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Best T-Mobile Galaxy Deals of 2021

Compare Galaxy prices from carriers powered by T-Mobile

Cheap T-Mobile Galaxy deals in April

Your smartphone is your constant companion. You use it to shop, navigate the roads, and communicate with family and work colleagues.

You need a reliable device that does everything you want it to - at a price that won't break the bank.

When it comes to the best T-Mobile Galaxy deals, you might be surprised at where to find them.

I'm going to give you the details on how to find a top smartphone at a great price, plus how to save on your cell phone plan too. Let's go!

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Best T-Mobile Galaxy Deals

T-Mobile Samsung Price Comparison Chart





Samsung Galaxy S9

Verizon, T-Mobile



Best T-Mobile Galaxy S9 Deal: Ting

Today's Cheapest Price: $382

Samsung Galaxy S9

Powered by:
MSRP: $571* $189 off
Device Specs

Screen Size


Screen Resolution

2960 x 1440 pixels

HDR Screen

Yes pixels


Snapdragon 845 pixels

Internal Memory

64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Operating System

Android 8.0 (Oreo)

Back Camera


Front Camera


HDR for Photos


Video Resolution

HD, 4K

Wireless Charging


Voice Commands



147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5mm



Splash Proof


Water Resistant


WiFi & 4G Calling




SIM Card




Model Number


User Manual

Samsung Galaxy S9 User Manual

Pros & Cons


  • Good quality speakers

  • Quality still and video quality

  • Fast processor

  • Amazing AMOLED screen


  • No change with design

  • Expensive

  • Only 720p resolution

Buy Refurbished to Get the Best T-Mobile Galaxy Deal

The days of free phones are long gone but that doesn't mean you can't get a great deal.

Let's dive right in with the number one way to get a huge bargain on your T-Mobile Galaxy phone - buy refurbished.

From the best T-Mobile Galaxy S7 deals to the best T-Mobile Galaxy S9 deals, today's thriving used smartphone market offers you the opportunity to nab one of the most popular Android phones, without the sticker shock.

Why buy a used Samsung Galaxy phone?

  • High value for the money: The changes between cell phone generations are typically subtle. You can get a recent model of your favorite Galaxy device for half the retail price or less.

  • Smartphones have a longer lifespan than you think: According to an analysis by Yale, "in most cases, phones are replaced when they are still working fine". This is good for you because it means you can get a solid device for a steal.

  • Convenient, affordable repairs: With a phone repair shop on every corner it's fast and easy to get your Samsung Galaxy fixed should the need arise.

  • Own your phone - and your freedom: 24 months of device payments means you're committed to your carrier until your remaining balance is paid off. Own your phone outright and switch to a cheaper carrier at any time.

Key Considerations When Buying a Refurbished T-Mobile Galaxy

You'll find a variety of conditions and price points on the used smartphone market. Some are sold used (as-is) and others are refurbished (inspected, tested, and restored).

Here are some factors to look at while you're shopping for the best T-Mobile Galaxy deals:

  1. Warranties: Some sites - like Gazelle - offer a 30-day warranty. Decluttr excels in this area, with a one-year limited warranty on all electronics.

  2. Return policy: What if something does go wrong? No worries - reputable phone sellers give you the opportunity to return your device. Read the fine print, though, as return periods range anywhere from a week to a month.

  3. Certified pre-owned: This term is usually used to indicate that a top-brand smartphone has been rigorously inspected and tested. This gives you further assurance that your used phone is in great working order.

  4. Timing: Although you can get a good bargain on refurbished cell phones all the time, prices dip even lower when a new gen comes out. For example, the best Samsung Galaxy S9 deals are ramping up now as the next model release approaches.

  5. Payment options: Some sellers even offer monthly installments on refurbished cell phones. Use this option wisely as interest could eat up your purchase savings.

How to Save Even More Money

The savings don't have to stop now - we've got even more ways to put more money back into your pocket.

Sell Your Old Phone for Cash

Why leave that old cell phone laying around taking up space? Sell your phone online for cash and get more than you'd get from your carrier in trade-in value.

Flagship phones bring the most money, and the better shape your phone is in, the more you'll get for it!

Switch to a Low-Cost Carrier

If you're tired of the major wireless carriers' high prices, there is an alternative. MVNOs, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators, rent space on the big four wireless networks - AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. These smaller companies then sell the service to you at a lower cost.

Benefits of switching to an MVNO:

T-Mobile MVNOs offer the same options you get with T-Mobile plans directly through the carrier. Choose from unlimited data plans, cheap cell phone plans, international calling and much more.


It's easy to save money on your phone and wireless plan:

We also make it easy and quick for you to compare prices on other devices. Get the best T-Mobile Galaxy Note8 deals along with a huge selection of popular refurbished smartphones!

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