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Best Cheap Used Galaxy Phones of 2021

Compare used Samsung Galaxy prices & deals

Deal of the Month: Pure Talk - $250 off iPhone SE
SamsungGalaxy S732GB
Samsung Galaxy S7
MSRP: $670$100See Deals
SamsungGalaxy A10e32GB
Samsung Galaxy A10e
MSRP: $179$101See Deals
SamsungGalaxy A1132GB
Samsung Galaxy A11
MSRP: $179$109See Deals
SamsungGalaxy S7 edge32GB
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
MSRP: $780$119See Deals
SamsungGalaxy A2032GB
Samsung Galaxy A20
MSRP: $249$140See Deals
SamsungGalaxy S864GB
Samsung Galaxy S8
MSRP: $725$161See Deals
SamsungGalaxy A5064GB
Samsung Galaxy A50
MSRP: $349$172See Deals
SamsungGalaxy S8+64GB
Samsung Galaxy S8+
MSRP: $725$180See Deals
SamsungGalaxy S964GB
Samsung Galaxy S9
MSRP: $719$198See Deals
SamsungGalaxy S7 edge64GB
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
$200See Deals
SamsungGalaxy S9+64GB
Samsung Galaxy S9+
MSRP: $839$230See Deals
SamsungGalaxy S9128GB
Samsung Galaxy S9
$250See Deals

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Cheapest used Galaxy prices in April

Do you really need a new smartphone?

A question you've likely asked yourself more than once, as you watch new phone after new phone being released. Cell phones are always being improved and upgraded, but often the new releases aren't worth the hefty price tag.

Key Considerations When Buying A Used Samsung Galaxy

If you're looking for a new phone but you're not quite ready to give up your Samsung Galaxy S6 or not willing to pay the price for a Samsung Galaxy S9, the easiest way to go is buying a used Samsung Galaxy. When looking at refurbished phones, be sure to keep these things in mind:

If you're interested in pursuing this option, see below for a full list of buyback websites, and links to our reviews of them.

For Extra Precaution Consider Refurbished

Used and refurbished phones are plentiful online, but there's a security in getting a refurbished phone that you won't get with a used phone. Let's look at the differences:


  • Previously owned

  • Has undergone diagnostic testing, faulty parts replaced

  • Data from the previous owner erased

  • Repackaged and sold

  • Often come with an extended warranty from the retailer selling it


  • Previously owned, not refurbished

  • Can come with cosmetic wear and tear

  • Are ultimately fully operational and functioning

Shopping refurbished phones guarantee more security - and in some cases, return policies and warranties - than you would get with a used phone. In most cases, you're dealing with a company rather than interacting directly with the person trying to sell the phone, and people aren't always the most trustworthy.

Sure, that Samsung Galaxy S8 looked great on Craig's List, and the person selling it promised it works, but then you get home and discover there's a glitch of some kind - the touchscreen doesn't work right, the display is faulty. And by then it's too late - there's no return policy when you're dealing person to person. It's safer to go the route of refurbished phones, where you know the phones have been tested and you're getting the best quality.

Where To Shop Used/Refurbished Phones

Looking for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S6 but not sure where to start? Don't worry, MoneySavingPro has already done the hard work for you.

We have scoured the internet to find the best places to buy Samsung Galaxy cell phones. Check out our reviews on these sites such as Decluttr and Swappa where you can find generations as early as a used Galaxy S7 for sale.

Don't let the savings end there! Check out our price comparison tool that will show you which one of those sites will give you the best price if you want to sell your old phone.

Ditch the Big Four To Save Even More

You've heard of Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile - otherwise known as the big four cell phone carriers. There are lesser known carriers, however, called mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), who piggyback off the towers of the big four and offer the same service at cheaper rates.

A concern with something being cheaper is often that you're sacrificing quality for the price, but that's far from the case with MVNOs. They keep their prices low by operating largely online, meaning they have no stores to maintain or pay for.

They allow you to carry over your old phone, and there's no contract - you pay month to month, and you can cancel whenever you want if you find that you're not satisfied with the service you're getting. MVNOs are by and far cheaper than the big four, and you lose nothing in the quality of service you would get with the big four.

You can also unlock your phone to give you more options on carriers. Do you have an unlocked Samsung? Find a carrier that fits your needs and your phone, and bring it over. Check out our guide to unlocking phones if you're interested in learning more.


Remaining a loyal Galaxy user doesn't have to break your bank. You can save more money and stick with Samsung by:

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Samsung Smartphone FAQs

How do I get the best Samsung smartphone deal?

Samsung smartphone prices start at $100, compared to new models that often cost over $1,000. The prices vary by model, condition and memory size. Buying refurbished or used is a great way to save money. Always compare deals to ensure you get the cheapest Samsung smartphone price.

Will Samsung smartphone prices drop?

Used and refurbished Samsung smartphone prices drop over time. The best time to buy a used or refurbished Samsung smartphone is always just after the newer models are released. Find the best deal on a Samsung smartphone by comparing prices online.

What's the difference between a used and refurbished Samsung smartphone?

A refurbished Samsung smartphone has gone through multiple checks by a specialist company and comes with a certified warranty for between 1-12 months and also includes a no risk returns policy. While a used Samsung smartphone will generally be the cheapest option, it will not have a warranty because you'll be buying it directly from the individual seller.