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What are the Best Phone Plans with Unlimited Data?

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If you're a heavy data user you know the pain of running out.

It's especially annoying when it happens just as you need to send that important email or want to stream the next episode of your favorite show. Sure, unlimited data plans are back after falling off the map for a few years, but they're expensive. Does it have to be that way?

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Stay tuned for an overview of what's out there as far as the best and cheapest unlimited data plans.

I'm going to show you how to save money on your wireless service and your device.

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Key Considerations When Choosing an Unlimited Data Plan

Choosing a plan isn't just about how much data you're getting - there are other factors to consider before making your final decision.

What are the restrictions?

  • Will your data speeds be throttled after a certain amount is used?
  • Are you stuck streaming videos in DVD quality or will you pay a premium for high definition?
  • Do you need to tether to your other devices? Make sure it's permitted.
  • Can you use your data in other countries?

Essentially, it all boils down to reading the fine print as you compare unlimited plans.

Do You Actually Need Unlimited Data?

Before hitting that buy button, you should figure out whether you actually need an unlimited plan. You know that feeling when you realize you're paying for 200 TV channels but you only actually watch five of them? It makes sense to avoid doing that with your cell plan.

Unlimited data may be the right choice if:

  • You often stream music and/or video away from WiFi
  • You need frequent access to email and the web for work on the go
  • You find yourself paying too many overage charges.
  • You're sharing data with additional lines.

If you're not sure, use our convenient data usage calculator. You can also track your data use in the settings of your Android or iPhone.

The thing to remember is that most average smartphone users don't need unlimited data. Most people can save a bundle with a smaller plan - for example, you can get 5 GB for about $20 per month. Compare cheap cell phone plans now.

Consider an MVNO: Big Coverage For a Small Price

An easy way to get a cheaper unlimited data plan is to go with an alternative carrier.

MVNOs, which stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, are smaller mobile phone service providers that offer discounted rates on the big four networks. Some also offer unlimited plans.

Benefits of MVNOs:

  • The same reliable service on the nation's largest 4G LTE networks
  • Lower prices - savings of up to 50% or more over the big four
  • Great customer service - highly rated support often available 24/7
  • Custom plans that give you more options to pay for only what you need
  • Most are prepaid plans with no credit checks, contracts, early termination fees, etc.
  • Easy to switch - order online, swap SIM cards
  • Keep your phone number and device

Best Unlimited Data Plan: TextNow

We've chosen TextNow as the best-unlimited cell phone plan because it gives you the most bang for your buck. This plan not only includes unlimited calls, texts, and data; it also comes with features such as data hot-spotting, call forwarding, and an unlimited photo and video history.

Data:Unlimited4G data
TextNow is powered by:Sprint
TextNow SIM Card
Data Speed4G LTE
3G NetworkCDMA
Mobile HotspotYes
Bring Your PhoneYes
Keep Your NumberYes
ContractNo - prepaid
Credit CheckNo
Customer Service24/7
International CallsNo
Money Back GuaranteeNo
Average Customer Rating1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star5 User Reviews

And the price? Almost half of what you'd be paying for the same plan with one of the big four. So if you're not willing to part with unlimited data - even though you probably don't need it - TextNow has you covered.

Choose Your Network and Then Your Carrier

Competition among MVNOs is fierce in today's market, which means you benefit from virtually unlimited choices and great rates.

Verizon Unlimited Data

If you're a fan of Big Red you're in for some of the highest unlimited prices in the industry. Verizon unlimited costs $75 for an individual plan with basic unlimited data. That doesn't include HD video streaming. If you want better than DVD quality you'll shell out $85 a month.

If you want the Verizon network without Verizon prices you do have options. Check out Verizon MVNOs for good deals on the most reliable network in the nation - including unlimited data.

AT&T Unlimited Data

While AT&T recently lowered its unlimited data plan prices they're still pretty high: $65 in monthly charges for standard definition video with no hotspot allotment, $80 for HD video streaming and 15 GB of mobile hotspot data.

