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Find Landline Phone Service by ZIP Code

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Choosing the best home phone service may seem useless. After all, you already pay for a cellphone that doesn't leave your side; right? I have certainly had some doubts of my own.

Compare Internet, TV, & Home Phone

Compare Landline Phone Service by ZIP Code

After sufficient research, though, I have uncovered the many benefits to purchasing a landline local phone service in your area. I have also discovered some things you need to know and consider before making a decision. Once you've got it down, I will show you the best home telephone service providers in your area based on cost, customer service, bundle deals and essential call features offered.

Our Top Picks

  • Minutes: Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $9.99

AT&T Home Phone

  • Pros
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Popular features
  • Home phone and Internet bundles
  • Up front about extra charges
  • Cons
  • Installation, taxes and other extra fees

AT&T standard home phone services start at $26 a month or less. They go up to just $59 a month or less with extra features and packages. They have one package including the Internet and home phone services for just $41 a month or less, but unfortunately, the package does not include U-verse TV. However, instead of U-verse TV, you can build a bundle around U-verse Voice (now AT&T Phone), DIRECTV, and high-speed Internet. Prices vary depending on where you live.

Their plans contain options like unlimited local and nationwide calling, long distance plans and the most popular calling features. AT&T home phone features include three-way calling, reliable connection, call return, call forwarding, privacy manager and more.

Unfortunately, AT&T does charge installation, taxes, equipment and other fees. The good thing is that they are honest about it on their site. They also don't require that you commit to them long-term; so you can switch if you feel the need.

  • Minutes: Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $10.00

Verizon Home Phone

  • Pros
  • Good value bundles
  • Reliable service with good features
  • Long distance operator service
  • Virtual support agent, how-tos and video tutorials
  • Cons
  • Two-year agreement
  • Extra taxes, fees and equipment charges

Verizon home phone service offers cheap TV, high-speed Internet, and phone bundles. Their cheapest deal starts at $19.99 for high-speed Internet and phone services. They also have a Fios Triple Play bundle that includes high-speed Internet, TV, and phone starting at $69.99 a month. Their premium Ultimate TV, 150/150 Internet plan comes with Internet, TV, and phone for $144.99 a month.

Verizon's home phone plans are affordable and reliable with good features, but prices vary with location. They also have adequate customer service, including a virtual agent option available on their site whenever you have a question. Keep in mind, though, Verizon requires a two-year contract and charges extra for taxes, equipment, etc.

Some of Verizon's home phone features include their "let your calls follow you," three-way calling and privacy options. With "let your calls follow you," you can send your incoming calls to another telephone so you never miss a call.

Overall, Verizon is known to be reliable with cheap home phone service options.

  • Minutes: Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $29.99

Comcast Phone Service

  • Pros
  • Comes with popular features
  • Great bundles
  • Live Chat option
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Cons
  • Two-year contract
  • Extra fees

Comcast home phone service has exceptional customer service with a live chat option. This allows you to contact an expert at any time when you have a question or concern.

Comcast offers two calling plans including Comcast unlimited and Comcast local with more. You can choose various amounts of data and popular features like three-way calling and call-forwarding for each plan.

They also offer affordable bundles and specials on their website. For instance, right now you can add TV and home telephone number service to your Internet plan for just $34.90. Keep in mind, though, bundles and specials may vary depending on your location and special offers.

Comcast home phone service even offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't like their service, you can get your money back and switch providers within 30 days. Unfortunately, after your 30-days is up, you have a two-year contract to abide by. They will also charge you for equipment and installation; prices vary by location.