimited data? Our data usage calculator can help you answer that question.

Switch to the Carrier & Plan that is Best for You

Between the major carriers and the MVNOs, there are well over a hundred cell phone service providers across the United States. Don't let these options overwhelm you, there's a plan and a carrier that's perfect for you. When it comes down to it, though, the best cell phone carrier is for you to decide.

Here's what you should consider before switching to a new plan or carrier:

  • Coverage
  • Hidden prices and fees
  • Contract or no contract?
  • Will I be making long distance or international calls?
  • Do I need data, or just talk and text?
  • Can I keep my phone number?
  • Customer service
  • Value for your money

Learn how to switch to a new carrier here.

Find the Carrier That Has the Best Coverage in Your Area

That new Samsung Galaxy phone you got on an unlimited plan won't do you any good if you don't get service where you live.

According to trust mobile network survey company RootMetrics, Verizon comes out on top in terms of both coverage and network reliability. Based on their testing, Verizon results were the strongest among all carriers in the city, state, and national levels in 2016. Here's the breakdown on network reliability in 2016 across the major carriers:

  • Verizon Wireless clocks in at 95.2% reliability
  • AT&T takes second place at 92.4% reliability
  • Sprint comes in at third with 88.6% reliability and
  • T-Mobile rounds out at last place with 82.5% network reliability

You can check out our national coverage maps to see if you're covered.

It's important to note, however, that coverage and network reliability may change depending on where you live. Some T-Mobile customers report that they receive excellent coverage in urban areas, but coverage may be spotty in the countryside. Other hindrances that may impede cell phone coverage include:

  • Environmental features like mountains
  • Buildings and other man-made obstructions
  • Distance to the nearest cell phone tower

The same goes for all the MVNOs like Virgin Mobile or Consumer Cellular. Because they use the networks of the major carriers, they are subject to the same network reliability.


Did you know? You could have been a GSM for years--and never realized it?

Don't worry, it's nothing deadly, but understanding whether you're a GSM or a CDMA is important when switching to a new carrier. GSM is used on AT&T and T-Mobile networks while CDMA phones are designed for Verizon and Sprint. If you're on an MVNO, they'll use the configuration of the company they buy network space from. Some carriers, like Straight Talk, operate on all major networks making switching a breeze!

We Compare, You Save

We know that finding the best cell phone plan for you can be tough. Relax, we've got you covered.

We've done the hard work for you and designed our Cell Phone Plan Comparison Tool to be intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and packed with all the essentials you need to know before you buy phone service. You'll see a side-by-side comparison of every cell phone plan across each major carrier being offered on the market today. Use our filtering tools to add lines to a family plan, set how much data you need for an unlimited plan, and your budget for a prepay plan.

Use our filtering tools to add lines to a family plan, set how much data you need for an unlimited plan, and your budget for a prepay plan. Each plan has a cost breakdown where you can see up-to-date prices and promotions, the duration of your contract plan or monthly installments, and more.

We've uncovered the hidden fees and true costs cell phone carriers charge you and put them front and center. With MoneySavingPro you can shop with confidence that you're paying for exactly what has been listed.

Skip the headaches and start saving on cell phones now.

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