Find out how to switch to the AT&T network without paying premium rates by using an AT&T MVNO.

Sprint Unlimited Data

Sprint unlimited data will run you $60 a month. This comes with 10 GB of hotspot data and unlimited HD video. Not bad, but you can probably still do better by choosing an alternative Sprint provider.

If you want to switch to Sprint at a better price, compare Sprint MVNOs.

T-Mobile Unlimited Data

The T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan comes in at $70 per month for a single line, including all taxes and fees. If you want hotspot data and HD video streaming included you'll pay $80 a month.

One big benefit of switching to the T-Mobile network is that there are a ton of T-Mobile MVNO options with amazing cell phone plan rates. Many MVNO plans include international service. You can call and text to over 140 countries, just as with T-Mobile.

All of these plans from the big four include unlimited talk and text.

Pro Tip: The prices outlined above from the big four major carriers are the rates with an autopay discount. If you don't enroll in autopay you'll typically pay $5 more per month.

Is Unlimited Data Really Unlimited?

Unlimited 4G LTE data is a misnomer. The term doesn't literally mean unlimited high-speed data. What it means is that you get a bigger high-speed mobile data allotment than with other plans, and once you hit a ceiling your speeds may be deprioritized during times of network congestion. When that happens you'll drop to 3G speeds or lower.

What's the cutoff for high-speed data limits? That depends on the network you choose. Most sit around 22 - 26 GB. Again, read the terms and conditions carefully.

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Great Ways to Save on Your Next Smartphone

We've been programmed to believe that we "need" a smartphone upgrade every one to two years.

If you're changing plans as a way of saving money on your monthly bill, you can add to your savings by avoiding that expensive - and typically unnecessary - purchase.

Here are some good options:

  1. BYOP: Bring your own phone to your next carrier. If you stay on the same network you don't have to do anything. If you change networks you just need to unlock your phone.
  2. Buy a used smartphone: If your device is on its last legs or it isn't compatible with your new carrier, you'll save over 50% if you buy a used or refurbished device.
  3. Sell your old phone for cash: If you decide to upgrade, don't leave your old phone laying around. You can sell your old phone for cash and get twice as much as in-store trade-in.


The takeaway: you no longer need to pay premium prices for unlimited data on the most reliable networks in the wireless industry.

Even better, there's no reason to shell out $900 for a smartphone or tie yourself to a carrier because of device payments.

Choose your network, your plan, and your price from our cell phone plans comparison chart - boom, done!

Unlimited Data FAQs

QWhich cellphone company has unlimited data plans?


While Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer high-speed unlimited data plans (technically), many companies offer unlimited data in some fashion, providing you with a certain amount of high-speed data before you face reduced speeds. Others may offer fully unlimited high-speed data. However, the amount of LTE GB you are given is typically much smaller compared to the big four carriers.

Examples: Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, TPO Mobile, Simple Mobile, and Cricket Wireless

QWhat is meant by unlimited data?


At this point in time, unlimited data means not paying an overage charge for additional data, no matter the speed. In practice, however, all carriers do impose high-speed data caps on their LTE networks, typically around 22GB on an unlimited monthly plan. After this limit is reached your speeds will slow.

QDoes Verizon have unlimited data?


Yes, Verizon does indeed have an unlimited data plan. Other Verizon plans include unlimited data at 3G speed after you've reached your high-speed limit.

QDoes AT&T have unlimited data?


Yes, AT&T features unlimited data in all of its plans, though their new plan offers higher data caps on high-speed access.

QDoes Sprint have unlimited data?


Yes, Sprint features unlimited data in all of its plans, although like the others, may throttle speeds after you reach a certain number of GB.

QDoes T-Mobile have unlimited data?


T-Mobile plans all feature unlimited data (including prepaid), but their postpaid service allots a higher amount of high speed data.

The Best Prices on the Best Networks

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